Tuesday, April 30, 2013

KOSE INFINITY Deep Protection UV

One of the world's 1st PA++++ sunscreen, INFINITY KOSÉ Deep Protection UV!. Its extra + improves skin's protection against photo aging: wrinkles, sagging skin and other aging effects. Providing the highest SPF and PA level protection (targeting UVB and UVA rays respectively), skin stays spot-free, firm and hydrated. This sunscreen has an emulsion-like texture and feels comfortable and light on the skin. Plus you can use it as a makeup base.

Have redeemed the INFINITY KOSÉ Deep Protection UV sample 10g from KOSE facebook page.

A sunscreen that thoroughly guards the skin from UV-A and UV-B rays with the highest SPF/PA protection. Its skincare effects makes fine wrinkles caused by dryness less visible, and protects the skin’s firmness and elasticity

 My skin after using KOSE INFINITY Deep Protection UV. There is a photo below which show the differences (before and after).

My review:
This is my first attempt using sun block with PA++++ (4+). I find this sunscreen really amazing, first of all, although it has high SPF content of 50 which provide long lasting UV protection against harmful UV-A and UV-B rays, but the texture of it is very light-weight(watery light) and did not leave any greasy residue. It melts easily into the skin without much effort (it feels like wearing nothing at all) and enhance my uneven skin tone ^_^ My skin is brighten up instantly and ready to go! I am assured to be safe under the sun and more confident of my skin protection when doing outdoor activities.

Infinity Kose Deep Protection UV SPF50+/PA++++, $54, is available from all Kose counters in Singapore.

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V10 Plus Star Blogger Event

V10 Plus is an AWARD WINNING SKIN CARE 2011, 2012 and 2013 ( In Asia and Europe). V 10 started from, Aichi, in Toyota City of Japan, where people face different types of skin problems due to pollutions, different kinds environment stress and hectic lifestyle. Founder of V10 plus, Mrs Akiko Yokota had discover the perfect skin solution to skin problems and also make anti-aging a natural process as well.

Mrs. Akiko Yokota philosophy is

Try it out to see the Unbelievable Result on your skin !!
V10 Plus first Blogger Event in Singapore at Spa Symphony (located at 313 @Somerset, #B2-50/51) 1-3 pm.
Founder of V10 - Mrs. Akiko Yokota's welcoming speech to everyone and introduced V10 Star Skincare products! They are the V10 PLUS Hyaluronic Acid Serum and V10 Plus Water Base Peeling.

Mrs. Akiko also highlighted the 10 points of V10 skincare products:
  • No Paraben
  • No Artificial Color
  • No Mineral Oil
  • No Chemical Fragrance
  • Water Based
  • Customized Serums For 10 Skin Problems
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Visible Results in Just 10 Days
  • Color Therapy from Colorful Bottles
  • Made in Japan
The 5 ingredients:
  • AC-II
  • Soybean Extract
  • Rose Centifolia
  • Rice Bran Extract
  • Seaweed Extract
V10 Plus Water Base Peeling - Revolutionary Product!!!
This peeling jel contains rice bran extract & seaweed extract, effectively removes dead skin cells and reveals a cleaner & clearer skin instantly without any harsh scrubbing.

Directions: Pump an appropriate amount and leave on cleansed and dry skin for 5 seconds. Massage gently using finger tips in circular motion. Dead skin cells in the form of tiny flakes will appear shortly. Rinse off the flakes thoroughly with water.
V10 Skin care has a high influence and good reputation in Singapore, attracts many of the local bloggers to know more about V10 and how it can help to improve our skin conditions. Bloggers were discussing and studying the V10 Plus booklet/ information.
Refreshment ( Puffs, Donuts, Tea prepared by V10 Plus admin and Spa Symphony, Thanks lot!
I like this...Hello Kitty mineral water! I still keep the water bottle till now ^_^

There are 10 different kind of V10 Plus serums, there will be customized hassle-free solution for your skin needs :
  • BIO CELL Serum
  • Vitamin-A Serum
  • Amino Serum
  • Pycnogenol Serum
  • Placenta Serum
  • Licorice Serum
  • Hyaluronic Serum
  • Ceramide Serum
  • Collagen Serum
  • Vitamin-C Serum
There are 8 kind of V10 Plus daily skin care range :
  • V10 Plus Water Base Peeling
  • V10 Plus Nano Gel 5 in 1
  • V10 Plus Water Base Sunblock
  • V10 Plus Vitamin C Night cream
  • V10 Plus Brightening Cleanser
  • V10 Plus Brightening Serum 
  • V10 Plus Ceramide Cleansing Gel
  • V10 Plus Okinawa water mask

Spa Symphony offers an environment that is designed to soothe through multiple senses; to offer guests complete relaxation that is so nourishing and cleansing for physical, mental and emotional health. Our environment and treatments are designed to detoxify and healing.

Their Signature Services:

  • Therapeutic Body Massages
  • Chiropractic Healthcare
  • Organic Skin Care Solutions
  • Slimming/Beauty Treatments

Best Selling Serum! - Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyaluronic Acid is one of the main components of the skin's dermis and horny layer. It can hold 6 liters of water per 1 gram and it works to keep water in the skin. At the age of 60, Hyaluronic Acid will be about one third of what a baby has, but it decreases as you get older. So it is necessary to supply more of this moisturizing factor with age.

Hyaluronic Acid is good for dry skin and inner dry. It has a high reputation of permeability.

Directions: Mix one drop each serum on to palm and apply on to cleansed skin. 

Noticed that the texture of Hyaluronic Acid Serum is slightly thicker and more concentrated than usual serum that I have tried.

After a while, Hyaluronic Acid Serum quickly absorbed into my skin, leaving it supple and matte ^_^ with ample of moisture it needs!

This award-winning gentle peeling contains rice bran extract & seaweed extract. Without any harsh scrubbing, it effectively removes dead skin cells and reveals a cleaner & clearer skin instantly.

Directions: Pump an appropriate amount and leave it on cleansed & dry skin for 5 seconds. Then massage gently with your finger tips in circular motion. Dead skin cells in the form of tiny flakes will appear shortly. Rinse off the flakes thoroughly with water

Pump an appropriate amount and leave it on cleansed & dry skin for 5 seconds. Then massage gently with your finger tips in circular motion. Dead skin cells in the form of tiny flakes will appear shortly. Rinse off the flakes thoroughly with water

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

ALBION Skin Conditioner

ALBION has finally made its way to Singapore, believe this is a long wait for all ALBION lovers!!!
Some information for you to know more about the brand - ALBION
  • ALBION is the ancient name given to Great Britain. Meaning "White Land", it is a reference to the white cliffs of Dover on the island's southern coast.
  • ALBION was founded on March 2, 1956, with the vision that it would "become the best prestigious cosmetics manufacturer in Japan and the world.
  • ALBION - Symbol of dream and ideal. 
ALBION Skin Conditioner 165 ml- $82
ALBION Skin Conditioner :
  • Known for their Skin Conditioner Essential (also known as ski-con in Japan) which was launched in 1974.
  • Formulated with key ingredient concentrated COix Lacryma-jobi (Job’s tears') extract, studies have discovered that components in COix Lacryma-jobi (Job’s tears') have the ability to curb melanin production, eliminate free radicals and inhibit active oxygen. 
  • ALBION Skin Conditioner aims to restore skin to good health and boost skin’s self-recuperative capacity.
ALBION Skin conditioner is properly sealed to maintain its quality

When using ALBION Skin Conditioner, pour generously on cotton pad and apply to cleansed skin before serum/moisturizer.

ALBION Skin conditioner is a light weight lotion, it gently moisturize the skin without causing any discomfort.
My skin on the left cheek with some pimple scars (Left - before using ALBION Skin conditioner, Right - after using ALBION Skin conditioner for around 1 week)
My skin (Left - before using ALBION Skin conditioner, Right - after using ALBION Skin conditioner for around 1 week).

Albion Skin Conditioner Essential quenches my skin immediately and it is easily absorbed into the skin. I simply fell in love with its soft powdery floral scent which is so comforting. It feels refreshing and cooling on my skin with its milky, light-weight texture -  perfect for use in Singapore’s hot and humid weather! Just a small amount is sufficient to cover the enitre face and it left my skin soft, fresh and supple for the rest of the day! After using it for a week, my skin has already shown visible improvement – pimple scars are lightened and my skin look a little fairer. I am glad that I discovered this skin conditioner which suits my skin without any discomfort or breakouts. Although it is a little pricey, i would definitely continue to use it and recommend it to my friends because it’s well worth the price. Now I have healthy-looking skin, Albion Skin Conditioner. Essential Lotion is my favorite skincare product that I cannot do without! ^_^

Fyi, The Albion beauty counter is located at Takashimaya Level 1.  Albion’s Skin Conditioner Essential is available at $82 for 165ml or $140 for 330ml.

Albion have launched its own facebook page too, please show your support and 'LIKE' ALBION by following this->link
Albion is also featured in Cosmopolitan Singapore May issue 2013, please LIKE the Cosmo facebook page too! 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Odbo - Aqua Soothing essence

Bought this skincare recently, going to give it a try! Its Odbo -  Aqua Soothing Essence!
Heard its very famous and well-known in Korea ^_^
Odbo Aqua Soothing Silky Essence 80 ml - It claim as Visible smoothing and revitalizing beauty performance
Trying it on my skin with just 1 pump

Spread evenly over my skin is gently

Take a closer look, after spreading over my skin for < 1 min, the essence turns into water droplets. In my daily skincare regime, usually I will pat around my skin for better absorbency.

Take a look now....my skin is matte, non-oily and more healthy-looking!

My review:
When I was being recommended to Odbo Aqua essence, initially my thoughts was ...its just another skincare product....nothing special. However, when using it for the first time, I like its light scented and its texture...so smooth and yet non-oily....suitable for my sensitive skin ^_^ Usually I apply Odbo soothing essence after my toner, it just melts on my skin! My skin is hydrated instantly and it left a matte finish with healthy glow =)