Saturday, October 3, 2015

V10 plus Water Base Sun Block

As far as we all know, sun is the greatest enemy of our skin. That goes without saying that we need to take good care of my skin especially on sun protection. Personally, I have my own sun protection techniques which is carry an UV umbrella whenever I go and sun block is a must-have for me everyday before leaving house.

Recently I have started using V10plus new launch - The V10 plus Water Base Sun Block SPF 40/PA+++ 30 ml Made in Japan
The packaging of this sun block is quite attractive in bright red colour and is a slim handy tube to stuff it in even in my smallest bag =D so that I can re-apply whenever necessary.
How to use: Day time, this non-chemical sunblock protect UVA and UVB all day long. Please apply V10 plus sunblock after V10 plus serum.

I like its pointed dispenser that dispense adequate amount just right for me to apply for my entire face and neck (dun forget about your neck area too)
My review: Since sun block is a must-have for me, I am very particular about it. I specially like V10 plus Water Base Sun Block because of its super lightweight runny texture despite its high sun protection. I don't feel any greasiness after application. Sometimes I apply this on its own on weekends, my complexion stays matte all day ^_^ is a perfect for humid weather too!

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hara Skincare (for dry skin)

Hara is a unique brand of end-to-end personalised online skincare consulting, Hara has a philosophy that extends beyond the normal retail model to give our customers full support in putting their best face forward.

The complete Hara shopping experience begins with understanding skin type and skincare needs, and includes a recommended selection of suitable products from their range, and, if necessary, tie-ups with their partner consultants. Hara scientific and dermatological expertise and close ties to skincare professionals have given them an intimate understanding of different skin types, especially Asian skin, and how to care for them – knowledge that they will gladly share.

With strong supplier links and a priority on quality, Hara has made it the mission to deliver reliable and safe products catered for specific skincare needs

Today I will be sharing my experience after using this Hara Midori Travel Pack.

Step 1 : Hara Midori Lotion (for dry skin) - 30 ml

My review: After cleansing, this ultra-cooling light-weight lotion sinks into my skin. It also helps to tone and soothe my dry skin. I like the feeling of how my skin is moisturised and matte after applying Hara Midori Lotion =)
Step 2 : Hara Green Tea cream 30 g

My review: Although it said as cream but to me it feels like emulsion texture makes it easy and pleasure to use during daytime. My face feels so moisturised all day and I also realised my makeup lasts longer.
Step 3 : Hara Midori Cream

My review: I apply this cream mostly at night, it take a while to absorb and after that it leaves my skin soft and well-moisturised just like how my skin feel after a mask! I woke up with supple bouncy skin the next morning!
Step 4 : Hara Midori Water 30ml

My review: This running fluid refreshes my skin immediately upon application =)  it is good especially my skin needs a quick pick-me-up! It boosts my skin moisture for a clearer complexion and now has become one of my favourite skincare product.

This is a wonderful experience for me to try out Hara travel skincare (for dry skin), I see and feel the visible improvements happen to my skin everyday. Good bye to my dry parched skin! I feel so great =) =)
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Friday, July 17, 2015

DR+NU:ELL skincare

Recently I got to know DR+NU:ELL from a good friend of mine after she has tried out the highly-raved DR+NU:ELL Enzyme Bubble Cleanser.

DR+NU:ELL skin care brand, which means "New and Well" is a Korean research institute discovered regenerated skin to be more elastic and radiant than existing skin tissues when studying wound repair process. The Science behind skin's self regeneration. The purpose of DR+NU:ELL range is to restore skin to its natural state of health instead of supplying nutrition to slow down aging slightly.

A Korean Skincare Formulated for Singaporean Skin types.
I am going to try out 4 products from DR+NU:ELL and share with you my experience after using them. They are the highly-raved DR+NU:ELL Enzyme O2 Bubble Cleanser, DR+NU:ELL Miracle Fitting Essence, DR+NU:ELL Double S Lotion and DR+NU:ELL Multi Sun Block.

DR+NU:ELL Enzyme O2 Bubble Cleanser is a dual function self-micro bubbling enzyme cleanser and make-up remover that effectively remove dead skin cells and even waterproof eyeliner.

DR+NU:ELL Enzyme O2 Bubble Cleanser 120 ml
This gentle cleanser contains papain enzymes from papaya fruit extracts that generate microbubbles to provide deep cleansing action in removing dead skin cells and sebum.

Cleansing  - Papaya Fruit Enzymes cleanse pores thoroughly, leaving skin supple and refreshed!
Moisturising - Birch Tree Bark Extract regenerates and hydrates for more radiant skin.
Soothing - Perfect for sensitive skin due to the soothing functions of Green Bean and Yellow Dock Extracts.

Directions of use: Pump a sufficient amount of dry palm and spread evenly on dry face, leave for 10-20 sec for micro-bubbles to form. Massage gently and rinse off. Use twice daily.

My review:  After knowing that this one is highly-raved, I am intrigued to try it out. This gel-texture cleanser re-foams and effectively removes and melts all traces of thick makeup even the most stubborn waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Normally I will use a facial wash after makeup remover, but with this washing off with water, it feels just like the effect of a double cleansing in 1 step. My skin feels super clean and smooth without over-drying/tightness. I also noticed, my subsequent skincare absorbed more quickly after using this.

Miracle Fitting Essence is the next star product from DR+NU:ELL. You can experience the miracle effect of six-callus [plant stem cell] complex for deep skin regeneration, whitening and repair!

Rejunvenating - Ginseng, Green Tea, Bamboo, Green Bean, Chrysanthemum and Carrot plant stem cell complex helps relieve skin stress and restores your skin to its youthful state.
Whitening - Niacinamide even skin tone with its whitening function
Firming - Adenosine firms skin and diminishes appearance of wrinkles
Moisturising - Aloe Leaf, Witch Hazel Leaf, Yam Root and Tiger Grass Extracts keeps skin deeply hydrated.

DR+NU:ELL Miracle Fitting Essence 50 ml
Direction of use: Apply a small amount of essence on clean dry face and massage gently. Night only


My review:  This concentrated yet weightless essence spread easily on my face and absorbs almost instantly. It gently calms and soothe my irritated stressed skin,  keeping it soft and supple. I am using this day and night with the Double S lotion ^_^

DR+NU:ELL Double S Lotion to achieve skin radiance and translucence with its triple action skin moisturiser.

Moisturising - Combination of Natto Beans, Panthenol and Trehalos seal skin's moisture effectively.
Whitening - Niacinamide even skin tone with its whitening function
Purifying - Gingko Leaf Extract firms and invigorates your skin
DR+NU:ELL Double S Lotion 150 ml

Directions of use: Apply lotion on the face and massage gently day & night.

My review: Just one pump of DR+NU:ELL Double S Lotion, dispenses enough for my entire face. This running fluid easily glides on and forms a weightless film over my face. After application, it leaves my skin looking fresher and more hydrated within minutes.

DR+NU:ELL Multi Sun Block is a light, fast absorbing multi-sunblock offers daily protection against UVA and UVB rays that causes premature signs of aging and damage. Formulated with a comprehensive sun protection system and advanced skincare ingredients, this mattifying sunblock also acts as a skin tone corrector and can be used as a makeup base for a smooth, anti-shine finish.

DR+NU:ELL Multi Sun Block SPF 43 PA+++
Sun Protection - SPF 42 PA+++ protects against damaging UVA and UVB rays.
Matte Finish - Sebum Absorption Powder preps the skin for makeup to last longer without the grease and shine.
Skin tone corrector - Can be used as a makeup base by brightening the skin to create a natural hue. Mineral powders and plant extracts helps to spread the sunblock smoothly for a pore-free, natural finish.

Directions of use:  Apply sunblock in equal portions to the entire face, before applying Dr NU:ELL BB cream. Spread evenly over face and neck for sun protection. Suitable for all skin types.

My review: Like me, if you wear BB/CC/ foundation everyday, this can double as a makeup base with its pale pinkish shade which is perfect for my skin tone. Its creamy yet light texture blends seamlessly on my skin and give my face a fairer, radiant sheer coverage even on its own! I am using this daily after the Double S lotion.
DR+NU:ELL must-have complete skincare: DR+NU:ELL Enzyme O2 Bubble Cleanser, DR+NU:ELL Miracle Fitting Essence, DR+NU:ELL Double S Lotion and DR+NU:ELL Multi Sun Block.

I am glad to discover DR+NU:ELL skincare products and share my experience with you. Thanks for reading my blog!

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

SOTHYS Diamond Programme

It was a good afternoon and a great pleasure to attend the launch of SOTHYS Diamond Programme held at ADRIFT by David Myers located at the lobby of Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 2 on Wednesday 10 June. When I arrived around 3pm, there was already a crowd at the registration counter. Everyone, fellow bloggers, media were so excited and anxious about this fabulous event and were happily taking selfies and chitchatting among themselves =)

Registration counter of SOTHYS Diamond Programme

After our registration, we were warmly welcome and invited into ADRIFT by David Myers. This is my first time to this celebrity chef restaurant. I like the hanging lights which reminds me sort of secret garden =P and of course the outside window view of nature.

ADRIFT by David Myers at Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Its selfies time! While enjoying the ambience of ADRIFT restaurant and waiting for SOTHYS Diamond Programme to begin, I am busy taking selfies and welfies with Pearly.
Wendy's selfie

Welfies with Pearly
SOTHYS Diamond Programme featuring NEW Skin Energizing Duo: Energy Booster Serum + Energizing Radiance Ampoule. It restores Youthful luminosity to your skin in just 4 weeks!

This programme specifically addresses 4C's integral factors that enable your skin to glow with youthful, diamond-like luminosity :
  1. Cellular Energy
  2. Color "Chromophores"
  3. Collagen
  4. Clarity
The Core of every formula in the Energizing range, Sothys advanced research has combined extract of adaptogen Siberian ginseng with specific active ingredients to:
  • BOOST the skin's energy source
  • PROTECT (SIBERIAN GINSENG + Complementary Active ingredients) its energy capital
  • ENCOURAGE cellular regeneration
SOTHYS Diamond Programme is an universal treatment for all skin type, all ages, all year around for men and woman alike.
Restore your skin's youthful vitality and luminosity, at any age at your comfort of your home.
We enjoyed the welcome speech by Sothys's personnel as well as the exclusive presentation given by Ms Fany Deveze , training manager from Paris.

Skincare is clutch and Food is vital to healthy complexion. We savour the ginseng-infused canap├ęs specially concocted by Executive Sous Chef William Gumport for the SOTHYS Diamond Programme event.

Upon arrival to SOTHYS Diamond Programme event, we were given a Sothys goodie bag which includes Sothys Energizing booster serum 30ml, Sothys Energizing radiance ampoules 2*1ml, Sothys pouch, a packet of Siberian Ginseng and a IXUS 16GB USB - Lanyard & card holder

Sothys Energizing Booster serum is formulated with anti-aging illuminating complex to limit and correct imperfections. It is an extraordinary lightweight texture, boosts the skin's energy capital and helps restore a radiant complexion.

Application: Apply morning and evening over the entire face and neck area. Follow with your regular Sothys cream. Can be layered under another serum.

My review: In our hot and humid weather. I am glad to have Sothys Energizing Booster with me as this lightweight smoothing fluid glides on easily and absorb quickly after slight massage. True to its name, this serum energize my skin, making my complexion well-hydrated all the time with noticeable radiant glow. Currently, this has already become part of my daily skincare regime!

I have yet to try out the ampoules. For your information, Sothys Energizing Radiance Ampoules is the ideal booster for brightness. It act as an instant transparent mask to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Application: After removing make-up, apply your habitual Sothys skincare cream, then apply the contents of an ampoule to the face and neck and gently smooth over the skin.
Beauty tip: Can be blended with foundation for a longlasting make-up.

Do check it out Sothys, Sothys website or certain beauty institutes and spas for more information about their skincare and new launches.