Sunday, July 6, 2014

HABA Squa Facial Foam review

Anyone heard of Haba skincare or tried before their skincare, health and hair care products?
HABA is the acronym for "Health Aid Beauty Aid" which means assisting health and beauty. HABA products do not contain any ingredients such as paraben, flavors, mineral oil, chemically synthesized tar colorings, or petrochemical surfactants that may become a burden to the skin or cause an allergic reaction.

Haba first shop is located at Ngee Ann City #B2-13A. Actually I have noticed Haba shop quite long time ago but this is the first time I am trying Haba skincare product and I have chosen its popular Haba Squa Facial Foam as my first step of daily skincare regime.

First of all, let us know more about Haba Squa Facial Foam:

SQUA FACIAL FOAM(100g) - smooth, rich lather of this foaming face wash effectively removes dead skin cells, excessive oils and impurities. Contains Squalane and Silk Powder to leave skin feeling moisturized and refreshed.
Anyone know what is Squalane and Silk Powder? How does it helps to improve our skin??

Squalane is a natural moisturizer inherent to human body. The secretion of it by the body decreases with age and excessive washing. HABA has developed Squalane refined to the maximum of 99.9% purity.

Silk Powder: Powdered fiber obtained from silkworm cocoons. It is rich in proteins such as sericin and fibroin, which enhances the smoothness of skin.
Directions: Wet the face, and take approx. 5-cent coin size of Squa Facial Foam to the palm of the hand. Add a small amount of water and lather thoroughly. Alternatively you can use a foaming net which quickly and easily creates a rich lather with any of HABA's facial washes.^_^
After adding some water, I use my bare hands to lather HABA Squa facial foam which is firm and fine-textured, enough to cover my entire face.

To start off my daily skincare regime, cleansing is the first step and plays an important role =) HABA Squa Facial Foam not only it gently cleanse and it also polish away accumulated dirt, impurities thoroughly without stripping off skin's natural moisture. I love how my skin feels clean, fresh and moisturised after one use. Is definitely a good cleanser to use daily after a long, tiring day at work! Will recommend HABA Squa Facial foam to my all friends and relatives ^_^

HABA Squa Facial Foam is selling at $41.00 at HABA shops (please find the location here)

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Collection Cosmetics Primed and Ready Makeup Primer

Collection Cosmetics Primed and Ready Makeup Primer

The silky formula provides a light coverage for a flawless complexion and a noticeably natural finish. A soothing makeup base, it minimizes pore problems, smoothes uneven skin and hides unsightly blemishes for the perfect base.

Primed and Ready is an easy to blend make-up base that minimize pores. It can be wear alone or under foundation for a flawless complexion.

Collection Cosmetics Primed and Ready Makeup Primer $16.90 / 18ml
Developed in UK, Made in China
Collection Cosmetics Singapore.
Make up for the FUN, FAB and FEARLESS women of today.

Founded in 1987, COLLECTION, previously known as Collection 2000, is renowned for fun, fashionable, on-trend and affordable makeup. Creating a cache for colour, the brand lives up to its sassy strapline ‘Work the Colour’ by presenting individuals with a wide array of the brightest and most wearable colors in vibrant and innovative packaging, at unbeatable prices.

Exuding a friendly and approachable disposition, COLLECTION Cosmetics aims to invoke an attitude of adventure in youthful women to experiment with colour, subtle or daring.
Ideal for everyone, the brand is suitable for style-hunters wanting edgy new trends to those who desire to play with fabulous new products to enhance their own signature look.
Trying out on my skin:
My before and after pic:

My review:
An ideal no-fuss product - transparent weightless texture, helps to hide pores, easily absorbed and I can see the results instantly. After application, it leaves a silky and smooth complexion ^_^

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COLLECTION Cosmetics now available in selected Watson's stores (Ngee Ann City, North Point, Star Vista, United Square, Tampines Mall, Tiong Bahru, Toa Payoh, Vivo City), and BHG Bugis Singapore, Collection pop-up store in Cineleisure, Level 2.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beaute Forest mask review

Are you a fan of mask(s), just like me? Facial mask are very important to me for maintaining dewy, fair and supple skin! So how many mask do I apply?

I try to apply mask on alternate days if I really have the time. Otherwise at least twice weekly as Singapore is hot and humid, due to daily pollution around us and work stress.

So there is a saying " There are no ugly woman in this world only lazy woman!" So please be kind, generous and HARDWORKING to our own skin ^_^ You will sure get rewarded for all your hard work which is you will be having a beautiful, healthy and good skin ^_^

I hope you are as excited and looking forward as me to Beaute Forest mask!!
Experience the magic of Beaute Forest with TWICE the nourishment in one mask!

Some information and directions on various Beaute Forest masks:

1) Beaute Forest 2-STEP ALOE & CACTUS MOISTURIZING PACK (Green packaging)
$9.90/box (4 sheets/box)

Step 1: Aloe and Cactus Moisturizing Mask
Step 2: Aloe and Cactus Moisturizing Lotion
- Aloe vera contains various vitamins which provide hydration and nourishment for skin for better elasticity.
- Cactus is highly effective in retaining moisture for smoother skin.
- Mask is designed to allow deep moisturizing effect. Enjoy twice the nourishment by applying lotion on face evenly after removing mask.

2) Beaute Forest 2-STEP PEARL & ARBUTIN WHITENING PACK(Blue packaging)
$9.90/box (4 sheets/box)

Step 1: Pearl and Arbutin Mask
Step 2: Pearl and Arbutin Lotion
- Pearl extract contains trace elements that helps you achieve translucent skin and provides proteins and various vitamins to promote softer skin.
- Arbutin is extracted from bearberries to help inhibit melanin, allowing you to have lighter skin tone.
- Mask is designed to allow deep moisturizing effect. Enjoy twice the nourishment by applying lotion on face evenly after removing mask.

How to use:
Step 1: After cleansing, remove mask from packaging and apply on face. Leave on for 10–15 minutes.
Gently peel off mask and discard.
Step 2: Apply gel cream evenly on face. Gently massage for better absorption.
Use 1–2 times a week.

3) Beaute Forest Q10 & Silk Protein Fine Fairness Mask (Pink packaging)
$10.90/box (6 sheets/box)

- Q10 promotes firmer and skin elasticity.
- Silk protein lightens skin tone and provides deep moisturizing effect for smoother and softer skin.
- Mask is designed to help your skin achieve maximum absorption.

 4) Beaute Forest TRUFFLE & RESVERATROL WHITENING MASK(brown packaging)
$8.90/box (4 sheets/box)

- Truffle extract helps to lighten your skin tone, provides moisture and stimulate skin renewal.
- Resveratrol helps you to achieve even skin tone.
- Mask is designed to help your skin achieve maximum absorption.

5) Beaute Forest WITCH HAZEL & CHAMOMILE SOOTHING MASK(Orange packaging)
$10.90/box (6 sheets/box)

- Witch hazel is a natural astringent and has soothing effects on your skin.
- Chamomile helps restore skin’s moisture and oil balance.
- Mask is designed to help your skin achieve maximum absorption.

How to use:
After cleansing, remove mask from packaging and apply on face. Leave on for 10–15 minutes. Gently peel off mask and discard. Use 1–2 times a week.
I am using Beaute Forest 2-STEP PEARL & ARBUTIN WHITENING PACK(Blue packaging)
Beaute Forest masks were featured in Taiwan popular skincare beauty show "Nu Ren Wo Zhui Da"

My review:
Relieve dry, stressful flaky skin with this Pearl & ARBUTIN WHITENING mask + gel cream! After using, I woke up feeling my skin soft and hydrated the next morning. This mask give my skin a huge intensive moisture boost which last a few days. Pearl is also famed for its ability to maintain youthful skin. ^_^ Ideal for people who work/sleep in air-condition room.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lippy Girl review

Many people might be the first time hearing Lippy Girl cosmetics. Me too! when I heard about this brand from my friend. To me, it is always good to know new brands and find the products that suit you the most as everyone has different needs!

Lippy Girl products are naturally Organic, vegetarian, animal friendly for a gorgeously mesmerizing You. 100% Paraben Free.

LippyGirl Lipsticks and accessories are 100% Bee-Free and Vegan ♥♥♥ 100% Gluten Free.

Lippy Girl Makeup was founded by Darcey Diehl.  Darcey is working mother from Vancouver BC.  After her 1st pregnancy, Darcey began to evaluate the foods she consumed, becoming a think-a-tarian and watching carefully what she put in her body.  During her second pregnancy Darcey extended this to what she put on her body, and began to investigate the cosmetic products available to her.  Frustrated with the limited availability of products which are organic, animal friendly and earth friendly, Darcey launched Lippy Cosmetics

I have received 4 Lippy Girl products for my review:
  • 3 Vegocentric Organic Vegan Lipsticks
  • 1 Extra Virgin Lip Gloss
Range of Vegocentric Organic Vegan Lipsticks colours:

This premium line of amazing lipsticks are made with organic and wildcrafted, natural oils and waxes and only natural mineral pigments.  100% vegan, bee-free, gluten free and chemical free!  These lippies are made with certified organic Castor Seed Oil, Jojoba seed oil, Carnauba Wax, and Shea Butter for the smoothest, creamiest finish, and super pigmented with natural minerals. Vegocentrics are moisturing and long lasting, and will not bleed!

Plus, Vegocentric Lippies come in a bigger and better size of 5grams, and 100% recyclable aluminum tubes!

Vegocentric lipsticks are simply the best vegan lipsticks available with no bees products or polybutene/petroleum. 
The 3 Vegocentric Organic Vegan Lipsticks I have chosen:
Trying them on:
Guess which one is my favourite? Or do you know which one are suitable for what kind of occasion?

Personally my favourite Lippy Girl Vegocentric Organic Vegan Lipstick is Diggity-Yam, the creamy peachy colour lipstick give a natural rosy look and it does not dry my lips. It is perfect for everyday usage and helps to enhance & brighten up my smile ^_^ I used it before going to work/ girls weekend day out!
I love these girly shades Lippy Girl lipsticks.
Coral Me create bold and dramatic look, suitable for attending a night date/clubbing while Ski Bunny - soft beige pink colour gives your lips a natural moisturised look =) suitable for daily usage too!
When using Extra Virgin Lip Gloss, it ultra-moisturising smooth gel helps to soften & condition and give a glow to my dry chapped lips. Now they look plump and kissable. Thanks Lippy Girl!

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