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VDL Launch Party at Suntec

VDL is a 'unique cosmetics brand' dedicated to women who actively seek out and realize their dreams and desires. Through interactions with world-renowned makeup artists, fashion designers and celebrities, the Color Lab presents endless variations of color-inspired by latest trends and global sensibility.

Violet Dream Luminous
Dream of VDL
Lumilayer Technology

 Today is the VDL Launch Party day! I am one of the lucky FIRST 30 to register for the party for FREE! and walk away with the standard Goodie Bag worth $51! I am so excited about it ^_^

Live makeup demo by makeup maestro : Clarence Lee in the VDL Launch party at 5.30pm!! Suntec City Mall VDL store #02-338/339!

The Makeup tools (such as different type of makeup brushes and eye lash curler) and some VDL cosmetics that Clarence Lee will be using later on the model in Live makeup demo.
 Clarence Lee applying VDL purple eye shadow on the model to create a evening look!
Woah!!! VDL full range of eye shadows. You can definitely find one that suits you the best for all occasions.
 One of the VDL make up star product for today, the Eye BOMB mascara (to open up your eyes)!!!
VDL Eye BOMB Mascara - Every girl/women should have 1 in the makeup box~~

1. Boom-up Formula

1) Boom-up Formula: Melted blending wax evenly covers the lashes for volume that explodes off the face.
2) Boom-Up Lengthening: Cottony light fibers help mascara last longer by adhering to lashes.
3) Boom-Up Curling: The firm, light jelly formula cushions and makes for the best extreme curling.

2. Mixture Oxygen
Contains oxygenated water for a light, yet long-lasting effect that treats lashes while it beautifies.

3. Boosting Brush
The mega-balancing brush, optimized for the boom-up formula, boosts volume, length and promotes curls.
*Smart cleansing: Mega-Oxygen Technology means no more smearing or fading on the eye.  The brush can be cleaned easily in warm water.

*Eye-Bomb Wax StorageContainer : The large, round container is especially designed to contain plenty of Boom-Up formula.

*Eye-Bomb Express: White express dual-blending wax goes on thick for the most explosive volume statement. The black express comb means mascara goes on smoothly for the best curling.
Talking about mascara....Oh well...I am a mascara junkie. I have tons of mascaras in my makeup box and something that I cannot do without to complete even a simple makeup. I always believe in order to have dolly eyes, we need mascara especially for Asians because most of us have short and fewer lashes =(

There is a saying  'eyes are the windows to soul'  then your lashes are the curtains that frame them!
To have more dramatic effect on eye lashes, Clarence Lee recommends VDL fake lashes. He is demonstrating a way to stick lashes without having them fallen off in the middle of your event.
That is when after applying the lash glue on fake lashes, leave them on one side (do not immediately put them on) After a couple of minutes, gently put on fake lashes nearest to your lash line.


High-quality, handmade faux eyelashes to create varying impacts to the eyes.

They have quite a few range:

01 Festival Rock
07 Full Makeup
06 No Makeup
05 Gallery Tour
04 Swing dance
03 Photo wall
02 House Party
Sweet Pics of our VDL model here:
I simply like her Barbie doll outfit, hair do and makeover!

Another star product of VDL skincare is the *DRUMS*DRUMS:


Oversized cream fortified with prune water, strengthens the moisture barrier of the skin, capturing moisture and keeping it close to the face.

It has a 4 free System:
  • Mineral oil-free
  • Chemical colorant-free
  • Animal derived material-free
  • Petroleum derived surfactant-free
Can't wait to try it out on the spot! 
It  is loaded with 100% prune water, treats signs of aging and fortifies the skin's natural moisture barrier, maximizing moisture-retention capacity for healthy, soft results.

This purple gel-type moisturizer is hydrating and not overly thick or rich. It smoothens dryness and left my skin feeling soft and more plumped-up with light scent. It is a pleasant experience using VDL Beauty moisturizer!


It’s a tint, lip-balm and base in one. This innovative triple-colored tint coats, treats and colors lips for a bright and voluminous look in just a single sweep of the stick.

It has 3 range:
501 - Triple Red
601- Triple Peach
101 - Triple Pink

Details :
1. Main Color
Enriched with Royal Jelly extract, this color layer brightly stains lips as it moisturizes, preventing drying and chapping.

2. Sub Color
This lightly tinted balm conditions and seamlessly blends color into your lips for a natural, gradient effect.

3. Base Color
This lip base naturally blends the lip line with your original skin tone and evens out and nourishes discolored, dry lips into a smooth, even base. The base prevents feathering and creates a purer, lasting color effect.

How to Create Triple-Shot Lips
1. Voluminous Gradient Lips
a. Place Base color on the outer lip line and Main Color on the inner lip.
b. Glide product sideways along lips to create and enjoy the most voluminous, gradient lips.

2. For Long-Lasting Milky Colored Lips
a. Place all three sections of the lipstick vertically on the lips.
b. Glide the product sideways along the lips.
c. The three colors mix together creating beautiful, milky colored lips.


Anti-oxidant blueberries and anti-aging cranberries combine with highly moisturizing cacao extracts for this nutritious anti-oxidant mask.

01 Containing of Real Cacao
This gel maskcontains the finest cacao, as if picked carefully by a chocolatier.

02 Flavor of Berry Chocolate Caramel
Containing the sweet flavor and smell of berries and chocolate caramel.

03 Special Care
This professional style product is made by combining real cacao in a hydro gel mask.

04 Erases Harmful Toxins
This super-hydrating mask eliminates harmful toxins that age skin with berries and nourishes skin with cacao extracts.

VDL Goodie Bag received after the launch party:

Inside the goodie bag consists of :
1 Triple shot 601 Peach 
1 Ready Action Pen liner
1 203 DUKE nail colour
1 pic of White Tea Beauty Trip Taiwan mask
Some sackets of VDL Beauty Moisturizer

Thanks to the lovely VDL girls for their nice & warm hospitality! We enjoyed ourselves in this launch party and learn a lot of makup tips throughout the makeover session by Clarence Lee.
Please show your support to VDL and visit their store at #02-338/339! Suntec City and like their facebook page to know more about new launches of VDL products and upcoming promotions/events. 
Click here to like VDLCosmeticsSingapore facebook.

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