Saturday, May 28, 2011

CozyCot Bloggers' Spa Buffet - The Spa Lon Spa Buffet (Part III)

To know more about The Spa-lon, kindly click on the link.

Below is the Tiong Bahru branch (",)

Visit the Talika Singapore blogspot and for more details and promotions for Talika Skincare items!

An welcome goodie bag for bloggers =)

Goodie bag consists of a piece of Renaissance Mask - Anti age, rich in :


And 2 sackets (Instant Manicure + Eye therapy patch)

Once again, thanks Cozycot and The Spa-Lon for organizing The Spa buffet event!
We really enjoy ourselves in the event and know more about current technology for beauty!

CozyCot Bloggers' Spa Buffet - The Spa Lon Spa Buffet (Part II)

Due to overwhelming response on huge group of bloggers who attended this event, there is a live demonstration of The ATP38 for the number '38' selected blogger and a few volunteered bloggers get the opportunity to try out ATP 38 to treat their problems.

Triple Wavelength - TRI-Wavelength : Red-Yellow-Infrared.
ATP@ 38 combines several techniques in a single design.

In practical terms, 10 technologies (see the following) in a single design for treating the body, the face and even hair at the same time!

The first honoured number '38' selected blogger is doing face treatment using The ATP 38.

The second selected blogger is doing leg treatment using The ATP 38.

CozyCot Bloggers' Spa Buffet - The Spa Lon Spa Buffet (Part I)

CozyCot organized a Bloggers' Spa Buffet - The Spa Lon Spa Buffet @ Tiong Bahru Plaza #05-08/09. Alot of bloggers turned up for this event and witness World Wide Innovation - The ATP 38!

Finger Food, beverages are provided, Thanks for being so thoughtful!

And desserts are provided too! I love their blueberry Cheesecakes and Tiramisu =P Yummy

There is a briefing given by the Person-in-charge on what are the main function of The ATP- 38 and how it operates to treat customers will problems on their body, face ans even hair & scalp at the same time with The ATP- 38! Everyone is attentive to the briefing session as there are some questions later to win fabulous prizes!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Viccal Facebook Promo

Just received the sample serum from Viccal =)

^_^ Thanks for the sample!!

Join Viccal - The smarter skincare FACEBOOK and get this opportunity to try their 3.12 Serum (Revitalise & energise) 5 ml

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beauty Talkshow ongoing today @ BHG BUGIS

***Beauty Talkshow ongoing today @ BHG BUGIS 3pm.

KOSE Training & PR Executive will share with you the secrets to a flawless and fair complexion and I am one of the models for this event! Feel very honored and thanks to KOSE (Celeste & Debbie)


I am using their STAR Product : Mask White. It not only removes impurities effectively and I feel my skin is much more cleaner, soft and glowing. Is a wonderful product which anyone can use at home as a weekly essential skin maintenance routine which you cannot MISS!

As a chosen model for this meaningful event, though I am abit nervous when I first saw the crowd. But is Celeste & 93.3 FM DJ -WeiPing who make me feel confident and proud to be there...Thanks Ladies =)

Celeste teaches proper skincare routine using KOSE products such as

1) Cleansing- Making Foam
2) Clear Lotion - remove impurites before Mask White
3) Mask White
4) SEKKISEI Lotion
5) Eye Cream
6) INFINTY Realizing WHITE XX (highly recommended by Niu ER)
7) Sun Protector
8) MakeUp base
9) 'water/moist' foundation