Saturday, November 1, 2014

HABA UV Damage Reset Mask review

A new sheet mask from HABA to introduce to my fellow readers; a successor to the Powerful White Mask -> The UV Damage Reset Mask!

23 ml/ per mask sheet.
1 box contains 4 mask sheets selling at $48

1 box of HABA UV Damage reset Mask (4pc)

The UV Damage Reset Mask
  • Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin P to enhance whitening
  • Enhance Collagen and Hyaluronic acid production.
  • Skin becomes fairer and supple after one application

HABA UV Damage Reset Mask (1 pc)
In hot and humid country like Singapore, although we apply sunblock everyday, deep in our skin there might have some damages that causes by strong UV rays. HABA UV Damage Reset Mask goes beyond repairing the damaging effects of the sun, it helps to create translucent looking skin while giving it moisture at the same time. The result is softer, smoother and fairer skin in fifteen minutes!

I am excited and decide to give it a try!
Me and My HABA UV Damage reset mask!
After cleansing, stretch the entire mask over your face fully. Leave it on for about 15 mins and then take it off. Smooth out the beauty serum that is still on your face with your palms. Moisturize and protect with Squalane.
My experience with HABA UV Damage reset mask

My review: HABA UV Damage reset mask covers my eye areas for a relaxing experience ^_^ and the mask material is comfy! After taking off HABA UV Damage Reset Mask, I gently massage the beauty serum left on my face. The serum is easily absorbed, leaving my skin is fresh and supple! This mask helps to replenishes my skin's moisture level and also soothes my skin redness that caused by UV rays. Its a great pleasure using HABA UV Damage Reset Mask! 

If you are a sunny person who like to go beach or a working adult who will be under the sun, I highly recommend HABA UV Damage mask as you not only need a good sunblock for protection, you also need to repair your skin so as to maintain a healthy, youthful looking skin!

HABA UV Damage Reset Mask can found at all HABA stores at the following locations:
  • Suntec City Mall, #01-306
  • Ngee Ann City, #B2-13A
  • BHG Bugis, Level 1 Beauty Hall
  • OG Orchard Point, Level 1 Beauty Hall
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