Friday, July 1, 2011

KOSE 40th Anniverrsary Celeb @ Centrepoint Robinson

KOSE 40th Anniversary Celebration is finally here @ Centrepoint! 25 & 26 June 2011

Happy Anniversary to our KOSE!!! We LOVE you and will continue to support you!!
KOSE has been well-known in Singapore for its skincare and ??? BLACK MASK ^_^ which is their star product: Mask White.

As part of the 40th Anniversary, there are some special promotions on their Mask White, Sekkisei Lotion, Sun block etc....One more special thing about this event is *drums...drums* There will be a LIVE Skincare demonstration by our lovely Celest (Her skin is perfect...must be using KOSE products ^_^) and I am very honored to be selected by KOSE as their model for this big day of KOSE!!!

Skincare demonstration started at 3 pm for both 25 & 26 June (Sat & Sun). There will be 2 models : Me and Jessie. There are some preparation work need to be done. Celest is applying the Mask White on right side of my face so that we can see the difference BEFORE AND AFTER...WOW...Instant results coming~~

Personally this is not the first time I used Mask White, I have heard this great product for quite some time. Through word of mouth, TV commercial, Magazines .... But honestly speaking I dun really know the correct way of using, correct way of applying, peeling and when it is ready to peel off, how much is consider enough for my skin to achieve maximum results? Till the end of the demonstration.

Upon arriving the event place the Atrium of Centrepoint , using KOSE Sekkisei Lotion bottles ...with the lights on...
KOSE Sekkisei Lotion is always the champion =) I like it and Its pretty cool

This is how the event place looks like....there is a stage for LIVE demonstration and and KOSE beautiful consultants who are ready to share their knowledge about how KOSE can help improve our skin condition and introducing special promotions available at this event.

Take a look at the brochures for great offers not to be missed!!

Some of the skincare products which will be used by Celeste during the step by step skincare demonstration starting from cleansing, applying mask, peeling mask, toning, moisturizer, sunblock till light makeup.

Attendee also get the chance to participate in the event lucky draw (no purchase needed) to win great prizes from KOSE. All the best and good luck everyone (",) Celeste and Pei Fen (YES 93.3 DJ) host of the event will draw the lucky ones.

Took a picture with Celest and Debbie. Thanks for so nice to me and Jessie =) We enjoyed ourselves and learnt alot of skincare knowledge from you all!

My makeup done by KOSE consultant, Thanks, I like it alot and very natural.

A photo with good friend ^_^

Goodie bag from KOSE.....

KOSE Infinity Serum Complexion II & Sekkisei Supreme Whitening Eye Cream for review. Stay for my review (",)

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