Saturday, March 21, 2015

Jyunka Extreme Comfort Mask review

Environmental pollutions, UV rays, work deadlines & busy schedules, our emotions are the main factors that causes us to have stressed, dehydated and tired skin. Although all these factors are unavoidable and most of us are facing them everyday in daily life but we still can do our best within our means to help calm our skin, letting it feel peaceful, comfortable and relax. Our skin needs appropriate and intensive care to do it.

For me, I rely on Jyunka Extreme Comfort Mask, it Embrace. Soften. Hydrate. It provides a loving embrace to soothe and revitalize. This mask is power-packed with Collagen, Laminaria Extracts, Vitamin E and Oligogeline ®, to restore, revitalize, protect and reinforce.

Some information about Jyunka:
The name “Jyunka” comes from Japanese, meaning “pure essence”. Jyunka International was founded in 2008 to bring the Multi-Action Miracle Fluid to the world and along with it, to help restore authenticity and integrity back into the beauty industry.

Jyunka Extreme Comfort Mask 50 ml - Made in France
"When your skin become tired and fine lines start to form due to dehydration, sensitivity, dryness or when the skin has aged and become sensitized due to the harsh environment or stress, this is the mask your skin requires." from Jyunka

I will sharing with you my experience about Jyunka Extreme Comfort Mask after using it ^_^
How to use :
Apply a medium to thick layer of mask over the face and neck once to twice a week. Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Apply applicable JYUNKA serum and cream.
This is the amount of Jyunka Extreme Comfort Mask I used for my entire face and neck area. I gently massage the mask in circular motion during application for more effective absorption.
After 15 mins of resting with Jyunka Extreme Comfort Mask, I gently washed it off with warm water.
After a long day, reach for this de-stress quenching hydrator after you cleanse your face to pamper  your exhausted skin. I like its cream but not overwhelming rich texture =D. It glides on smoothly and I feel my skin unwind as this mask envelops my skin for a relaxing and intense hydration boost it desires. This handy mask is ideal for me to use anytime at anywhere as a quick skin moisture replenishment. It improves my overall complexion, my skin is fresh-looking, natural glow and supple after use. ^_^
Soon I will going for a short trip, Jyunka Extreme Comfort Mask is definitely one of the must-have in my skincare pouch to energises and hydrates my skin for upcoming adventures!

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Heynature 88 Treatment essence review

As our age increase, our skin faces more problems like sagging skin, dark spots, dull, wrinkles, fine lines etc. Our skin needs more than usual in order to stay young and youthful-looking. However, that does not mean we need many products to help us. This is really a good news ^_^

Recently I discovered Heynature 88 Treatment essence, it helps in:
Brightening, Anti-wrinkle, Rejuvenation (with snail slime), Balancing Colour & Tone, Firming, Moisturising, Pore care, Reducing the appearance of age spots.
Heynature 88 treatment essence (120 ml)
Heynature 88 Treatment essence is packed with 88% of Yeast Ferment extract and a myriad of proteins, enzymes and minerals that is highly effective in rejuvenating the skin, regeneration and repair of skin cells while replenishing nutrients and anti-oxidant important to keep the skin healthy.

The use of Houttuynia Cordata extract, also known as Ersungcho, is for anti-inflammation and snail secretion filtrate provides a high composition of collagen, effective in the repair of skin and the lightening of dark spots and scars. Upon absorption of the essence, the skin will experience firming effects that will improve aging skin, allowing skin to look smoother, healthier and more radiant. This product is certified for whitening and anti-aging by the KFDA and is free from chemical colouring, fragrances, alcohol and preservatives.
Heynature 88 Treatment essence is sealed with a stopper to protect its quality.

After cleansing, pour essence on cotton pad and gently apply over face. For best results, keep bottle in fridge and use within 6 months.
This is the amount I will use Heynature 88 Treatment essence for my entire face and neck. Use this cotton pad, gently swap on your face from inner to the outer, upwards direction and pat gently till essence is fully absorbed. ^_^ I am using it day and night everyday =D
There is a saying "No ugly woman, only lazy women in this world"! I totally agree this and I believe that we should spend time and effort and use good quality skincare products constantly on our delicate skin! Then you are able to see visible results ^_^
I like the simple elegant of pearly white and gold colour combination
My review:
Nothing beats having a youthful-looking, dewy and smooth skin, its everyone's dream, its mine too. Having Heynature 88 Treatment essence in my skincare list make a difference! ^_^  Obviously my skin texture has improved and more firmer. This toner-like essence provide long-lasting hydration to my skin throughout the day and overnight. I woke up with smooth and supple skin the next morning. I also noticed I used lesser makeup than usual on my skin, it has a natural healthy glow =D

Your skin deserves the best! I recommend you to try Heynature 88 Treatment essence to start your anti-aging skin maintenance
You can purchase Heynature 88 Treatment essence at Heynature website (click here) or at Heynature shop located at 101 Kitchener Road #02-13 Jalan Besar Plaza Singapore 208511

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Heynature O2 Brightening Mask Cleanser review

The first step to healthy skin is Cleansing. Personally, cleansing is a very important step in my skincare regime.  In order to have healthy skin, first of all you need to make sure you have clean skin as we know well-cleansed skin absorb better from subsequent skincare. This is also my secret to good skin. Most days, I will put on sunblock, BB/CC cream and powder. After a tired day, its time to let my skin rest well with proper care =D I always go for 2-step double cleansing (make up remover and foaming cleanser) in order to remove my makeup thoroughly and keep my skin clean.

Now cleansing is only 1 step for me using Heynature Oxygen Brightening Mask Cleanser! Wow....Are you as excited as me to know how it works? I will share my experience with you later =)

Heynature Oxygen Brightening Mask Cleanser (100 ml) helps:

Deep Cleansing          Brightening
Moisturising               Foam Massage
Elasticizing                 Blackhead & Pore care

The following information is to let you know more about how Oxygen Brightening Mask Cleanser:

It helps maintain an ideal pH balance after deep cleansing. When oxygenated particles come in contract with the air, fine bubbles are formed on the surface of skin, effectively removing dirt and makeup residue from pores, leaving skin bright, fresh and clean. Remove makeup easily and conveniently.

Cleansing and gentle massaging keeps skin healthy and refreshed and skin elasticity will be improved while the skin is kept hydrated all day.

Oriental herbal extracts supply nutrition to skin, while moisturizing and protecting skin all at once. *This product is suitable for troubled and sensitive skin.
Direction: Pump 4-5 times on dry hands and apply to dry face. Bubbles mask will be formed on the face after 8-10 seconds. Gently massage face for about 30 seconds before washing off with water.

I am trying out Heynature Oxygen Brightening Mask Cleanser to show you how it works in 1 step. After 1 pump, this is what it looks like: thick, milky gel
I applied Heynature Oxygen Brightening Mask Cleanser on my dry face, the white bubble mask gradually form around my face in around 10 seconds. Followed the direction, I gently massage my face and wash off with water.
This is how my skin looks like after using Heynature Oxygen Brightening Mask Cleanser. Skin feels really clean and I noticed my skin brightens up a little in this 1 step cleansing!
My review: If you are fretting over troublesome steps to remove your makeup thoroughly and want to quickly catch some sleep after a tired day, go for Heynature Oxygen Brightening Mask Cleanser ^_^ In just 1 step, this 2-in-1 non-drying cleanser works like a mask and cleanser effectively extract out all impurities, dirt and makeup from pores. Best of all, it is gentle on sensitive skin too! My skin feeling refreshed, refined and brighten up after use. My skin is all set for subsequent skincare products ^_^
Heynature Oxygen Brightening Mask Cleanser is definitely a worthy cleanser you should get and try it out if you are going after a thoroughly cleaned face in a easy way. I am convinced and proud to recommend it my friends and fellow readers.
You can purchase Heynature O2 Brightening Mask Cleanser at Heynature website (click here) or at Heynature shop located at 101 Kitchener Road #02-13 Jalan Besar Plaza Singapore 208511

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Senka Mineral Essence UV review

Do you know what is the one 'thing' that I must do before stepping out of house? Apply BB cream? Eye makeup? foundation? concealer? Not all these. It is to apply my sunblock =D Regardless of distance and amount of time that I will be spending outside, even just to buy a takeaway nearby, I will still apply sunblock minimum SPF30. Especially in Singapore, all year summer, UV rays from the sun is one of the main causes of skin ageing and damage. That's why we need to apply sunblock no matter where we are, in order to protect our skin from harmful UV rays but remember to remove thoroughly before going to bed =)

Today I will sharing with you my review after using Senka Mineral Essence UV 50g (Made in Japan)
My questions:
What is Senka mineral essence UV made up of?
How does it help to protect our skin from UV rays?
Except for UV protection, what are the other benefits?

Senka Mineral Essence UV, made with Mineral Water, offers a strong UR ray protection, a dewy fresh texture as well as anti-aging care.

-SPF 50+/PA++++ Thoroughly blocks strong UV rays.
It has strong UV ray protection against the UV B rays that affect the skin's surface, and thoroughly protects against UV A rays that penetrate deep into the skin and causes it to lose elasticity. Prevents dark spots and freckles caused by sun exposure.

-Q10 + Hyaluronic Acid Anti-aging care
Contains dewy fresh moisturising and skin care ingredients like Coenzyme Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin looking youthful, resilient and firm.

-100% Mineral water Gentle feel Silky-smooth finish
Made with 100% mineral water, it is non-greasy and spreads on smoothly like an essence, leaving a silky-smooth finish with no white residue

Senka mineral essence UV can be used for face and body
  • Fragrance free
  • No artificial colours
  • No mineral oil
  • Dermatologist tested
Directions: Take a appropriate amount onto fingertips and blend directly onto the face and neck after your daily beauty routine. For  body application, apply directly onto skin in a line, then blend in evenly in a circular motion. It is important to apply sufficient amount to ensure effective UV protection. Reapply as and when needed after perspiring or wiping off with a towel.

As I mentioned earlier, I apply sunblock everyday and reapply especially when I am outdoor all day so its features are very important to me. I am glad that I have chosen Senka mineral essence UV to be part of my morning skincare regime, I love the cooling sensation, it spreads easily over my entire face and neck. It forms a non-sticky protective veil over my skin to prevent sun damage while skin feeling moisturized at the same time^_^ I just have to put my usual finish powder, it gives my skin a natural fresh look all day=D With Senka mineral essence UV around, I am ready to enjoy my outdoor activities longer!
Currently I am using it everyday and I bring it along with me wherever I go. I will strongly recommend you to use sunblock everyday and try out Senka mineral essence UV.  You will enjoy using it just like I do =)
Stay Summerproof with Senka! I made a smart choice, how about you? ^_^

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