Friday, December 2, 2011

Amethystory - Mineral Aqua Gel

What is so special about this compare to the skincare product?
Its Amethyst (Purple crystal with natural minerals to rejuvenate skin).

Amethystory spokesperson : Cynthia Wang

Let's try this amazing product now:

Apply adequate amout of Amethystory mineral aqua gel:

Spread it evenly on my hand:

Rub gently, white particles(dead skin) appeared:

Amethystory mineral gel intensively brightens with an amazing luminosity. After cleansing, skin appear more brighter, and cleaner. When applying Amethystory mineral gel on hand, the texture is light and watery, just a few gentle rubs, all impurities appeared. Its not hash to the skin and results are instantly visible! Now my skin is softer...feel so comfortable to touch and more supple than before =)

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You can also get a sample and enjoy this experience: Amethystory sample

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