Friday, August 3, 2012

Neutrogena Sleeping Pack

Received Neutrogena Sleeping Pack as product trial and review. 
Upon receiving it, very excited to try it out! Take a look below =)

Neutrogena - Hydro Boost night concentrate sleeping pack 50g

*Dermatologist tested  *Oil-free  *Non-comedogenic  *Alcohol-free

Neutrogena Sleeping Pack is formulated with "Progressive Release System" to continuously release intensive moisture throughout the night

Contains Hyaluronic acid, Olive extract and Ionic mineral complex that helps enhance skin translucency, firms up skin and reduce fine lines.

A small scoop Neutrogena Sleeping Pack to try it out on my skin

Before trying out Neutrogena Sleeping Pack
Some cooling sensation ^_^
Spread it evenly on my skin
Rich and light texture ^_^ with relaxing scent

Spreads onto skin effortlessly
My skin after applying Neutrogena Sleeping Pack

My review:

To me, keep skin hydrated and moisturized is very important just like ourselves....we need to drink enough water everyday to maintain healthy balance body. My first experience after using Neutrogena Sleeping Pack, it left my skin feeling soothed, hydrated and dewy. It is quite mild and gentle, I do not feel any skin irritation during/ after using this.  After using it for a couple of nights, I love how it hydrates my skin when I sleep, with it's light scent makes me feel so relaxed and when I woke up the next morning, my skin is supple and soft.....feels great and brighten up my day =) Definitely recommend my friends and relatives to try it out =)

Thanks Neutrogena Sleeping Pack!