Saturday, May 23, 2015

Noreva cleansing scrub & lotion

One of the most common beauty tips I heard is "Cleansing plays a very important part in skincare and make-up regime". After a tiring day, I always use a make-up remover/ cleansing milk/lotion as the first step of my beauty routine to thoroughly remove all traces of make-up before I wash with a foaming/cleansing cream to make sure my skin is clean and breathable.

I would like to share with you my experience about a cleansing lotion that I have discovered recently - The Noreva Universelle Cleansing lotion.


CLEANSES AND REMOVES MAKE-UP (including waterproof make-up!)
- Avoids the feeling of pulling of classic micellar water
Noreva Universelle Cleansing lotion 500 ml

Previously I have tried cleansing oils which are highly effective and promises to remove all traces of make-up but there are quite drying and harsh to my delicate skin. Until I have discovered Noreva Universelle Cleansing lotion.

For all skin types:
  • Sensitive
  • Acne prone skins
  • Tendency to be oily
  • Dehydrated
  • Pathological
High Tolerance:
I am doing a small test on my hand with lipstick, waterproof mascara, eye shadow and foundation marks. Using 1 pump of Noreva Universelle Cleansing lotion on cotton pad, gently massage on my hand, all the traces of make-up are gone!
Instructions for use:
Apply using soft cotton wool to the face, eyes and lips.
Gently massage in, remove the excess if needed.
Rinse or don’t rinse
My review:
I am impressed at how effective Noreva Universelle Cleansing lotion removes all traces of make-up in just using 1 pump. Usually I need to wash away the residue with a facial cleanser but after using this cleansing lotion, I feel my skin is thoroughly clean and moisturised with no sticky feel at all. I can even skip the next step. The lotion feels very light and it is gentle to my skin ^_^

Specialist in slight, moderate and severe imperfections

Noreva facial scrub - IN-DEPTH CLEANSING

Noreva Facial scrub 50ml. Made in France
Double action scrub:
  • Immediate action, thanks to exfoliating microbeads that gently remove dead skin cells and impurities.
  • Lasting action, thanks to AHA that smoothes the skin’s texture and reduces imperfections.
  • Make the skin soft, supple and visibly cleansed and purified.

Directions for use:
Apply 2 to 3 times a week to damp skin. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid the eye area.

I was quite surprised to see the blue tiny microbeads fluid when trying Noreva facial scrub. Part of my beauty routine is I will exfoliate my skin once weekly to ensure my skin is free from dirt and grime that can lead to dull skin.

After mixing with some water, I gently massage on my skin to exfoliate dead skin cells and wash off.

My review:
Noreva facial scrub deeply cleansed and refine my skin with light exfoliation. I can see my skin instantly brighten up yet doesn't feel dry unlike regular moisture-stripping cleansers. It also allows my subsequent skincare to get absorbed better ^_^

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Rose Joghurt Body Butter

ROSE JOGHURT of BULGARIAN ROSE (since 1948) is a cosmetic series with natural rose oil, natural rose water, yoghurt. It is an exquisite complex care to retain skin youth, health and
beauty. Its composition combines two natural elixirs, unique in the world:

• 100% original Bulgarian rose oil, obtained in our own distillery
• Bulgarian yoghurt and certified organic origin ingredients. The Rose Joghurt cosmetic products are safe, useful and effective. They gently and effectively protect and improve the functions of the skin, intensively regenerate the cells, recover their hydro balance, nourish in depth and give the skin a fresh look with a youthful appearance.

The series offers exceptional tolerance in the effect on the skin and is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The Rose Joghurt cosmetic products bring emotional pleasure,
visible results and a long lasting effect.

Active ingredients : natural rose oil, natural rose water, yoghurt, apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, vitamins A and E. Body butter with a rich composition of natural oils and vitamins which
nourishes the skin and protects it from everyday harmful environmental effects. It is absorbed quickly and gives skin smoothness and velvety softness. It is ideal for dry and normal skin. Apply on well cleansed skin and massage until its complete absorption.
One of my favourite flower is the Rose. When I first saw Rose Joghurt Body Butter, I was attracted by it and excited to try it out and smell like a rose! Rose Joghurt Body Butter comes in a big tub of 220 ml with 100 % with natural rose oil.
Usually I will apply body lotion to keep my body moisturised after shower and before going to bed unless my body is super tired that I just want to sleep right away. Here are my tips:
(1) Apply body lotion 5-10 later after shower
(2) Scoop generous amount of body lotion on hands
(3) Rub against your hands
(4) Massage the lotion on body for better absorption and improve blood circulation

This the amount of body lotion I will use to apply for my both hands. Do remember to rub against your hands to warm up the lotion before apply it on your skin for better absorption ^_^
Gently massage the body lotion on skin and pat (if necessary)  =) until its fully absorbed. When applying, do focus on certain dry areas especially the elbows. For best results, exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells before apply lotion =)
My review:
Having silky smooth and soft skin is no longer a dream! Rose Joghurt Body Butter surge my skin with intense moisture, it melts into skin and gets absorbed easily without leaving a greasy feeling.  My dry skin is deeply nourished and moisturised by its finest ingredients of cocoa butter and rose oil. Moreover, I really love the alluring whiff of roses that enhance my beauty sleep!
Pamper and replenish moisture for your skin it deserves with Rose Joghurt Body Butter now!
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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Heynature Brightening Loose Powder

I believe every lady has their own loose powder. I have one which is the Heynature Brightening Loose Powder. I use it daily as the last step of my makeup to give a smooth finish.

Heynature Brightening Loose Powder has an extremely fine texture, thus it is able to conceal fine lines and tighten pores. It has brightening and oil control effects. As this loose powder is made from minerals, it is gentle on the skin and has a natural finish, making it suitable for all skin types. Available in No.21(Beige) and No.23(Natural).
Heynature Progressive Color Brightening Loose Powder 8g
How to use:
With the cap on, slightly shake to dispense some loose powder on the filter. Using a make-up brush or puff, dab a small amount and dust on face. For best results, use over Heynature BB cream.

Take a closer look at the Heynature Brightening Loose Powder:
I am trying it on my hand to feel the texture of powder. I like it, feels very light, smooth and fine and I notice my skin brightens up too.

Share a little secret with you, usually after I have applied my BB/CC cream, I will dust loose powder over my full face to complete my makeup.
My technique is I will tap a powder brush/soft puff into the powder, tap off any excess and pat or sweep lightly over face. Using loose powder helps to set makeup and extending wear so it is an important step in my makeup routine!
My review: I trust Heynature Brightening Loose Powder for my delicate skin as it is made from minerals. I simply adore its incredibly fine, sheer and silky soft texture of this powder, it definitely doesn't add a ton of extra product to my skin. It gives a velvety lightweight coverage and a seamless, natural appearance which can be used even on its own.

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You can purchase Heynature Brightening Loose Powder at Heynature website or at Heynature shop located at 101 Kitchener Road #02-13 Jalan Besar Plaza Singapore 208511

Sunday, May 10, 2015

V10 plus 5 in 1 White Gel

Are you always in a rush early in the morning to work and the last thing to do after a tired day is to sleep after you wash your face? This happens to most people includes me. Usually there is a series of skincare steps to do before you can eventually step out of the house and also to your bed.

Although we only have little time but we won't want to miss out any nutrients for our skin. V10 plus 5 in 1 White Gel is a All-in-one simple & perfect beauty gel.

Some information about V10 plus 5 in 1 White Gel:

This beauty gel has 5 effects of:


No Paraben, No Chemical Fragrance, No Artificial Color, No Mineral Oil

V10 plus 5 in 1 White Gel 50 ml, Made in Japan
This all-in-one beauty gel contains OSC (Ocean Stress Complex) made by Vitamin-C which contains OWC (Ocean White Complex) . 5-In-1 White Gel enters into the depth of the skin (basal stratum) and attackthe Melanocyte directly.

Freckles tend to show in the dry type skin. To solve this problem, this beauty gel increases the moisturizing power with Seaweed and Pearl extract.
How to use:

Morning and evening. Pump a small amount and apply evenly over the face after the serum. Let it work for a few minutes before applying your sunblock.

Currently I am using V10 plus 5 in 1 White Gel after V10 plus hyaluronic acid serum everyday before my usual sunblock and BB cream. At night, I use this beauty gel as a night moisturiser before go to bed. As my usual way of applying skincare, I massage my skin upwards motion using V10 plus 5 in 1 White Gel till it completely absorbed and light patting. I find this way of application works really well for my skin, you can try it out too ^_^

For a refreshing sensation, you can put V10 plus 5 in 1 White Gel in the fridge before using it. Sometimes I will do that during the daytime. Another beauty tip is I will make sure the amount of skincare I use is adequate to cover my whole face and neck as well. Next tip is to wait for around 10 seconds before going to the next skincare step.

My review:
My skin is easily prone to dehydration and sometimes sensitivity. This all-in-one milky water-based gel works perfectly well on my skin, it is fast absorbing and provides much need hydration as well as improves skin's texture. With V10 plus White Gel, it saves time and handy to carry along with me wherever I go. After using for about one week, I noticed that my complexion is fairer and suppler with a healthy glow.

V10 plus 5 in 1 White Gel is easy and convenient to use I love to bring along wherever I am. 

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Heynature Hey-Pop Curling Mascara

I always envy Korean ladies with big eyes and beautiful eye makeup such as long curly eye lashes etc. I am not a fantastic makeup expert and my eyes area are quite oily that's why its hard for me to find a suitable and long-lasting eye makeup product.

I came across Heynature Hey-Pop Mascara, it caught my eye with its bright purple colour and creative design:
Hey-Pop Easy Curling Mascara 9g
Information about Heynature Hey-Pop Curling Mascara:
It instantly enhances your eyes with thick and long lashes upon application. Create curling eyelashes with protective shield. The unique upgraded mascara with the waterproof function  has long lasting effect, ensures that the mascara will not smudge against sweat, sebum and water but is removed by lukewarm water easily.
Made in Korea
How to use:
Eyelash curler to make the desired curl. Apply mascara upwards from the root of eyelash to the end.

My technique : I always curl my eyelash 3 times with my eyelash curler before applying any mascara. This step not only will enhance the curl effect and most importantly it give a natural curling look. My 3 times curling process are firstly curl the ends follow by the middle part finally the roots of my eyelash.

After curling my eyelash, face the mirror with my eyes looking downwards. I gently apply Heynature Hey-Pop Mascara brushing upwards with zip zap motion (to separates the eyelash) from the root to the end of my eyelash.

Notice my eyelash is obviously longer and defined:

My review:
I am pretty impressed with this mascara as it create a defined and clump-free eye makeup look with just one coat. During application, I find it actually lifts and holds my eyelashes well unlike my other mascaras which are rather too heavy that bring my eyelash down. Till evening, it does not smudge or flake and even lasted to the late night. It is easy to use for Asian's tiny lashes and suitable to use in Singapore's humidity climate.
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You can purchase Heynature Hey-Pop Mascara at Heynature website or at Heynature shop located at 101 Kitchener Road #02-13 Jalan Besar Plaza Singapore 208511