Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pantene BB creme for hair review

Have you heard BB crème for hair?? This is my first time hear about Pantene BB crème for hair as I have countless BB cream for face but definitely not for hair. I have received this Pantene BB crème (135 ml)  via post and today I am going to share with you my experience after using it.

Hair is one of the most precious 'thing' to everyone not only women. Men also take good care of their hair too. As we can see there are countless of hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, wash-off treatment, hair serum, leave on treatment) at Watson, guardian and various super markets etc. Hair growth centres , hair salons......
Going to hair salon/ hair centres usually requires you to make time and effort to go down to their shops and spend around 1-2 hours there. So personally I think daily 'home care' which means skin, hair, health care at home is very important to me. ^_^

So what is Pantene BB crème for hair? It is a 10-in-1, all-in-one perfector leave on treatment that gives your hair 10 hair health benefits.

Pantene BB crème for hair helps prevent split ends, strengthen against breakage, smoothes , moisturized feel, shine, manageable, detangling frizz control, heat protection, softness.
Direction : (1) On damp hair, dispense 1-2 pumps onto palm, rub hands together and apply starting at the ends and working towards the middle of your hair. Use more as needed. Do not rinse. Continue with your regular hair care and styling routine.
(2) On dry hair: use an additional pump to polish styled hair
I washes my hair everyday when I am back home from work/ outdoor activities to keep my hair and scalp clean and fresh before I go to bed. Daily hair wash and hair blow can cause hair dryness, split ends and tangles without a proper hair care routine.

This is the amount in just 1 pump of Pantene BB crème. Its sufficient for me as I only apply it till the middle my hair. I rubbed my hands together to evenly spread and warm it before touching my hair.
I combed my hair with fingertips working from ends to middle of my hair. Gently massage Pantene BB crème evenly to my hair and leave it for about 2 mins for better absorption before I start my hair blow.
During my 10-15 mins hair blow with hand comb my hair, I realized my hair is soften and untangles easily than before I started to use Pantene BB crème. ^_^ Now my hair blow is a wonderful experience! I still remembered I used to spent quite some time to untangle and hair feels hard & stiff in the past.
Pantene BB creme for hair is deservedly one of the best and a 'must-have' hair SOS in my hairdressing table. It softens and calms my rebellious hair upon application after wash. What's more, unlike other hair care products, it does not leave sticky feel on both hair and hands ^_^ It make my hair look like its done in hair salon by a pro! My hair is neat and I look presentable and confident =)

Visits to hair salon/ hair centres are time-consuming and expensive for me, I would recommend to try Pantene BB crème if you do have dry, tangled hair like me each time after you wash your hair. It is truly a great helper to untangles and protect your hair against damages caused by hair dryer, leaving it soft and manageable.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

SKINC - Pure Revival Peel review

Recently I have spotted this amazing Pure Revival Peel (20 ml) from SKIN INC and would like to share with you my experience after using it.

SKIN INC is a japan skincare brand, one of its signature product is the Pure Revival Peel - a revolutionary non-abrasive peel that visibly but gently removes dullness and dead skin cells. Preps skin to maximize absorption of nutrients from your daily skincare products and acts like a dynamic primer to create the perfect canvas for your makeup. Combines high-performance ingredients AC-11, Arbutin and Fullerene to revive your skin's youthful vitality.

'Your skin deserves the best of the best, anywhere, anytime'

Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel 20ml
How to use it?
Use dry hands to apply a thin layer of Pure Revival Peel to clean, dry skin. Leave on for a few seconds until it turns milky, then gently massage in circular motion. Dead keratin will be formed into particles, showing the exfoliating effect. Rinse off with warm water. Use 2-3 times a week.

I applied a thick layer of SKINC - Pure Revival Peel especially the T-zone area nose and forehead whereby there should be a lot of dead skin as CNY just a few days ago, usually we will apply makeup like foundation and powder all over our face. I need a mild and effective skin exfoliator that can help to remove those dead skin, unclog pores and gentle to my delicate skin ^_^
I have well-covered my dry face and neck (do not forget about the neck area!) with SKINC - Pure Revival Peel. After about 1 min, the peel turns a little milky and watery.
I gently massage my skin with circular motion, white little particles gradually formed all over my face especially the nose area as its the place where most dirt and impurities are accumulated.

My review:
Its important and the first step is to clean and exfoliate our skin in order to prep it for better absorption of subsequent skincare. This light, colourless, non-irritating and odourless gel exfoliate my skin effectively, gently slough off dead skin cells as I can see from the white particles formed. SKINC - Pure Revival Peel contains AC-11 that activates formation of new outer layers of the skin, bringing fresh cells (which contains contain higher levels of skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF)) to the surface and shedding old dull rough cells. AC-11 is also a potent enhancer of DNA repair, helping the skin recover from damage and stress.
After washing off with lukewarm water, my skin feels clean, fresh and supple as though I have a 'new skin'! and I also noticed that my next skincare step gets absorbed faster.
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Last but not least, remember to stay happy and cheerful then you will have naturally beautiful skin!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

V10 Plus QUASI review

Brightening skincare is very popular nowadays and everyone is raving about it ^_* Let me introduce you the V10 plus brightening skincare range - The V10 plus Quasi Serum & V10 plus Quasi Cleanser.

V10 plus story: Mrs Akiko Yokota (founder) and together with her sister, encountered the skin counselling by chance. They were amazed by the results generated by the auto-generated system which advised them on their skin needs for the first time.

The sisters tried the customized serums and had experienced the miracles of the products to their skin within a month.

Understanding that having beautiful skin is everyone’s dream, Mrs Akiko Yokota strongly believes that having beautiful skin can be a reality using the 10 serums that cater to different skin needs. Hence, she decided to share this wonder with everyone from all parts of the world. Over the years, without doubt the quality of V10 products had been recognized world-wide and the demand is constantly on the rise. V10 is currently distributed in Europe, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia.

V10 plus AWARD WINNING SKIN CARE 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 ( In Asia and Europe)
Try it out to see the Unbelievable Result on your skin !!!

Some information about V10 Plus new skincare products: the V10 plus Quasi Serum

V10 plus Quasi Cleanser:
V10 plus Skincare products:
NO Paraben
NO Artifical Color
NO Mineral Oil
NO Chemical Fragance
Water Based
Customised Serums
Visible results in Just 10 days
Made in Japan

V10 plus Quasi serum 30 ml and V10 plus Quasi Cleanser 100ml:
V10 plus Skin Serum that will make you have “BEAUTIFUL SKIN = CLEAN, BRIGHT, GLOWING SKIN WITHOUT ANY MAKE UP”

V10 plus skincare products are properly sealed to ensure the quality.

This milky translucent in colour concentrated V10 Plus Quasi serum focused on the chemistry of melanin metabolism and bestow a pleasing and beautiful luminosity onto the skin from every angle bringing out clarity and fairness from within and without. Thanks to its active ingredients Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract and Hydrlyzed Prunus Domestica that inhibits the formation and accumulation of melanin and prevents darks spots and freckles. With its water base texture and application it bestow onto the user bright, radiant and outstanding translucency of the skin.

V10 plus Quasi serum is tailored for skin that is exposed to sun daily that causes dark spots, uneven skin tone, melanin and freckles. I love how fast-absorbing this fluid gets into my skin after gentle massage. There is no sticky feel and it reveals a truly gorgeous glow. Soon I have been using V10 plus Quasi serum for about a week, my complexion is noticeably brighter and healthy-looking like never before! Its okay for me to go bare-faced ^_^ I can confidently say I am so proud of you -V10 plus Quasi serum and myself!
Besides a good brightening serum, V10 plus has Quasi Cleanser too

Over time, our skin contains dirt and impurities due to pollution, hot sun etc. that may cause dull skin. That's why I always go for double cleansing (makeup remover + Cleanser) daily. V10 plus Quasi cleanser gently clear away dirt and impurities from my delicate skin without causing any irritation or dryness. What's more, it leave my skin feeling clean and brighter after using it =)
Currently I am using and including The V10 plus Quasi Serum & V10 plus Quasi Cleanser into my daily skincare regime for radiant bright and healthy-looking skin.

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