Friday, September 14, 2012

K-Palette makeover session @ Raffles city

Its friday! Hooray! Will be good to go out shopping with nice makeover ^_^ Saw from K-Palette facebook that they will be having free makeover sessions staggered across 6 locations islandwide:

13 Sept (Thurs): 12pm-2pm / 6pm-8pm @ Nishino Shaw
14 Sept (Fri): 12pm-2pm @ Watsons Raffles City/ 6pm-8pm @ Watsons Tampines Mall
15 Sept (Sat): 6pm-8pm @ BHG Bugis
16 Sept (Sun): 12pm-2pm @ SaSa Jurong Point / 6pm-8pm @ SaSa NEX 

My face with left side w/o makeup and right side is done with K-Palette makeover
In process of doing makeover using K-Palette...
K-Palette makeup artist -Miko from Japan and Me

K-Palette make up products - Long Curl Mascara, real lasting 24h WP eyeliner, Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer

K-Palette step by step makeover
After K-Palette makeover, its amazing how make up can really enhance my eyes looks bigger and more energetic
Thanks K=Palette for organizing this makeover event for everyone of us! Come on, don't miss it and have a good time to learn more about K-Palette makeup tips and products.
My favorite K-Palette eye liner with my favorite sweet pink - limited edition!
There are also a wide range of K-Palette makeup products

K-Palette eye liner range from$19.90, available at Available at selected Watsons, BHG, Nishino Pharmacy & Sasa!!!
So hurry, go get your own K-Palette makeup now ^_^

My comments: When I reached K-Palette @ Raffles city Watson, I received a very warm welcome by them which made me feel that my presence is greatly appreciated. I am really glad that I did not miss this makeover session and actually I was the first one there ^_^ otherwise I will have regrets. They volunteered to help me take pictures when I am doing my makeover. Makeup artist - Miko is very friendly and skillful, she takes note of every details and precise for every make up step she done for me. These really makes my makeover session is pleasant and enjoyable one! I have a wonderful time and I will never forget this! =)

What I like about K-Palette eye makeup products is they are really very long lasting. Normally even I applied other brands eye makeup so called 'water-proof', 'smudge-proof', they will smudge after a few hours, end up I always need to carry along a travel sized makeup remover in my pouch to clean up the mess and the feeling of it will smudge anytime is uncomfortable especially when attending important events. Now I am glad that I found K-Palette!! Its 24H Real Lasting is true! After the makeover session, it did not smudge at all =) results are proven! My eyes remain attractive and I still look glamorous and I don't have any worries at all.

Thanks K-Palette for organizing this makeover session for the public and I hope everyone had a great time just like me ;) Like K-Palette facebook now to enjoy and know more latest updates and upcoming events.

My Scheming Facial Mask experience

Wanna redeem and try out My Scheming Facial Mask?

Received my favorite - Bird's nest Collagen hydrating mask from My Scheming Facial Mask facebook.

Like My Scheming Facial Mask and share your experience to win

Hada Labo lotion + mask!

My birthday pressie from my dear friend, Jessie^_^ Thanks Jessie.
Hada Labo moisturing lotion with super hyaluronic acid + free 1 piece of moisturing mask!

Hada labo - One drops locks up an Ocean...sounds familiar?

My birthday pressie!
Hada Labo moisturizing lotion and mask
Take a look! well soaked with rich moisturizing ingredients!
 - Free of fragrance, mineral oil and colorant
 - PH balanced and low irritation 
Applying Hada Labo moisturizing mask

My review:
After using Hada Labo moisturizing mask, it hydrates my skin deeply, my face looks more luminous, glowing with radiance of youth and brighten up too, it also helps to lighten the appearance of my existing dark spots. Hyaluronic acid is known to help skin retain moisture, it leaves my skin remarkably soft and now I can enjoy the instant feeling of well hydrated and supply skin.

Like Hada Labo facebook to know the latest updates and promotion

Vaseline - healthy white perfect 10 body lotion

Receive this gift from Cozycot, its the Vaseline - Healthy White Perfect 10
Why is it called Perfect 10? ^_^
Be'coz 10 Skin benefits in 1

1.Visible skin lightening
2.Even-tone restoration
3.UVA &UVB Protection
4. Dark spot reduction
5.Radiance boost
6.Skin feels firm & tight
7.Visibly reduce fine lines
8. Skin renewal 
9. Intense moisturization
10.Deep nourishment 

It contains AHA, Vitamin B3, Pro-Retinol - 25ml
Let's try it out!

Just a small portion
spread it evenly, hm...the texture is fine and thin
My skin after applying vaseline perfect 10
Take a closer look! =)

My review: After applying Vaseline - healthy white perfect 10 body lotion on my skin, it smooth away rough and dry skin easily, my skin becomes softer smoother and instantly hydrated. Most importantly,
it is rich enough for dry skin, yet light enough to not leave an oily film, fast absorbing, very suitable to be used in places like Singapore, our skin...need to be taken care of...not only the face ^_^ currently i am using it daily to keep my skin well-protected and looking good!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Food Review @ Wang Lao Wu Chicken King‏

Welcome to Chicken King known as Wang Lao Wu (Chinese)! located at #B1-22 Leisure Park Kallang. Let's take look .....

Chicken King rice
Chicken King- Set meals
Wide variety of Rice, Noodles Choices

Chicken King - Roast Chicken
Chicken King -White Chicken
Chicken King -Roast meat
Chicken King -beancurd
Chicken King - black, chilli and ginger
Our fabulous dinner at Chicken King

water chestnut, lime juice and ice lemon tea
fragrant chicken rice
Carrot soup

Black Chicken soup

Watercress soup

Many thanks for the invitation to the food review @ Wang Lao Wu Chicken King‏. Really enjoy my time there with Jessie, William, HP as well as other bloggers. We had a wonderful time and the food is really great. One of my favorite is the Roast Chicken - highly recommended ^_^ it is well marinated!! Smell good when it was delivered to us and texture of the chicken is just right, not too soft and hard. The chicken rice is also not oily, the black chicken soup was one of the bloggers favorite too! There are various chinese herbs inside it and it has strong taste and not bitter =) Heard that black chicken soup are good for ladies and very nutritious , come on and give it a try!

To know more about Chicken King, please click here