Friday, December 13, 2013

My Beauty Diary - Vanilla Souffle face scrub review

I have received a surprise present from my friend who just came back from Taiwan. My Beauty Diary - Vanilla Souffle face scrub.
My Beauty Diary is well-known and famous in Taiwan for its skin care products such as their beauty masks!! This Vanilla Souffle face scrub looks really cool~ 

My Beauty Diary - Vanilla Souffle face scrub (120 ml)
- Pleasant mousse gently removes dead cells, leave skin soft & smooth.
It works just like a facial foam cleanser type, just that it is very creamy and concentrated. It reminds me of Biore marshmallow whip facial wash.  I gently massage it on my skin for around 1 min, the foam still stay thick creamy =) I have several pictures, you can see below:

• Shake the Vanilla Soufflé bottle really well, squirt the product onto your palm with the bottle turned diagonally upside down.
• About the size of a golf ball would do.
• Massage onto cleansed face in circular motions for about one minute. Don't forget the neck area.
• Rinse off with water.

 In just 1 squirt, the white mousse can cover my skin well and it stays thick creamy throughout. After massage, I cleanse it away with water:

My review:
Personally this My Beauty Diary - Vanilla Souffle face scrub works well for me, my skin is silky soft and very clean after use. I simply like the mousse- white light, fluffy, foamy and super velvety smooth which covers my skin entirely and washes off very easily with water, revealed my clean and clear skin in about 5 mins without tightness and discomfort. After deep cleansing, now its time for me to use My Beauty Diary mask for a good night skin hydration sleep! ^_^

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Nuxe Nirvanesque Blogger Event @ Blisshouse

Personally I am a Nuxe skincare and body care products user, my favourite Nuxe products are Multi-purpose dry oil, Comforting Cleansing Milk and Fondant Shower gel =)

I am very honoured to be invited to Nuxe Nirvanesque Blogger Event at Blisshouse Theme Restaurant located at The Central #03-21. Very looking forward to this revolutionary botanical skincare product + this is also my first visit to Blisshouse! Cool~
 I reached Blisshouse Theme Restaurant around 6 pm and took some photos to share with my fellow readers ^_^ This is the entrance of Blisshouse restaurant:
Blisshouse Theme Restaurant named after a legendary love story, unparalleled allure lie in its fantasy, fairy tale interior that's so reminiscent  of spending a soothing and calming day in the Garden of Eden.

Nirvanesque 2013  - A floral innovation for evermore relaxed thirty-sometimes.

The New Nirvanesque range:
(1) 1st wrinkles smoothing cream for normal skin- 50 ml
(2) 1st wrinkles rich smoothing cream for dry to very dry skin - 50 ml
(3) 1st wrinkles smoothing emulsion - 50 ml
(4) 1st wrinkles smoothing eye contour cream - 15 ml

Nuxe Nirvanesque event started off with an welcome speech and introduction by Miss Carlene Yap, Manager (Marketing Communications).

Nuxe is the best-selling french cosmetic brand.

NUXE France International Trainer Miss Corinne, explained their philosophy - Beauty by Nature and introduced their New NUXE Nirvanesque products to everyone.

Aliza Jabes - founder of Nuxe has 5 key points:
  • Nature
  • Innovation
  • Evaluation
  • Accessibilty
  • Sensuality
NUXE's DNA is the marriage of high rigor and touch of poetry.

Nuxe The New Nirvanesque  - The Botantical Alternative to Botox

It has double floral neuro-cosmetic action for a 'Botox-like'  boosted effect
  • A new neutro-relaxing action with concentrated extract of Tree Peony Root (new exclusive NUXE patent pending) to prolong the life of enkephalins, "well-being" moelcules
  • A neuro-destressing action with a complex of Blue Lotus Seed, Poppy Seed, and Althea Root to reduce skin's micro-tensions. Each of these active ingredients is part of an exclusive NUXE patent application.
Continue to snap some photos around Blisshouse and Nuxe skincare products decorations:

Nirvanesque Light - designed to appeal to those who like matte finish
  • Soft and ethereal cream, enriched with mattifying Rice Powder and Enantia Chlorantha to reduce sebum
  • Skin is immediately relaxed and more matte. Smoothed and more relaxed features day after day.
Nirvanesque Yeux - The beauty of a glance at its peak
  • thin, non-greasy cream enriched with pearly particles and a cocktail of specific active ingredients: corrective pigments and plant caffeine to fight against dark circles, ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid of natural origin to reinforce the smoothing effect.
  • An immediately luminous smoothed and refreshed look. Eye contours are relaxed and de-stressed day after day.
We were served with some drinks, the hot tea topped with toasted marshmallow and sparkling drink.
Hot Tea with taste of some ginger and sweetness, feels very comforting and relax =)
Sparkling drink with rosebud and honey, bring us surprises and joyful in this event.

Some light refreshments for everyone there:
  • Mini Red Velvet cake & Mini Coffee Latte Cheese cake
  • Althea Root infused Jelly
  • Baked Mushroom & Spinach Quiche
  • Shrimp Cocktail & Fried chicken balls
My fabulous choice of refreshments with some strawberries and drinks!
A photo with beautiful bloggers :
Myself, Pearly Tan, Shu Qing and Tracy Wong
Each guest received a goodie bag after Nuxe Nirvanesque event. 
(1) Nuxe Nirvanesque Light Smoothing Emulsion 50 ml
(2) Nuxe Nirvanesque Yeux Smoothing Eye Contour cream 15 ml
Thanks NUXE for organizing Nuxe Nirvanesque Blogger Event @ Blisshouse, we enjoyed ourselves knowing more about Nuxe Nirvanesque skincare - an ideal natural solution to fight against first wrinkles and how it can help us to achieve youthful and stress-free skin.

Nuxe is available at all Robinson, John Little and Beauty by Nature (Parkway Parade #B1-75/76, ION Orchard #B3-49/50, Vivocity #01-06/07) and selected Watsons stores.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Personalised VantiyTrove

I have just received my personalised VantiyTrove set from VanityTrove. Everytime when I received it, it always brings me lots of fun and joy. Trying out new products and sharing my reviews at VanityTrove not only I get to know more friends but also I get the information about latest product in the market. That's really cool and please join our big family too!

Let's take a look of the products I have chosen this time round, there are a wide variety of them:

(1) Clio Hitch Eye-King Curling Mascara (no smudge) Full-sized - 10g, Made in Korea
(2) Belif The true anti-aging essence - 20ml. Made in Korea
(3) Nuxe Mini Rose Melting Cleansing gel - 15 ml. Made in France
(4) Neutrogena Deep Clean Bamboo gel cleanser - 15g
(5) Sassi Top Coat Full-sized - 15 ml. Made in U.S.A
(6) LoveMore Collagen Eye Firming patch - 15 ml. Made in Taiwan
(7) Loreal White Perfect Laser Anti-spot brightening essence - 5 ml
(8) Huiji Fruity Lite - 15 g *2

(1) Clio Hitch Eye-King Curling Mascara
  • Viking brush Curl lashes from the base, gives you extra CURLING effect with the rubber tube coating
  • Does not smudge, lasts all day long
  • Washes off easily with lukewarm water, no need remover.
 For your review, click here

(2) Belif The true anti-aging essence - 20ml. Made in Korea
  • 2 layered shaking essence - Claendula moisturizing whipping cream layer and Acai Berry essence layer.
  • Supplies sufficient moisture and nutrition to skin, preventing skin from aging.
For my review, click here

(3) Nuxe Mini Rose Melting Cleansing gel - 15 ml. Made in France
  •  This soap-free Cleansing Gel gently cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes.
  •  A rich, smooth texture that does not dry out the skin. Skin is perfectly clear, clean and purified
For my review, click here

(4) Neutrogena Deep Clean Bamboo gel cleanser - 15g
  • Containing hydrating bamboo extract to help maintain the skin’s natural moisture level, 
  • Claims to remove 99 per cent of surface dirt, excess oil and impurities according to clinical tests.
 For my review, click here

(6) LoveMore Collagen Eye Firming patch - 15 ml. Made in Taiwan
  • Anti puffy 
  • Moisturize and deep hydrating
  • Firm lifting 
For my review, click here

I really enjoyed myself through receiving my own personalised VanityTrove, trying out new launches and discovering better products to suit my beauty needs. I am glad that I made the right choice =) so now ....start yours =)

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wan He Lou

I believe everyone loves delicious  and nice food so do I! Previously I have heard quite a lot of good reviews about Wan He Lou from my fellow friends and relatives who came here for their lunch or  dinner. I was very honored to be invited for this food tasting in Wan He Lou.

Wan He Lou (萬合樓) is located at 65 Maude Road #01-01 Singpore 208347 which is the heart of Jalan Besar. Below is their operating hours:

Monday – Sunday
Lunch: 11am to 230pm
Dinner: 5pm to 1030pm

I was impressed by the decoration of  Wan He Lou, is simple, cozy, which has its own uniqueness. An ideal place for holding festive celebration or a gathering with family and friends!
Spotted some pictures that were taken for Chief Lau with artists like local mediacorp artist - Edmund Chen, Xiang Yun and Zoe Tay Wow!!!
We met up Wan He Lou Boss - Vincent Cheong, had great time chit chatting with him and other fellow bloggers (Michael Charles Loh and Tracy) who were also invited to this food tasting.

We were served a glass of vegetable juice (see pic below) which was made of pineapple, cai xin ( a kind of chinese vegetable) and sour plum.  Its very refreshing and healthy drink, best to have it before you actually start your meal and is suitable for weather like Singapore hot and humid.
Personally I do not like to eat most of the vegetable ...even juices. However. I find this vegetable juice very tasty and not bitter at all =)
Wan He Lou is having 5-course X'mas set meal lunch / dinner ($56.50 per pax)
The first dish: Chinese Style Turkey Roll with Japanese sauce dressing
The second dish: Pan Fried Cod Fish with Fruit Compote with pomelo sauce
The third dish : Signature Lobster Porridge (Rock lobster deep sea) 

I have tried various lobster porridge before, personally I prefer Wan He Lou's because the stock of the porridge lets out a delightful aroma of the lobster and the lobster meat is fresh and firm.
The fourth dish: Green Dragon Vegetable with Sea Cucumber & Hon Shimeji Mushroom.
Other dish we have tried - (1) Crispy Lotus with Salted Egg ($11.90) is popular among the ladies which is one of my favourite dish too! I love the combination of fragrant salted egg with crispy lotus just like a snack to me.
(2) Pan Fried Kurobuta Pork ($14.90)which is my next favourite dish. The pork is tender and juicy with robustic sauce. 
(3) Green ginger cod steamed - My 3rd favourite dish. The cod fish is soft and melt is my mouth with fragrant green ginger  gravy. * Thumbs up*
A photo of myself and Tracy =)
A photo of myself and my boy friend.

Overall we enjoyed ourselves dining at Wan He Lou with delicious food and drinks. Moreover the prices are reasonable and worthwhile. 

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