Friday, August 30, 2013

Cosmo Beauty Authority box

Finally have received my Cosmopolitan Beauty Authority at doorstep after placing my order at VanityTrove!

Cosmopolitan Beauty Authority box
A beauty box that jam-packed with award-winning products featured in the Cosmo Beauty Grand Prix 2013!  Inside Cosmo Beauty Authority, you will find a surprise selection of beauty items consisting of full-sized and sample-sized products to cover your beauty needs from top to toe! Its a worth way more than what you are paying for!

What is inside my Cosmo Beauty Authority box? Come on, take a look!

Goldwell Style Sign Full Rebel
APIVITA Acne Fighting Cleansing Sytem ( Set of 3 )
-Cleansing Milk for Normal/Dry Skin
-Cleansing Gel for Oily/Combination Skin
-Cleansing Propolis & Citrus Tonic Lotion
Garnier Clean Sensitive Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes
The Face Shop Baby Face Wash Off Mask Pore Care Pack
Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging Cleanser
Belif Oil Control Moisturiser Fresh
Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion
Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Aqua Intensive Mask
b.liv Knock-off Age Mask
ZA Deep Cleansing Oil

Price: $30
 Wow~ It is seriously jam-packed!! There are so many products, such as skincare (such as Cleansing, lotion, moisturizer, mask) makeup( BB cushion)  and hair care (styling, mask)

Goldwell Style Sign Full Rebel - 100ml/100g, Made in Germany
-Winner of Cosmopolitan Grand Prix 2013: Best Styling Clay/Mud/Gel for Short hair!
It is a lightweight styling paste especially ideal for fine hair.

Create surprisingly powerful yet natural looks with this professional texturising fluid. Combining the lightness of a fluid with the control of a paste, Style Sign Full Rebel Fluid Paste adds unlimited structure, texture and styling possibilities to all hair types.

Perfect for fine hair, Style Sign Full Rebel Fluid Paste offers extra colour protection and leaves hair looking healthy, glossy and full of texture and definition.

Tip: Style Sign Full Rebel Fluid Paste can be used on wet or dry hair.

Other gifts:
1 pc of b.liv Knock-off Age Mask - 28 ml, Made in Singapore
For youth preserving ~ rejuvenating + nourishing + moisturizing
Wipes off all signs of dermal age and decay; and convinces nourished, silken smooth skin to forever stay!

Please refer to my review in Vanitytrove,  click here

THEFACESHOP- Baby face Wash-off Mask Pore care Pack - 10ml
(Winner of Cosmopolitan Grand Prix 2013: Best Purifying Mud Mask!)
Removes impurities from surface of skin with hot spring mud.

APIVITA Acne Fighting Cleansing Sytem ( Set of 3 )
-Cleansing Milk for Normal/Dry Skin - 50 ml, Made in Greece
It gently removes dirt and make-up from the face & eyes without drying the skin. 
Directions: Apply with gentle movements all over the face,eyes and neck. Wipe off with a cotten pad w/o rinsing.

You may also refer to my review for Cleansing Milk for Normal/Dry Skin, click here

-Cleansing Gel for Oily/Combination Skin - 75 ml, Made in Greece
It cleanses & soothes at the same time, removing dirt & excess oil w/o drying skin! It regulates sebum secretion. For daily use.

-Cleansing Propolis & Citrus Tonic Lotion - 75 ml, Made in Greece
This refreshing tonic lotion offers a matte effect. Use it during the day over your makeup to remove excess oil. Use it more than once a day

You may also refer to my review for Cleansing Propolis & Citrus Tonic Lotion, click here

There are some vouchers from ACT.Point salon, Origins and Apivita

Other gifts:

Shiseido Professional The Hair care Aqua Intensive Mask -50g+14g(pack),  Made in Japan
(Winner of Cosmopolitan Grand Prix 2013: Best Hair Hydrating Mask!)
- Gives brittle hair a surge of moisture twice a week for stronger strands. 
 Special care for , intensively repairs damage and supplies ample moisture to the inside of hair, leaving it moist and supple

You may refer to my reviews given for Shiseido Hair care Aqua mask, click here

Garnier Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes - 25 Wipes, Made in Germany
(Winner of Cosmopolitan Grand Prix 2013: Best make-up remover for Blemish-Prone Skin!)

- Gently cleanse and hydrates skin (Plant extract + Pro-vitamin B5)
- Removes make-up , even waterproof
*Suitable for dry and sensitive skin
*No perfume alcohol colourings 

 You may also refer to my review for Garnier Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes, click here

Other gifts:

ZA deep cleansing oil - 7 ml, Made in Taiwan
Natural plant oils, Vitamin E
Directions: Take appropriate amount onto your palm, and apply it to your face. Rinse thoroughly.

 You may also refer to my review for  ZA deep cleansing oil, click here

Belif Oil control moisturizer fresh - 6 ml, Made in Korea
(Winner of Cosmopolitan Grand Prix 2013: Best Oil Control Moisturiser!)
Vitamins and oil controlling powder tighten pores and removes excess sebum.

You may also refer to my review for Belif Oil control moisturizer fresh, click here

ORIGINS Anti-aging cleanser - 7 ml, Made in U.S.A
Direct and fresh from nature's goodness, this gentle foaming cleanser with anti-aging properties, helps dissolve away dirt, impurities, release dead cells and reduce signs of premature aging

We found our skin looking radiant, smooth and youthfully alive. 

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA ++- 4 g, Made in Korea
No.21 Natural beige

(Winner of Cosmopolitan Grand Prix 2013: Best BB Cream)
New-concept Cushion BB for Whitening + Sunscreen + Sweat-proof + Soothing + Makeup Effects
The hydrating formula makes sure your skin looks dewy and plump
Functional Cosmetic : UV Protection , Whitening

You may also refer to my review for Laneige Snow BB soothing Cushion, click here

Many thanks to VanityTrove and Cosmopolitan for having this Cosmo Beauty Authority Box. Also, do keep a lookout and follow me for my reviews (Click here)on other products in VanityTrove too!

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Vardi & Migdal - Peach & Wild Flower Body butter

Recently I have participated and have won the contest held by in their facebook page.
Wow!! Finally I have received my Vardi & Migdal body product: the Peach & Wild Flower Body butter =)
Vardi & Migdal was established in 2006. Their sole aim is to achieve high quality skincare that cleanses and heals tired skin by combining nature’s minerals with the science of skincare. Many of their products are infused with minerals from the Dead Sea, known for some of the most fascinating healing and therapeutic properties which includes soothing of common dermatological ailments, repairing and regeneration of the skin and body.
Vardi & Migdal - Peach & Wild Flower Body butter - 350 ml

Riched with natural ingredients and essential oils, our body butter is specially formulated to maximize skin hydration. With its natural thickness, this ultimate moisturizer helps to hydrate dry skin and restore its healthy glow, leaving it feeling soft and luxurious all day.


Massage daily into your entire body after bath. Concentrate on elbows, knees, ankles, hands and other dry areas.
Vardi & Migdal - Peach & Wild Flower Body butter is made in Israel and comes in generous tub of 350 ml which can last me at least 2 months =)
Trying out Vardi & Migdal - Peach & Wild Flower Body butter on my skin.

My skin after using Vardi & Migdal - Peach & Wild Flower Body butter in just 1 application:

My review:
After shower, one should use body butter as water soaking into the skin will dry it out and crack it. Using body butter will help to keep the skin moisturized and lock the water and bad moisture out of your skin =) Vardi & Migdal - Peach & Wild Flower Body butter is a luxurious body cream, I like its sweetness and freshness fruity scent, after application, although abit sticky at the beginning but skin feels instantly hydrated and heavenly soft and supple ^_^Ladies, remember to take care of our body skin too!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

SATURDAY-Nuyou Event

A personal invite to the pre-launch party of Nuyou's first ever capsule collection with Saturday.
Event details: Wednesday, 31 July 2013 | 7-8pm | Saturday store @ Wheelock Place B2-04

A very warm welcome by SATURDAY and Nuyou to all guests!

10 readers will be invited to an exclusive preview of first ever apparel collaboration with home grown label, Saturday. Feel very honored and glad I am one of them ^_^

Guests will get to shop the limited edition collection with an exclusive 20% discount just for that night, enjoy sparkling wine by Jacob's Creek and meet Nuyou editor, Terence Lee.

After trying both wines, my favourite is Moscato Rose! Very refreshing with slight sweetness ^_^
All the guests including me enjoyed ourselves and have lots of fun with great wines!

NüYOU X SATURDAY is conceptualised and designed by Nuyou Editor, Terence Lee, and Saturday Creative Director, Nic Wong.

Some words from Nuyou Editor Terence Lee about SATURDAY
Cheers Everyone! Glad that I am here to spent my evening of 31 July- last day of July 2013 with everyone to celebrate this exclusive preview!

Have tried some outfit of SATURDAY, simply love their design and material =) so comfortable yet very elegant, suitable for most occasions. My favorite outfit is this: Cur Cream( black dots) price: $89.00

For more information, you can like Nuyou Singapore facebook page -> click here and SATURDAY facebook page -> click here

SATURDAY outfits are featured at Aug '13 Nuyou Magazine:

Thanks Nuyou for this invite to the exclusive NüYOU X SATURDAY event ^_^

Monday, August 12, 2013

My personalized VanityTrove2

Received my 2nd personalized VanityTrove beauty box, my feelings were both excited and of cos super happy about it =)

Let's see what I have selected and gotten for myself this time! 
There are 8 items in total..WOW! This time round, all of them are new products to me except Cetaphil.

  • Cetaphil Cleanser - 118 ml
  • Silkygirl Gentle eye and lip makeup remover - 25 ml
  • 2 sachets of FruityLite  from Huiji (15 g *2)
  • Collagen Essence from DrGL - 10 ml
  • Nuxe Gentle Toning lotion - 35 ml
  • Enavose Black Tea Quench Mask - 15 ml
  • Enavose Alpine Edelweiss Foam Cleanser & Dew (30 ml *2)
Personally I really like the idea of sampling products first before buying them in their actual size and cost! Below these 3 points which made me a smart and great saver today!
  1. Save and Smart - With minimum cost. you can get to try many products of your choice (Hee, just like me! )
  2. Convenience - They will be delivered to your doorstep.
  3. Portable - They usually came is portable size, ideal use for traveling too.
Its really a great pleasure shopping for sample at Vanity Trove. At the same time, I can also get to know how the products works for other people (who have tried) by reading their product reviews, their own personal opinions and know various popular products & brands in the market =) There are a wide variety of products in vanitytrove such as for skin, body, hair and fragrances...the essential stuffs that you cannot leave your house without them on =) 
Using Vanity Trove, you can easily get your own personalized vanity trove in just 3 easy steps as follows:
These are what I have selected previously for personalized vanitytrove! with special mystery bonus item=)
What's more??? You get a chance to WIN Full-sized product!! WOW...Just follow the steps and increase your winning chances to get more closer to your beloved products!
Keen to know what I am currently using, as well as my favorite brands and products? Do visit and follow me in my profile page @VanityTrove by clicking here. 

Due to hectic and busy lifestyle that most of us are leading now, share and discover beauty together along with VanityTrove.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

VDL Launch Party at Suntec

VDL is a 'unique cosmetics brand' dedicated to women who actively seek out and realize their dreams and desires. Through interactions with world-renowned makeup artists, fashion designers and celebrities, the Color Lab presents endless variations of color-inspired by latest trends and global sensibility.

Violet Dream Luminous
Dream of VDL
Lumilayer Technology

 Today is the VDL Launch Party day! I am one of the lucky FIRST 30 to register for the party for FREE! and walk away with the standard Goodie Bag worth $51! I am so excited about it ^_^

Live makeup demo by makeup maestro : Clarence Lee in the VDL Launch party at 5.30pm!! Suntec City Mall VDL store #02-338/339!

The Makeup tools (such as different type of makeup brushes and eye lash curler) and some VDL cosmetics that Clarence Lee will be using later on the model in Live makeup demo.
 Clarence Lee applying VDL purple eye shadow on the model to create a evening look!
Woah!!! VDL full range of eye shadows. You can definitely find one that suits you the best for all occasions.
 One of the VDL make up star product for today, the Eye BOMB mascara (to open up your eyes)!!!
VDL Eye BOMB Mascara - Every girl/women should have 1 in the makeup box~~

1. Boom-up Formula

1) Boom-up Formula: Melted blending wax evenly covers the lashes for volume that explodes off the face.
2) Boom-Up Lengthening: Cottony light fibers help mascara last longer by adhering to lashes.
3) Boom-Up Curling: The firm, light jelly formula cushions and makes for the best extreme curling.

2. Mixture Oxygen
Contains oxygenated water for a light, yet long-lasting effect that treats lashes while it beautifies.

3. Boosting Brush
The mega-balancing brush, optimized for the boom-up formula, boosts volume, length and promotes curls.
*Smart cleansing: Mega-Oxygen Technology means no more smearing or fading on the eye.  The brush can be cleaned easily in warm water.

*Eye-Bomb Wax StorageContainer : The large, round container is especially designed to contain plenty of Boom-Up formula.

*Eye-Bomb Express: White express dual-blending wax goes on thick for the most explosive volume statement. The black express comb means mascara goes on smoothly for the best curling.
Talking about mascara....Oh well...I am a mascara junkie. I have tons of mascaras in my makeup box and something that I cannot do without to complete even a simple makeup. I always believe in order to have dolly eyes, we need mascara especially for Asians because most of us have short and fewer lashes =(

There is a saying  'eyes are the windows to soul'  then your lashes are the curtains that frame them!
To have more dramatic effect on eye lashes, Clarence Lee recommends VDL fake lashes. He is demonstrating a way to stick lashes without having them fallen off in the middle of your event.
That is when after applying the lash glue on fake lashes, leave them on one side (do not immediately put them on) After a couple of minutes, gently put on fake lashes nearest to your lash line.


High-quality, handmade faux eyelashes to create varying impacts to the eyes.

They have quite a few range:

01 Festival Rock
07 Full Makeup
06 No Makeup
05 Gallery Tour
04 Swing dance
03 Photo wall
02 House Party
Sweet Pics of our VDL model here:
I simply like her Barbie doll outfit, hair do and makeover!

Another star product of VDL skincare is the *DRUMS*DRUMS:


Oversized cream fortified with prune water, strengthens the moisture barrier of the skin, capturing moisture and keeping it close to the face.

It has a 4 free System:
  • Mineral oil-free
  • Chemical colorant-free
  • Animal derived material-free
  • Petroleum derived surfactant-free
Can't wait to try it out on the spot! 
It  is loaded with 100% prune water, treats signs of aging and fortifies the skin's natural moisture barrier, maximizing moisture-retention capacity for healthy, soft results.

This purple gel-type moisturizer is hydrating and not overly thick or rich. It smoothens dryness and left my skin feeling soft and more plumped-up with light scent. It is a pleasant experience using VDL Beauty moisturizer!


It’s a tint, lip-balm and base in one. This innovative triple-colored tint coats, treats and colors lips for a bright and voluminous look in just a single sweep of the stick.

It has 3 range:
501 - Triple Red
601- Triple Peach
101 - Triple Pink

Details :
1. Main Color
Enriched with Royal Jelly extract, this color layer brightly stains lips as it moisturizes, preventing drying and chapping.

2. Sub Color
This lightly tinted balm conditions and seamlessly blends color into your lips for a natural, gradient effect.

3. Base Color
This lip base naturally blends the lip line with your original skin tone and evens out and nourishes discolored, dry lips into a smooth, even base. The base prevents feathering and creates a purer, lasting color effect.

How to Create Triple-Shot Lips
1. Voluminous Gradient Lips
a. Place Base color on the outer lip line and Main Color on the inner lip.
b. Glide product sideways along lips to create and enjoy the most voluminous, gradient lips.

2. For Long-Lasting Milky Colored Lips
a. Place all three sections of the lipstick vertically on the lips.
b. Glide the product sideways along the lips.
c. The three colors mix together creating beautiful, milky colored lips.


Anti-oxidant blueberries and anti-aging cranberries combine with highly moisturizing cacao extracts for this nutritious anti-oxidant mask.

01 Containing of Real Cacao
This gel maskcontains the finest cacao, as if picked carefully by a chocolatier.

02 Flavor of Berry Chocolate Caramel
Containing the sweet flavor and smell of berries and chocolate caramel.

03 Special Care
This professional style product is made by combining real cacao in a hydro gel mask.

04 Erases Harmful Toxins
This super-hydrating mask eliminates harmful toxins that age skin with berries and nourishes skin with cacao extracts.

VDL Goodie Bag received after the launch party:

Inside the goodie bag consists of :
1 Triple shot 601 Peach 
1 Ready Action Pen liner
1 203 DUKE nail colour
1 pic of White Tea Beauty Trip Taiwan mask
Some sackets of VDL Beauty Moisturizer

Thanks to the lovely VDL girls for their nice & warm hospitality! We enjoyed ourselves in this launch party and learn a lot of makup tips throughout the makeover session by Clarence Lee.
Please show your support to VDL and visit their store at #02-338/339! Suntec City and like their facebook page to know more about new launches of VDL products and upcoming promotions/events. 
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