Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nuxe Merveillance Event

Nuxe event to discover new skincare range Merveillance Anti-aging Innovation was held at Antoinette (located at Palais Renaissance B1-08/09/10C). This is my first visit to there.

Antoinette is a quintessential Parisian patisserie and salon du thé, named after the last queen of France who was so often revered for her fine taste and lavishly indulgent love for an excess of meticulously crafted pastries.

Setting herself apart as a hidden gem that makes for the perfect venue for a tête-à-tête, Antoinette’s repertoire of exquisite Parisian offerings will tempt even the most discerning of palates with her takes on time-honoured French classic desserts and savouries!

Antoinette also has a facebook page (LIKE them here)

The event place was well-decorated with beautiful red flowers and of course the Nuxe new launch- the Merveillance expert range! I couldn't wait to try it out and feel the texture of them.
Photo booth is a MUST for all events! Nuxe Merveillance Event photo booth (see below)
Beautiful garden place like Antoinette is a perfect location for Nuxe Merveillance Event as "Nuxe is all about increasingly demanding scientific expertise, constant research and innovation in floral based cosmetics". Floral and greenery garden is a perfect match!

There were also refreshments and drinks provided from Antoinette, they were super delicious such as pastries, beef burgers, fresh salmon etc. Not only from the look of it, you should come Antoinette personally and try them out. Its definitely not your first and last, there will always be next time ;)

Here are some photos taken at Nuxe Merveillance Event photo booth. I like the background and the designated Nuxe photo frame =)

Can you find my photo here?
Here you photo at the Nuxe Merveillance Event!

Nuxe Merveillance Event presentation began with an introduction on the new Merveillance expert range - The discovery of molecules with unique properties inside a flower that has never before been used in cosmetics, Daylily!

A key protein that remains almost unexplored in cosmetics, despite its role in the integrity of the skin's architecture: vimentin. Nuxe launches an innovative anti-aging formula that delivers a dual action: an ANTI-GLYCATION action to "protect" & a unique DE-GLYCATION action to "repair" the 3 key dermal proteins: collagen, elastin and vimentin.

Merveillance range comprises five skincare essentials - a serum, a day cream, a rich day cream, a night cream, eye contour for daily and precise response to every need. Each and every product is an olfactory pleasure of a delicate fragrance with a floral bouquet ^_^, combining the softness of ylang ylang, the femininity of jasmine and richness of vanilla =D
Thanks Nuxe for the generous goodie bag  - The Nuxe Merveillance full range of skincare products:

5 Marvels of expertise and pleasure:

1) MERVEILLANCE Expert Jour: Correcting cream for visible lines
-Ultimate moisturizing effects to improve skin elasticity, soothe and protect
-A supple and light texture, ideal for normal skin

2) MERVEILLANCE Expert Enrichie Jour: Rich correcting cream for visible lines
-Nourishing and protective comfort
-A firm and delectable texture, ideal for dry and very dry skin

3) MERVEILLANCE Expert Yeux: Lifting eye cream for visible lines
-Visible effectiveness against puffiness and dark circles

4)Serum MERVEILLANCE Expert: Lifting concentrate for visible lines
-Preserve moisture and help slow down dehydration

5) MERVEILLANCE NUIT: Regenerating cream for visible lines
-Rich in calcium and wakamic ester provides its night function, to reactivate the expression of 14 genes involved in skin elasticity and firmness
-A smooth texture that reveals "plumped up" skin in the morning

Thanks Nuxe for organising this event and your invitation! Personally I feel very honoured and glad that I have attended this event because I get to know more about Nuxe Merveillance skincare range such as its innovation process of using DayLily flower and Merveillance expert helps diminish wrinkles and combat loss of firmness effectively.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

HABA White Lady review

HABA White Lady (whitening serum) - The Promise of Fair, Radiant and Supple skin in a bottle!

Who doesn't want to be like a Snow White to have beautiful fair flawless skin? You wouldn't want to miss HABA White lady!

Let's find out more about HABA White lady:

Developed from a doctor's formula, this intensive skin care serum contains Sasa Kurilensis water and water-soluble vitamin C derivative that is both stable and penetrating. Within a week of using White Lady, you can see visible results on your skin; it becomes fairer, firmer and more hydrated because White Lady helps collagen production. The high concentration of vitamin C derivative help lighten pigmentation, sun spots, even out skin tone and brightens skin. Your pores also become tighter because White Lady can suppress the excess secretion of sebum. Made in Japan

Sasa Kurilensis Water:
Water derived from a low-striped bamboo, Sasa Kurilensis water is a natural mineral essence. It has moisturizing, antiseptic and sterilizing effects, and is an excellent aid for removing bacteria that exist in the skin.

Water-Soluble Vitamin C Derivative:
Vitamin C is normally prone to be oxidized and unable to easily penetrate the skin, but this water-soluble vitamin C derivative is designed to be safe and penetrating
HABA White Lady 10 ml
Steps on how to use:
Cleanse → White Lady → Moisturize → Protect

Four or five pumps of White Lady should be enough for the entire face. Take an ample amount to hand and gently pat on with fingertips.
After my usual cleansing process using HABA SQUA Facial foam, I apply HABA white lady evenly on my face and pat gently for about 2-3 min daily day and night before my outdoor trip & beauty sleep =D

Due to hot and humid country like Singapore, daily sun protection is important as well as repair and treatment of pigmentation, sun spots and dull skin. HABA White Lady is the solution to all these problems that cause imperfect skin.

After using HABA White Lady for about a week, what is my review for her???

First of all, HABA White Lady is easy to apply with its watery texture, light yet powerful. I noticed my dark spots are lighten and less visible now I do not need to apply concealer, layers of makeup to cover them.  My complexion becomes slightly brighter too! HABA White Lady also doubles as a light-weight moisturiser,  it hydrates my skin every time I apply,  I can feel the suppleness and smoothness!  My skin becomes more radiant and youthful ^_^

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HABA White Lady available in the following sizes & price : 10ml $29 / 30ml $78 / 53ml $120

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Prodigieuse Blogger Event at Ion

Recently I am invited to attend Prodigieuse Blogger Event at Ion (near H&M). The event area was very spacious and we are warmly greeted by Nuxe personnel Don ^_^

Huile Prodigieuse (created in 1991) is a unique, unrivalled, cult skincare product. Its inimitable fragrance, which has become the scent representative and bestseller for the NUXE brand. With its head notes of orange blossom and plum, its middle notes of rose,  geranium and magnolia, and its sensual base notes of coconut and vanilla. This dry oil for face, body and hair epitomizes NUXE's philosophy of authenticity, sensuality and effectiveness perfectly.
With its 97.8% natural formula, Huile Prodigieuse enriched with vitamin E and is guaranteed to be free of silicone and mineral oils. Consisting of 6 Precious Plant oils (Macadamia, hazelnut, Borage, Sweet almond, Camellia and St. John's Wort), this dry oil nourishes, repairs and softens wherever you apply on yourself ;P in a single sweep.
As you can see, there is also a golden shimmer version on the left (Huile Prodigieuse OR) appeals to the goddess sleeping in every woman. Its ultra-fine, pearlescent minerals, it gives both skin and hair a sensual glow.

After knowing about all these, I am looking forward to try out and share my experience with you all!
Huile Prodigieuse is just like a multi-purpose oil that you need to bring with you wherever you go =) and hence you will be well-protected by it =D
Woah! Take a look at this..... Nuxe products are on discount =)
Are you preparing to get any presents for your loved ones or friends? Visit Huile Prodigieuse at ION
Our speaker/ presenter for this Prodigieuse Blogger Event. He is hilarious and will be demonstrating on the ways of applying Huile Prodigieuse =D
He has chosen one of the bloggers to his model to try Huile Prodigieuse OR, the Shimmering one because she has a tanned healthy-looking skin.
Can you tell which hand of hers is the one that was applied with the Huile Prodigieuse OR?
The answer is the her left hand (with a black string)
As mentioned earlier, Huile Prodigieuse can be used on face, hair and body. When applying Huile Prodigieuse on hair, it helps to soften and smooth frizzy dry hair in just a min without greasy, heavy feel on your hair.
As our hair grows longer, hair ends become drier and frizzy too. Therefore, it is necessary to apply hair serum/conditioner after shampooing to keep them moisturised and smooth =)

Its a great pleasure to attend Prodigieuse Blogger Event by NUXE. We enjoyed ourselves and had lots of fun with the NUXE skincare demonstrations and the knowledge we learnt about Huile Prodigieuse!
Photo session time!
Last but not least, The Search for Miss Prodigieuse!
To commemorate the launch of Huile Prodigieuse and Huile Prodigieuse OR, NUXE will begin its search for a brand ambassador, Miss Prodigieuse in OCT 2014.

Just snap a photo of yourself with a bottle of Huile Prodigieuse/ Huile Prodigieuse OR and upload it on the NUXE Singapore facebook page (click here) for a chance to attractive prizes and cash!

Submission of entries end on Nov 15, 2014 and results will be announced on Dec 03, 2014.

So hurry up! You may be the lucky one =)
Thanks Nuxe for the lovely goodie bag which contains a bottle Huile Prodigieuse! I will use Huile Prodigieuse to keep myself well-protected from dryness and roughness!

Give Huile Prodigieuse a try, you will sure appreciate it just like I do =D

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

HABA UV Damage Reset Mask review

A new sheet mask from HABA to introduce to my fellow readers; a successor to the Powerful White Mask -> The UV Damage Reset Mask!

23 ml/ per mask sheet.
1 box contains 4 mask sheets selling at $48

1 box of HABA UV Damage reset Mask (4pc)

The UV Damage Reset Mask
  • Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin P to enhance whitening
  • Enhance Collagen and Hyaluronic acid production.
  • Skin becomes fairer and supple after one application

HABA UV Damage Reset Mask (1 pc)
In hot and humid country like Singapore, although we apply sunblock everyday, deep in our skin there might have some damages that causes by strong UV rays. HABA UV Damage Reset Mask goes beyond repairing the damaging effects of the sun, it helps to create translucent looking skin while giving it moisture at the same time. The result is softer, smoother and fairer skin in fifteen minutes!

I am excited and decide to give it a try!
Me and My HABA UV Damage reset mask!
After cleansing, stretch the entire mask over your face fully. Leave it on for about 15 mins and then take it off. Smooth out the beauty serum that is still on your face with your palms. Moisturize and protect with Squalane.
My experience with HABA UV Damage reset mask

My review: HABA UV Damage reset mask covers my eye areas for a relaxing experience ^_^ and the mask material is comfy! After taking off HABA UV Damage Reset Mask, I gently massage the beauty serum left on my face. The serum is easily absorbed, leaving my skin is fresh and supple! This mask helps to replenishes my skin's moisture level and also soothes my skin redness that caused by UV rays. Its a great pleasure using HABA UV Damage Reset Mask! 

If you are a sunny person who like to go beach or a working adult who will be under the sun, I highly recommend HABA UV Damage mask as you not only need a good sunblock for protection, you also need to repair your skin so as to maintain a healthy, youthful looking skin!

HABA UV Damage Reset Mask can found at all HABA stores at the following locations:
  • Suntec City Mall, #01-306
  • Ngee Ann City, #B2-13A
  • BHG Bugis, Level 1 Beauty Hall
  • OG Orchard Point, Level 1 Beauty Hall
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

HABA Squa Facial Foam review

Anyone heard of Haba skincare or tried before their skincare, health and hair care products?
HABA is the acronym for "Health Aid Beauty Aid" which means assisting health and beauty. HABA products do not contain any ingredients such as paraben, flavors, mineral oil, chemically synthesized tar colorings, or petrochemical surfactants that may become a burden to the skin or cause an allergic reaction.

Haba first shop is located at Ngee Ann City #B2-13A. Actually I have noticed Haba shop quite long time ago but this is the first time I am trying Haba skincare product and I have chosen its popular Haba Squa Facial Foam as my first step of daily skincare regime.

First of all, let us know more about Haba Squa Facial Foam:

SQUA FACIAL FOAM(100g) - smooth, rich lather of this foaming face wash effectively removes dead skin cells, excessive oils and impurities. Contains Squalane and Silk Powder to leave skin feeling moisturized and refreshed.
Anyone know what is Squalane and Silk Powder? How does it helps to improve our skin??

Squalane is a natural moisturizer inherent to human body. The secretion of it by the body decreases with age and excessive washing. HABA has developed Squalane refined to the maximum of 99.9% purity.

Silk Powder: Powdered fiber obtained from silkworm cocoons. It is rich in proteins such as sericin and fibroin, which enhances the smoothness of skin.
Directions: Wet the face, and take approx. 5-cent coin size of Squa Facial Foam to the palm of the hand. Add a small amount of water and lather thoroughly. Alternatively you can use a foaming net which quickly and easily creates a rich lather with any of HABA's facial washes.^_^
After adding some water, I use my bare hands to lather HABA Squa facial foam which is firm and fine-textured, enough to cover my entire face.

To start off my daily skincare regime, cleansing is the first step and plays an important role =) HABA Squa Facial Foam not only it gently cleanse and it also polish away accumulated dirt, impurities thoroughly without stripping off skin's natural moisture. I love how my skin feels clean, fresh and moisturised after one use. Is definitely a good cleanser to use daily after a long, tiring day at work! Will recommend HABA Squa Facial foam to my all friends and relatives ^_^

HABA Squa Facial Foam is selling at $41.00 at HABA shops (please find the location here)

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Collection Cosmetics Primed and Ready Makeup Primer

Collection Cosmetics Primed and Ready Makeup Primer

The silky formula provides a light coverage for a flawless complexion and a noticeably natural finish. A soothing makeup base, it minimizes pore problems, smoothes uneven skin and hides unsightly blemishes for the perfect base.

Primed and Ready is an easy to blend make-up base that minimize pores. It can be wear alone or under foundation for a flawless complexion.

Collection Cosmetics Primed and Ready Makeup Primer $16.90 / 18ml
Developed in UK, Made in China
Collection Cosmetics Singapore.
Make up for the FUN, FAB and FEARLESS women of today.

Founded in 1987, COLLECTION, previously known as Collection 2000, is renowned for fun, fashionable, on-trend and affordable makeup. Creating a cache for colour, the brand lives up to its sassy strapline ‘Work the Colour’ by presenting individuals with a wide array of the brightest and most wearable colors in vibrant and innovative packaging, at unbeatable prices.

Exuding a friendly and approachable disposition, COLLECTION Cosmetics aims to invoke an attitude of adventure in youthful women to experiment with colour, subtle or daring.
Ideal for everyone, the brand is suitable for style-hunters wanting edgy new trends to those who desire to play with fabulous new products to enhance their own signature look.
Trying out on my skin:
My before and after pic:

My review:
An ideal no-fuss product - transparent weightless texture, helps to hide pores, easily absorbed and I can see the results instantly. After application, it leaves a silky and smooth complexion ^_^

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COLLECTION Cosmetics now available in selected Watson's stores (Ngee Ann City, North Point, Star Vista, United Square, Tampines Mall, Tiong Bahru, Toa Payoh, Vivo City), and BHG Bugis Singapore, Collection pop-up store in Cineleisure, Level 2.