Sunday, June 28, 2015

SOTHYS Diamond Programme

It was a good afternoon and a great pleasure to attend the launch of SOTHYS Diamond Programme held at ADRIFT by David Myers located at the lobby of Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 2 on Wednesday 10 June. When I arrived around 3pm, there was already a crowd at the registration counter. Everyone, fellow bloggers, media were so excited and anxious about this fabulous event and were happily taking selfies and chitchatting among themselves =)

Registration counter of SOTHYS Diamond Programme

After our registration, we were warmly welcome and invited into ADRIFT by David Myers. This is my first time to this celebrity chef restaurant. I like the hanging lights which reminds me sort of secret garden =P and of course the outside window view of nature.

ADRIFT by David Myers at Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Its selfies time! While enjoying the ambience of ADRIFT restaurant and waiting for SOTHYS Diamond Programme to begin, I am busy taking selfies and welfies with Pearly.
Wendy's selfie

Welfies with Pearly
SOTHYS Diamond Programme featuring NEW Skin Energizing Duo: Energy Booster Serum + Energizing Radiance Ampoule. It restores Youthful luminosity to your skin in just 4 weeks!

This programme specifically addresses 4C's integral factors that enable your skin to glow with youthful, diamond-like luminosity :
  1. Cellular Energy
  2. Color "Chromophores"
  3. Collagen
  4. Clarity
The Core of every formula in the Energizing range, Sothys advanced research has combined extract of adaptogen Siberian ginseng with specific active ingredients to:
  • BOOST the skin's energy source
  • PROTECT (SIBERIAN GINSENG + Complementary Active ingredients) its energy capital
  • ENCOURAGE cellular regeneration
SOTHYS Diamond Programme is an universal treatment for all skin type, all ages, all year around for men and woman alike.
Restore your skin's youthful vitality and luminosity, at any age at your comfort of your home.
We enjoyed the welcome speech by Sothys's personnel as well as the exclusive presentation given by Ms Fany Deveze , training manager from Paris.

Skincare is clutch and Food is vital to healthy complexion. We savour the ginseng-infused canapés specially concocted by Executive Sous Chef William Gumport for the SOTHYS Diamond Programme event.

Upon arrival to SOTHYS Diamond Programme event, we were given a Sothys goodie bag which includes Sothys Energizing booster serum 30ml, Sothys Energizing radiance ampoules 2*1ml, Sothys pouch, a packet of Siberian Ginseng and a IXUS 16GB USB - Lanyard & card holder

Sothys Energizing Booster serum is formulated with anti-aging illuminating complex to limit and correct imperfections. It is an extraordinary lightweight texture, boosts the skin's energy capital and helps restore a radiant complexion.

Application: Apply morning and evening over the entire face and neck area. Follow with your regular Sothys cream. Can be layered under another serum.

My review: In our hot and humid weather. I am glad to have Sothys Energizing Booster with me as this lightweight smoothing fluid glides on easily and absorb quickly after slight massage. True to its name, this serum energize my skin, making my complexion well-hydrated all the time with noticeable radiant glow. Currently, this has already become part of my daily skincare regime!

I have yet to try out the ampoules. For your information, Sothys Energizing Radiance Ampoules is the ideal booster for brightness. It act as an instant transparent mask to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Application: After removing make-up, apply your habitual Sothys skincare cream, then apply the contents of an ampoule to the face and neck and gently smooth over the skin.
Beauty tip: Can be blended with foundation for a longlasting make-up.

Do check it out Sothys, Sothys website or certain beauty institutes and spas for more information about their skincare and new launches.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sulwhasoo Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum

By now you should have heard of Sulwhasoo skincare if you are a Kbeauty fan. Tell you a secret, I am already a great fan of them ever since 2014 when I was first introduced to this brand. After that, I started using a few of their products and today I would be sharing with you my experience after trying out the Sulwhasoo Anti-Aging trial kit.

Here is the Sulwhasoo Anti-Aging skincare kit that comes with First care activating serum, Capsulized ginseng fortifying serum, Concentrated ginseng renewing eye cream, Concentrated ginseng renewing cream and Luminature essential finisher.

Sulwhasoo Anti-Aging care kit (5 items)
Behind this trial kit box shows the sequence which particular skincare product to be used first then follow by the next one.
Step 1 : First care activating serum
Step 2 : Capsulized ginseng fortifying serum
Step 3 : Concentrated ginseng renewing eye cream
Step 4 : Concentrated ginseng renewing cream
Step 5 : Luminature essential finisher
(1) First care activating serum - An essential regimen boosting serum formulated with traditional Korean herbs to assure optimal skin care results, promoting balance and replenishing essential moisture and nutrients.
Direction : After facial wash in the morning and evening, pump 2-3 times onto palm and apply with fingertips. Gently wrap the face with hands to help absorption of the product.

(2) Capsulized ginseng fortifying serum - A serum formulated with capsulized ginseng to help dimish wrinkles and to fortify skin's elasticity.
Direction : Pump a small amount to spread over your face. Then gently wrap your face with your palms for better absorption.

(3) Concentrated ginseng renewing eye cream - An eye cream formulated with ginseng concentrates to refine and help tighten the skin around the eyes.
Direction: Dispense a small amount and lightly dot the cream under the eyes 3~4 times. Use ring finger to pat the cream into the skin with small circular strokes.

(4) Concentrated ginseng renewing cream - A traditional Korean herbal cream formulated with ginseng concentrates to restructure skin from deep inside with ginseng essence and eliminates the signs of aging.
Direction: Every morning and evening, gently spread a small amount along your skin texture.

(5) Luminature essential finisher  - The finisher that is applied in the last step of skincare to leave your skin firmer and more hydrated with enhanced clarity and radiance.
Direction: Apply small amount every morning and evening evenly after your regular cream.
Sulwhasoo Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum is a serum formulated with capsulized ginseng to help dimish wrinkles and to fortify skin's elasticity.

Product features:
  • Ginsenisphere*, an exclusion ginseng formula that fortifies your skin's elasticity, delivers youthful resilience.
  • Its unique texture forms a firm protective barrier, leaving the skin looking smoothed and plumped.
*Ginsenisphere: consists of Macro Ginsenisphere - the capsulized red ginseng polysaccharide - and Micro Ginsenisphere - the capsulized ginseng saponin and ginseng extracts with amino acid liposome technology.
photo courtesy from Sulwhasoo

photo courtesy from Sulwhasoo
After I dispense Sulwhasoo Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum on my skin, I saw multiple tiny Ginsenispheres capsules, are you able to see them?
My review:
Using Sulwhasoo Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum, I feel my skin instantly boost with intense hydration, skin visibly plumper and radiant. This voluminous serum which comes with ginseng scent that is not overpowering, feels like a skin tonic,  glides and melts into skin quickly with no sticky residue. I use it daily day and night, I love how it keeps my skin looking fresh dewy throughout the day.
Wendy's top 3 favourite Sulwhasoo skincare products: Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum, First care activating serum and Concentrated ginseng renewing cream.

After using Sulwhasoo Anti-Aging care kit for about a week, I really appreciate the goodness of ginseng and the traditional Korean herbs in this entire range which I see as a skin youth longevity that helps to revitalise and bring my skin back 'alive'.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Creme Simon's New Counter at Raffles City

Finally the wait is over, Crème Simon's new counter is officially launching at Robinsons Raffles City. We are as excited and looking forward as Crème Simon to attend this exclusive event. My sister and I made our way down around 6 pm to Robinson Raffles City to celebrate and share the joy of this grand opening launch of Crème Simon first counter. Congratulations to Crème Simon on your opening to your first permanent counter!

Mr Philippe (CEO of Crème Simon)
It is great time meeting Mr Philippe (CEO of Crème Simon), we enjoyed his speech and got to know more about Crème Simon range of skincare products.
Here are the Crème Simon Skin Rescue Tips for Brightening, Lines away and Intense Hydration for soft and luminous skin:
Instant Brightening Tip
(1) Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub
(2) Lymphatic Contouring and Lifting Gel

Lines away
(3) Crème Universelle
(4) Multi-Benefits Eye Treatment Gel

Intense Hydration Tip
(5) Restorative Sleeping Mask
(6) Dermo-Hydrating Toner Mist
My favourite from the Crème Simon Skin Rescues range would be Brightening Detox Dermo-Hydrating Toner Mist:

This refreshing hydrating toner mist can be use anytime when necessary for instant skin hydration boost even when you already have your makeup on as a make-up setting spray to help makeup last longer.
Light refreshments and macarons served during the Crème Simon event:

There are 2 flavours of Popaganda. I prefer the Popaganda Passionfruit while my sister, Linda enjoys the strawberry one.
Thanks Crème Simon for the 2 skincare products: Oxygenating Foaming Cleanser and Oxygenating Day Cream.
Crème Simon Oxygenating Foaming Cleanser:

Brightening Detox / 150 ml
My review: Achieving clean and smooth skin is easy and simple with Crème Simon Oxygenating Foaming Cleanser. It is convenience as it gives instant creamy foam, I uses 2-3 pumps to fully cover my entire face and neck. I like the softness of the foam and gently massage especially around the nose area. After washing off, I feel my skin breathable clean and clear without feeling tightness.

Crème Simon Oxygenating Day Cream:
Brightening Detox / 50 ml
My review: After cleansing, keeping skin hydrated is a must for me no matter I leaving or staying in my house. I uses 2 pumps of Crème Simon Oxygenating Day Cream to cover my entire face and neck. I feel the texture of the cream is slightly thick but is not heavy on skin =). After a long day, my skin still stay hydrated without having to reapply. Great to use in air-conditioned places or under cold and dry weather.

My sister, Linda who is currently using Crème Simon Restorative Night Cream and Dermo-Activ Floral serum.

Linda's review:
After my usual cleansing and toner, I applied the Floral serum; one pump at the back of the hand, reach it with my third finger and tap onto my skin consecutively by both third and fourth finger. It blends in well and gives a refresh cooling feel.  It is a cream base serum with no oily texture. The beneficial value is pigmentation reduction to enhance brightening.
After a min or two, Restorative night cream is applied the same way as the serum with one full pump. The skin is smooth and soft to touch. There is also an instant blushed radiance effect on me as shown.  It’s beneficial value is my favourite to note; nourished and intense hydration. The natural floral scent makes it an enchanting night to sleep in.
Do try it to experience the difference~

Currently there is a promotion on Crème Simon UV Protector at $50 or get it free with every $100 spent in their E-store website
Crème Simon online promotion (Picture credit from Crème Simon)
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Sunday, June 7, 2015

V10 plus Deep Sea Water Mask

I am sure many of us like to play sports such as water sports, jogging, outdoor activities etc. Especially in Singapore,  hot summer all year round, too much sun and chlorine water can cause damage to our skin. Today I am going to share with you my experience on V10 plus Deep Sea Water Mask.

V10Plus Okinawa Water Mask contains sodium hyaluronate. A gel type moisture pack rich in deep sea water derived from the beautiful sea surrounding Okinawa (a Southern Island In Japan). It is rich in hyaluronic acid, seaweed extracts and minerals to hydrate and moisturize the skin. It improves elasticity of the skin and protects the skin from dryness. it effectively tones and provides optimal hydration for the skin that has been severely affected by UV rays in summer or doing outdoor sports.
Directions: Apply a thin layer of water mask onto thoroughly cleansed face (including eyes and lip area). Ideally, you may leave it in through the entire night. Alternatively, leave it on for 20 or 30 minutes. wipe of with a wet towel and pat it dry lightly. Recommend to use it daily or 3 times a week
My review: After my sports activity, I use this gel-texture mask as a sleeping mask as it intensively treats and soothe my damaged skin that caused by environmental aggressors.  It doesn't leave a greasy or sticky film and it absorbs quickly upon application. My skin looks vibrant, moist and hydrated the next morning. Its now one of my must-have mask to accompany my beauty sleep at night.

Visit and LIKE V10 plus and V10 plus website at to know about their new launches and upcoming events/contests. ^_^