Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Awakening

Hooray! We won The Awakening movie tickets from F*** Mag Facebook contest! Thanks F*** Mag ^_^

THE AWAKENING is set in 1921, in a post-war England where many of the bereaved seek solace in spiritualism. Haunted by the death of her fiancé, Florence Cathcart (REBECCA HALL) is committed to debunking supernatural claims, using methodical and rational explanations. When she is asked to visit a boarding school in the countryside called Rookwood - to investigate the alleged sightings of a ghostly young boy - she feels compelled to take the job.

Once at Rookwood, she sets to work, laying traps and gathering scientific evidence. Gradually secrets begin to unravel and the mystery surrounding the ghost appears nothing more than a schoolboy prank. As Florence is set to leave, however, she experiences a chilling encounter that defies all reason. One of the schoolmasters, Robert Mallory (DOMINIC WEST), worries about Florence’s disposition in the aftermath. The incident leaves her scared and confused, but she is determined to get to the bottom of it and decides to stay on while the rest of the children go home for Christmas.

She is not alone, however, as three others stay on with her: Maud (IMELDA STAUNTON), the matron, whose initial request had brought Florence to the school; Tom (ISAAC HEMPSTEAD-WRIGHT), a young boy whose parents cannot care for him over the break; and Mallory, who, having recently fought in the Great War, is plagued by visions of the past.

Over the coming days the blurred image of a child-like ghost haunts Florence and she begins to doubt her resolve, increasingly unable to provide any logical explanation for the bizarre goings-on. As her bond with Mallory deepens, they are drawn to one another by their shared sense of loneliness and together they ready themselves to face their demons.

Director: Nick Murphy
Writers:Stephen Volk, Nick Murphy
Stars:Rebecca Hall, Dominic West and Imelda Staunton

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Premiere movie tickets- Street Dance 2

We won movie ticket from Golden Village Pictures - Street Dance 2!! Hooray! Have been waiting to watch this..

5 April
7.15 pm @ GV Max

To beat the world's best dance crew, streetdancer, Ash (Falk Hentshel), with new friend Eddie (George Sampson), set off to gather the greatest streetdancers from around Europe, falling in love with beautiful salsa dancer, Eva (Sofia Boutella) in Paris.

With landmark locations, the most spectacular dance fusion of Latin and Street ever seen, the sequel to global smash hit StreetDance is bigger, better, bolder.

Main cast:
  • Sofia Boutella as Eva, Salsa/Latin dancer and romantic interest
  • Falk Hentschel as Ash, the protagonist
  • George Sampson as Eddie, Ash's manager
  • Richard Winsor as Tomas
  • Akai Osei as Junior
  • Tom Conti as Manu, Eva's uncle
  • Flawless as dance crew "The Surge"