Saturday, September 8, 2012

Food Review @ Wang Lao Wu Chicken King‏

Welcome to Chicken King known as Wang Lao Wu (Chinese)! located at #B1-22 Leisure Park Kallang. Let's take look .....

Chicken King rice
Chicken King- Set meals
Wide variety of Rice, Noodles Choices

Chicken King - Roast Chicken
Chicken King -White Chicken
Chicken King -Roast meat
Chicken King -beancurd
Chicken King - black, chilli and ginger
Our fabulous dinner at Chicken King

water chestnut, lime juice and ice lemon tea
fragrant chicken rice
Carrot soup

Black Chicken soup

Watercress soup

Many thanks for the invitation to the food review @ Wang Lao Wu Chicken King‏. Really enjoy my time there with Jessie, William, HP as well as other bloggers. We had a wonderful time and the food is really great. One of my favorite is the Roast Chicken - highly recommended ^_^ it is well marinated!! Smell good when it was delivered to us and texture of the chicken is just right, not too soft and hard. The chicken rice is also not oily, the black chicken soup was one of the bloggers favorite too! There are various chinese herbs inside it and it has strong taste and not bitter =) Heard that black chicken soup are good for ladies and very nutritious , come on and give it a try!

To know more about Chicken King, please click here

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