Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beauty Talkshow ongoing today @ BHG BUGIS

***Beauty Talkshow ongoing today @ BHG BUGIS 3pm.

KOSE Training & PR Executive will share with you the secrets to a flawless and fair complexion and I am one of the models for this event! Feel very honored and thanks to KOSE (Celeste & Debbie)


I am using their STAR Product : Mask White. It not only removes impurities effectively and I feel my skin is much more cleaner, soft and glowing. Is a wonderful product which anyone can use at home as a weekly essential skin maintenance routine which you cannot MISS!

As a chosen model for this meaningful event, though I am abit nervous when I first saw the crowd. But is Celeste & 93.3 FM DJ -WeiPing who make me feel confident and proud to be there...Thanks Ladies =)

Celeste teaches proper skincare routine using KOSE products such as

1) Cleansing- Making Foam
2) Clear Lotion - remove impurites before Mask White
3) Mask White
4) SEKKISEI Lotion
5) Eye Cream
6) INFINTY Realizing WHITE XX (highly recommended by Niu ER)
7) Sun Protector
8) MakeUp base
9) 'water/moist' foundation

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