Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ginvera Bird's Nest Shower Milk with Royal Jelly

Ginvera new launch shower milk - Ginvera Bird's nest Shower Milk with Royal Jelly

It contains a multitude of proteins, carbohydrates, mineral & trace mineral elements, vitamins and amino acids to effectively nourish your skin with Bird's nest collagen and Royal Jelly.

Enjoy this luxurious experience with Bird's nest collagen and Royal jelly to nourish your skin everyday.
Hmm...smell good =) Give it a try now to have tender lovely skin + its fragrance last over half day long.

Cossy FB - Free Leaders InSolution Mask

Good new.....I believe everyone should have a facebook account =) There is a good news!

1) Join /Like Cossy FB
2) Click Free Sample or click here
3) Proceed to register your particulars

I have received my mask....hehe have you?


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Guardian Feeling Connected! - Free copy

Come on guys!!! A good news for Guardian Feeling Connected Magazine Fans- a fabulous Christmas deal for YOU - FREE copies of very own 'Feeling' magazine with exclusive freebies inside to be given away!

3 easy steps and you can redeem the guardian magazine for free!!
1) 'LIKE' Guardian Health & Beauty facebook page now
2) Click on the 'Feeling Festive' tab, enter your name and email address.
3) Share this update with your friends.

Check out your email inbox, print out the confirmation email and redeem at any Guardian stores islandwide =)

Plus this issue include some freebies and skincare sample (such as AHAVA, Physiogel, Sophie Monk- Whitening Sleeping mask ). Cool =) Can't wait to try them out and have good skin as Makiyo ^_^

Friday, December 2, 2011

Amethystory - Mineral Aqua Gel

What is so special about this compare to the skincare product?
Its Amethyst (Purple crystal with natural minerals to rejuvenate skin).

Amethystory spokesperson : Cynthia Wang

Let's try this amazing product now:

Apply adequate amout of Amethystory mineral aqua gel:

Spread it evenly on my hand:

Rub gently, white particles(dead skin) appeared:

Amethystory mineral gel intensively brightens with an amazing luminosity. After cleansing, skin appear more brighter, and cleaner. When applying Amethystory mineral gel on hand, the texture is light and watery, just a few gentle rubs, all impurities appeared. Its not hash to the skin and results are instantly visible! Now my skin is softer...feel so comfortable to touch and more supple than before =)

Please give your support to Amethystory and 'Like' their facebook page - Amethystory FB
You can also get a sample and enjoy this experience: Amethystory sample