Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dinner @ Zhou's Kitchen (TUNGLOK) @ sq2

Recv some discount coupons - $25 off with min spending $50 =D
Had Dinner at Zhou's Kitchen, We ordered their Drinks: Green apple & Starfruit, Papaya & soya fruit juice.
Food : E-fu noodles, Herbal Chicken (My favourite), Steamed Crab Gutinous rice, dessert : Mango Pudding (My favourite!)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

24 Dec, Christmas Eve @ Shin Minori

Had Jap Dinner Buffet @ Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant located at UE square (Shopping Mall).

23rd Dec - Christmas Dinner & Gift Exchange

Had Christmas Dinner with my cousins on 23 rd Dec,2010 at The Ship located @ Shaw House, Level 4.

I had their Chicken Maryland (fried chicken fillet) with pancake, fried banana, carrots, fried potatos and broccolis as shown below.

Other food ordered by my cousins :

We ordered a Christmas Ice Cream Log cake from Swensen.

I received a LOREAL UV Perfect Sun block, SPF 50+++, 30ml Hurray!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CozyCot First Blogger Event - TALIKA =D

Personal Experience :
Very honoured to attend Cozycot First Blogger - Talika Event at CHIJMES Spa~lon.

With delicious refreshment , drinks and interesting game, We really enjoyed ourselves.

Now I apply Talika Eye Lash everyday. Its texture is smooth and there isnt any discomfort during application.