Thursday, April 18, 2013

ALBION Skin Conditioner

ALBION has finally made its way to Singapore, believe this is a long wait for all ALBION lovers!!!
Some information for you to know more about the brand - ALBION
  • ALBION is the ancient name given to Great Britain. Meaning "White Land", it is a reference to the white cliffs of Dover on the island's southern coast.
  • ALBION was founded on March 2, 1956, with the vision that it would "become the best prestigious cosmetics manufacturer in Japan and the world.
  • ALBION - Symbol of dream and ideal. 
ALBION Skin Conditioner 165 ml- $82
ALBION Skin Conditioner :
  • Known for their Skin Conditioner Essential (also known as ski-con in Japan) which was launched in 1974.
  • Formulated with key ingredient concentrated COix Lacryma-jobi (Job’s tears') extract, studies have discovered that components in COix Lacryma-jobi (Job’s tears') have the ability to curb melanin production, eliminate free radicals and inhibit active oxygen. 
  • ALBION Skin Conditioner aims to restore skin to good health and boost skin’s self-recuperative capacity.
ALBION Skin conditioner is properly sealed to maintain its quality

When using ALBION Skin Conditioner, pour generously on cotton pad and apply to cleansed skin before serum/moisturizer.

ALBION Skin conditioner is a light weight lotion, it gently moisturize the skin without causing any discomfort.
My skin on the left cheek with some pimple scars (Left - before using ALBION Skin conditioner, Right - after using ALBION Skin conditioner for around 1 week)
My skin (Left - before using ALBION Skin conditioner, Right - after using ALBION Skin conditioner for around 1 week).

Albion Skin Conditioner Essential quenches my skin immediately and it is easily absorbed into the skin. I simply fell in love with its soft powdery floral scent which is so comforting. It feels refreshing and cooling on my skin with its milky, light-weight texture -  perfect for use in Singapore’s hot and humid weather! Just a small amount is sufficient to cover the enitre face and it left my skin soft, fresh and supple for the rest of the day! After using it for a week, my skin has already shown visible improvement – pimple scars are lightened and my skin look a little fairer. I am glad that I discovered this skin conditioner which suits my skin without any discomfort or breakouts. Although it is a little pricey, i would definitely continue to use it and recommend it to my friends because it’s well worth the price. Now I have healthy-looking skin, Albion Skin Conditioner. Essential Lotion is my favorite skincare product that I cannot do without! ^_^

Fyi, The Albion beauty counter is located at Takashimaya Level 1.  Albion’s Skin Conditioner Essential is available at $82 for 165ml or $140 for 330ml.

Albion have launched its own facebook page too, please show your support and 'LIKE' ALBION by following this->link
Albion is also featured in Cosmopolitan Singapore May issue 2013, please LIKE the Cosmo facebook page too! 

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