Saturday, January 31, 2015

Creme Simon Skincare review

Soon its coming to the favourite month for most people: February! A sweet month full of love, joy, flowers and chocolates and also a great month for gathering as it has both Valentine's day and Chinese new year! I would like to share my thoughts about a recent discovery of a skincare brand Crème Simon after trying their products.

Crème Simon history begins with.......

Joseph Simon, a gifted young apothecary, the sight of laundresses working by the great river inspired him to seek a natural remedy to relieve their dry, chapped hands. He made a breakthrough discovery; a pure concoction of seven flowers and plants with incredible healing properties.

  1.     Damask Rose
  2.     Jasmine
  3.     IRIS
  4.     Patchouli
  5.     Neroli
  6.     Tonka Bean
  7.     Vanilla Bourbon
Creme Simon - No.1 French Skincare brand
  • Nature Inspired
  • Climate Perfected
  • Make a beautiful discovery
What's inside my goodie bag? There are a total of 4 Crème Simon products:

Creme Simon Brightening Detox Micellar Water Makeup Remover 150ml
Creme Simon Brightening Detox Dermo-Hydrating Toner Mist 150 ml
Crème Simon Crème Universelle 30ml
Creme Simon Brightening Detox Restorative Light Night Moisturiser 50ml

1 packet of Creme Simon Angpow
1 packet of Creme Simon 5 pc sample

There will be a brief introduction on every product in my goodie bag and I will share my experience after using them =) Hope you find it useful and beneficial ^_^
Creme Simon Brightening Detox Micellar Water Makeup Remover(For Eyes and Face) - Cleanse away with our water-based no-rinse makeup remover. It gently and effectively lifts away impurities and makeup, including waterproof makeup, with no oily after-feel

Retail size 150ml - $55
Creme Simon Brightening Detox Dermo-Hydrating Toner Mist (Winner S.W.W 'Best Toner' category 2015) - Light refreshing and hydrating mist removes last traces of make-up and impurities , for lovely clean and dewy skin without sticky after-feel.  Mist over face to hydrate and hep makeup last longer.

Retail size 150ml - $55
The legendary crème behind Crème Simon  - Crème Universelle (EDITOR'S PICK!!) Bazaar Top 10 Beauty 'Must-Haves'

Adored by generations of women around the world, Crème Universelle is a well-loved iconic remedy known for its natural-healing power.

Based on the Original Crème Simon time-honoured in the French Pharmacoepia, Crème Universelle's active ingredients help:
  • Moisturises dry cuticles
  • Relieve chapped lips
  • Regenerate dry elbows and cracked heels
  • Soothe sun-burnt skin
  • Relieve common skin irritations
Retail size 30 ml - $68
Creme Simon Brightening Detox Restorative Light Night Moisturiser - Wake up to visibly brighter skin with this unique gel-cream that works through the night to restore hydration and illuminate skin, without excessive richness.
A nightly ritual for rested, regenerated skin.

Retail size 50ml - $98
Here is a good new for my readers:

You can also make your purchase at Crème Simon E-store/website(click here), currently they are having some discounts for online purchases! ^_^

My day/night daily skincare regime :
Step 1 Make up remover
Step 2 Cleansing foam
Step 3 Toner
Step 4 Serum
Step 5 Moisturiser
Step 6 Sleeping Mask (night) Sun block (Day)

Let me try out the above Crème Simon products :
Creme Simon Brightening Detox Micellar Water Makeup Remover:
My review:
This gentle lightweight make up remover dissolves and remove makeup effortlessly. Moreover, it leaves my skin feeling cleaned and moisturised. Woah....gentle formula yet so powerful in just 1 step, credit to its Watery Micellar Techology!

Next is Creme Simon Brightening Detox Dermo-Hydrating Toner Mist:
My review: After using Dermo-Hydrating Toner Mist, it refreshes my skin with a boost of hydration instantly! I like how it is easily absorbed into the my skin and I use it over my makeup whenever its necessary =)

Following step is Creme Simon Brightening Detox Restorative Light Night Moisturiser:

My review: This night moisturiser works somehow like a gel-cream type to me, is an ideal skincare for people like me who prefer light weight texture as I have combination skin. It helps to replenish moisture and my skin is clear and supple the next morning. ^_^

Last but not least, Crème Simon  - Crème Universelle:

My review: At the first touch with this handy Crème Universelle, it light weight formula glides on and helps to calm, soothe my irritated skin anywhere anytime. I love how Crème Universelle's light floral scent that lingers after use.

Congratulations to Creme Simon - Crème Universelle has won Clear Skin Award in CLEO February 2015 issue.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

KLARITY - Lasertox CC Miracle white lotion

Recently I discovered KLARITY Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion during my shopping trip at BISHAN BHG private sale and decided to give it a try. It was at 50 % off for 100 ml. Woah!!!! Is a really good deal and I hope it works wonders for my skin ^_^
The silver shining packaging caught my attention and after reading the information on this beauty product then I know:
  • It is paraben free
  • It is made in Korea
  • For body and face
  • It has SPF 30 PA++
  • High performance formula with diamond powder....WOAH!!
  • It is a 11 in 1 Multifunction cc white lotion!!! What is the 11 benefits in this 1 lotion? Let's check it out in the next point =)
  • (1)Whitening, (2)Purify, (3)Repair, (4)Firming, (5)Smooth, (6)Soothe, (7)Hydrate, (8)Tone, (9)Anti-aging, (10)Sun-screen, (11) Water-proof - >Everything I need for my skin is here *_*
  • Skin feels smoother, more moisturiser, instantly illuminized.
The price in the picture is the original price w/o discount. After discount will be $24.50 for such a big tube of 11 in 1 for both body and face white lotion. WOAH.....@_@
I am going to try it out and witness if this product is really so GOOD as it claimed. Haaa =D I believe every woman has her own curiosity when it comes to beauty product especially a multifunction 11 in 1 lotion like this.

Gently patting it around my skin area for better absorption and blend it on to my skin

My review: When you have dull, dehydrated, rednesss, sagging, oily bla.. bla.. other skin imperfections, my advice is to arm yourself with a single, mulit-functional product that can help you resolve all these problems in a go =) After trying out KLARITY white lotion, I am impressed with its cooling sensation feel, it is also easy to blend with and instantly brighten up my skin. Another plus point, this soothing lotion helps to keep my skin stay smooth, matte and radiant even in hot humid weather. KLARITY - Lasertox CC Miracle white lotion is all you need to have the above effects ^_^ I am pleased with results and will surely recommend it to my fellow readers and friends.
KLARITY - Lasertox CC Miracle white lotion can be found in SaSa and BHG department stores! Please Like KLARITY facebook page too (click here) to know their new launches, promotions and even participate in exclusive events!
Congratulations to KLARITY- Lasertox CC Miracle white lotion has won Best CC Cream  Award in CLEO February 2015 issue.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sulwhasoo - Basic care kit review

Sulwhasoo - Long favored in Korea for its unparalleled use of traditional energy-balancing preparations and holistic approach to skincare, Sulwhasoo introduces a completely new category of beauty care.

Sulwhasoo is the Korean translation of the snowflower which is known to bloom even under the most severe circumstances. Available in Singapore for the first time, Sulwhasoo offers unprecedented access to the beauty secrets of the east, allowing women to tap into the benefits of the pioneering brand’s holistic methods.

The highly coveted collection is synonymous with skincare, boasting more than half the herbal medicine cosmetics market share in Korea and ranked #1 nationally.


I got the Sulwhasoo - Basic care kit through Sulwhasoo's Gift of Beauty!

Sulwhasoo - Basic care kit is a deluxe sample size of the complete basic skincare range which consists of my favourite and Sulwhasoo STAR PRODUCT - (1)The First care Activating Serum,
(2)Essential Balancing water (Toner),
(3)Essential Balancing Emulsion(Day Moisturiser),
(4)Rejuvenating Eye cream,
Another Sulwhasoo STAR PRODUCT : (5)Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream(Day/Night moisturiser)
Woah!!! The Sulwhasoo - Basic care kit looks so cool @_@ and I am so excited to try them out to experience it myself.
Sulwhasoo STAR PRODUCT - (1)The First care Activating Serum.
The First Care Activating Serum is a Korean herbal medicinal essential regimen boosting serum formulated with traditional Korean herbs . It  tackles aging skin with moist radiance from deep within, assure optimal skin care results, promoting balance and replenishing nutrients.

The first skincare product to use after facial wash in the morning and evening. Pump 2~3 times onto palm and apply with fingertips. Gently wrap the face with hands to help absorption of the product.

Retails size: 60ml S$106
Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Water is a gel-textured toner formulated with traditional Korean herbs to balance and deliver deep hydration.

After applying First Care Activating Serum in the morning and evening, dispense an appropriate amount of the product onto your palm and smooth it over face.

Retails size: 125ml S$68
Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Emulsion - A moisture-rich emulsion formulated with traditional Korean herbs to promote soft, smooth skin.

After applying toner in the morning and evening, dispense an appropriate amount of the product onto palm and slowly smooth over face.

Retails size: 125ml S$78
Sulwhasoo Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream - An age-defying eye cream formulated with traditional Korean herbs to revitalize skin around the eyes, reduce lines and wrinkles and minimize dark circles and puffiness.

After applying serum in the morning and evening, take an appropriate amount and smooth over the eye area by patting with fingertips.

Retails size: 25ml S$136
Sulwhasoo STAR PRODUCT Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream - A traditional, highly-nutritive Korean herbal cream formulated with ginseng concentrates to restructure skin from deep inside with ginseng essence and eliminate the signs of aging.

Direction:Use daily as moisture cream. Gently apply to face and neck. Cover the face with both palms for a few seconds for better absorption. Wait a few minutes before wearing makeup.

Retail: 60 ml S$276

My review:
Its really a good pampering experience to use the Sulwhasoo - Basic care kit. First care serum acts as an skin advancer, directly boosts the efficacy and absorption of subsequent skincare products. After application, my skin is instantly hydrated and fresh-looking! The texture is light yet very concentrated with some herbal scent. Thanks for the kind consideration! The trial kit actually provides direction on the sequence of particular skincare product to use.
Followed by toner, emulsion and eye cream, next is Ginseng Renewing Cream. A rich and nourishing face cream which I will use it for face massage to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This luxurious moisturiser gives my skin a smooth, plump and velvety feel the next morning! Is an ideal skincare to calm and relax your skin to maximise your beauty sleep after a hectic day ^_^

Congratulations to Sulwhasoo STAR PRODUCT - (1)The First care Activating Serum has won BEST BOOSTER SERUM and Best Beauty Buys 2015 in Women's Weekly January 2015 issue.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Creme Simon Event at Raffles City

I was invited to Crème Simon Event, an exclusive workshop with Larry Yeo and Limaran Agustina blogger (model) at Robinson Raffles city on 23 January, Friday 7-7.30 pm.

In this workshop, Larry Yeo (skincare guru) will share his best-kept beauty secrets with everyone as well as how to adapt our daily skincare regime to different climate, lifestyle, makeup tricks for a slimmer face! Cool @_@

Creme Simon range of skincare products  - Cleanse-> Moisturise-> Protect-> Treatment

Discover Crème Simon - An iconic French heritage skincare, adored by generations of women since 1860.
  • Dedicated to customising skincare to suits different climates
  • Non-Comedogenic. Free of Paraben, Silicone, Oil, Alcohol, and Sulphates
  • Natural botanical extracts with scientifically-proven results on Asian women.

Crème Simon history begins with.......
Joseph Simon, a gifted young apothecary, the sight of laundresses working by the great river inspired him to seek a natural remedy to relieve their dry, chapped hands. He made a breakthrough discovery; a pure concoction of seven flowers and plants with incredible healing properties.
  1. Damask Rose
  2. Jasmine
  3. IRIS
  4. Patchouli
  5. Neroli
  6. Tonka Bean
  7. Vanilla Bourbon

Crème Simon Dermo-Hydrating Toner Mist a delicately-scented, alcohol-free multi-purpose hydrating mist tones, hydrates & boosts efficacy of skincare is the Women's Weekly Winner 'Best Toner' Category 2015.

Larry Yeo shared that Crème Simon Dermo-Hydrating Toner Mist can be used for multiple purposes:
- As a toner
- As a hydrating mist
-To set your makeup

We had lots of fun and its very a entertaining session with Larry Yeo! We also had our own photo taking session at the end of the Creme Simon Event workshop with Larry Yeo, Limaran Agustina and Cammy (Crème Simon speaker). Thanks a lot! You all did a good job! 

We love Crème Simon, Muacks!!

My goodie bag after the Creme Simon Event.
I will be also blogging about Crème Simon products (see below) in my next blog after I tried them.   So....stay tuned!! ^_*
Crème Simon Brightening Detox Gentle Double Exfoliation scrub 5 ml
Crème Simon Crème Universelle 5 ml
Crème Simon Brightening Detox Restorative Sleeping Mask 5 ml
Crème Simon Brightening Detox Oxygenating Light Day Moisturiser 5 ml
Crème Simon Brightening Detox Restorative Light Night Moisturiser 5 ml

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

SKINC - Pure UV Protect SPF30 PA++

What will be my first product to blog about for 2015? Its the SKINC - Pure UV Protect SPF30 PA++(see picture below)

I got this from a SKINC event at Sephora ION recently with IT girl Velda Tan(@belluspuera - instagram) and Joey Ng. That was my first time seeing them. They are gorgeous and their skin is good, very beautiful ^_^ I am so impressed and nervous to talk to them=P

Previously I have bought and tried SKINC products before, such as their star product: The revival peel and the serums at SKINC -The Central outlet.

After the event, I have received SKINC - Pure UV Protect SPF 30 PA++ 30 ml (Made in Japan) and 2 bottles of their serums (the repair and relieve) as the door gift =D
Some info about SKINC - Pure UV Protect:

SKINC - Pure UV Protect SPF30 PA++ (one of Velda Tan's favourite SKINC product) is an all-in-one makeup base, sunscreen, moisturiser and anti-aging cream that effortlessly airbrushes skin to perfection in one fuss-free application.

Containing Ceramide-2 and marine collagen, skin appears blemish-free while moisture levels are retained and skin is guarded against aging.

How to use: Apply a small amount on to the back of your hand, apply on to dry face and spread evenly.
Currently I am using it everyday after my daily skincare routine steps: toner, serum and moisturiser.
Just 1 pump on the back of my hand, spread evenly and gently dab it on to my skin to create a matte and natural finish followed by loose powder. I am ready to go! ^_^

My review: At first I thought this product will be very thick and rich just like my other makeup foundation/bb cream products. To my surprise, SKINC - Pure UV Protect hides skin imperfections, offers long-lasting mattifying coverage and at the same time keeps my skin hydrated with its light formula. It also has sunscreen of SPF 30 PA++ which helps to shield my skin from the sun. All I need is just 1 tube of SKINC - Pure UV Protect in my bag with me whenever I go! ^_^

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