Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Judy Lin 老师 from 女人我最大 (Lady First) in Singapore

Bloggers’ & media exclusive Judy Lin 林叶亭老师 “Beauty DIY with Judy 老师” Event has finally happened in Singapore, on Sat, 25 June 2011 @ Tampines 1, jointly organised by Beauty Bistro and Sasa Cosmetics. Can't wait to see Judy Lin 老师....I remember seeing her in Taiwan famous - 女人我最大 (Lady First) TV variety show on TV.

She is very beautiful and youthful-looking even though she already a mother.

This the place of the event located at the atrium of Tampines 1. Later there will be a LIVE demonstration done by Judy Lin on Slimming, hair volumizing & skin whitening.

There are some promotions on selected skincare /body care item discount up to 40 %. Below are the Whitening and Moisturizing range suitable for dull and dehydrated skin problems. Remember to stay tune to see how Judy 老师 reveal the best-kept secrets from celebrities and beauty tricks to attain your desired hairdo, complexion and figure with her skills and experience.

Free 1 copy of 女人我最大 (Lady First) magazine with $100 purchase and get 2 copies of 女人我最大 (Lady First) for $200 purchase.

Event begins with host: Nick. He started off with some questions to attendee and guest (bloggers) , goodie bags given away....

First segment was Slimming - Miracle-Lift 157% Body Contour Control...

Judy 老师 took the before measure the arms of the selected model of this Slimming segment and apply Miracle- Lift Body Contour (HOT + 157 % Total lift, 57 % more essence to firm skin) and massage her arm for around 10 mins. Then she took the after measurement on the arms of the model again and we witnessed the whole process and the instant results ....it really works! This shows how effective is massaging + Miracle-Lift 157% Body Contour Control ...invincible to the stubborn fats.

The second segment - Hair Volumizing.
Judy 老师 will demonstrate on how we can enhance our hair volume with SHILLS Magical Hair Volumizer and SHILLS FLUFFY FIX Maximizing Hair Volume Spray and complete a wonderful hairdo after 10-15 mins suitable for both daytime and evening function.

The third segment - skin whitening demonstration.
Judy 老师 first use SHILLS WHITE Anti-Dark Spot Whitening Serum on selected model face and gently pat her face for better absorption. This whitening serum can be used twice daily and don't feel any oiliness after application.

Judy 老师 recommends the use of gua sha massage which helps to promote blood circulation and enhance firming effect.
She also apply SHILLS WHITE EX Whitening & Brightening Cream on the model face for additional whitening to achieve fairer and maximum brightening effect.

Next is the SHILLS WHITE EX SPF 42 PA++ Sunblock Whitening Hydra-Foundation 21. Its featured with high SPF (Sun protection factor) 42 PA++. It is not just only a foundation, it keeps skin hydrated all day and has brightening effects.

Last but not least, SHILLS Moisturizing & Whitening Cold Gel Mask. It is a concentrate formula act as a cooling mask, very suitable for hot weather like Singapore. It is definitely a good choice for weekly moisturizing and hydrating supply for my skin. ^_^

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