Friday, December 13, 2013

My Beauty Diary - Vanilla Souffle face scrub review

I have received a surprise present from my friend who just came back from Taiwan. My Beauty Diary - Vanilla Souffle face scrub.
My Beauty Diary is well-known and famous in Taiwan for its skin care products such as their beauty masks!! This Vanilla Souffle face scrub looks really cool~ 

My Beauty Diary - Vanilla Souffle face scrub (120 ml)
- Pleasant mousse gently removes dead cells, leave skin soft & smooth.
It works just like a facial foam cleanser type, just that it is very creamy and concentrated. It reminds me of Biore marshmallow whip facial wash.  I gently massage it on my skin for around 1 min, the foam still stay thick creamy =) I have several pictures, you can see below:

• Shake the Vanilla SoufflĂ© bottle really well, squirt the product onto your palm with the bottle turned diagonally upside down.
• About the size of a golf ball would do.
• Massage onto cleansed face in circular motions for about one minute. Don't forget the neck area.
• Rinse off with water.

 In just 1 squirt, the white mousse can cover my skin well and it stays thick creamy throughout. After massage, I cleanse it away with water:

My review:
Personally this My Beauty Diary - Vanilla Souffle face scrub works well for me, my skin is silky soft and very clean after use. I simply like the mousse- white light, fluffy, foamy and super velvety smooth which covers my skin entirely and washes off very easily with water, revealed my clean and clear skin in about 5 mins without tightness and discomfort. After deep cleansing, now its time for me to use My Beauty Diary mask for a good night skin hydration sleep! ^_^

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