Sunday, November 23, 2014

HABA White Lady review

HABA White Lady (whitening serum) - The Promise of Fair, Radiant and Supple skin in a bottle!

Who doesn't want to be like a Snow White to have beautiful fair flawless skin? You wouldn't want to miss HABA White lady!

Let's find out more about HABA White lady:

Developed from a doctor's formula, this intensive skin care serum contains Sasa Kurilensis water and water-soluble vitamin C derivative that is both stable and penetrating. Within a week of using White Lady, you can see visible results on your skin; it becomes fairer, firmer and more hydrated because White Lady helps collagen production. The high concentration of vitamin C derivative help lighten pigmentation, sun spots, even out skin tone and brightens skin. Your pores also become tighter because White Lady can suppress the excess secretion of sebum. Made in Japan

Sasa Kurilensis Water:
Water derived from a low-striped bamboo, Sasa Kurilensis water is a natural mineral essence. It has moisturizing, antiseptic and sterilizing effects, and is an excellent aid for removing bacteria that exist in the skin.

Water-Soluble Vitamin C Derivative:
Vitamin C is normally prone to be oxidized and unable to easily penetrate the skin, but this water-soluble vitamin C derivative is designed to be safe and penetrating
HABA White Lady 10 ml
Steps on how to use:
Cleanse → White Lady → Moisturize → Protect

Four or five pumps of White Lady should be enough for the entire face. Take an ample amount to hand and gently pat on with fingertips.
After my usual cleansing process using HABA SQUA Facial foam, I apply HABA white lady evenly on my face and pat gently for about 2-3 min daily day and night before my outdoor trip & beauty sleep =D

Due to hot and humid country like Singapore, daily sun protection is important as well as repair and treatment of pigmentation, sun spots and dull skin. HABA White Lady is the solution to all these problems that cause imperfect skin.

After using HABA White Lady for about a week, what is my review for her???

First of all, HABA White Lady is easy to apply with its watery texture, light yet powerful. I noticed my dark spots are lighten and less visible now I do not need to apply concealer, layers of makeup to cover them.  My complexion becomes slightly brighter too! HABA White Lady also doubles as a light-weight moisturiser,  it hydrates my skin every time I apply,  I can feel the suppleness and smoothness!  My skin becomes more radiant and youthful ^_^

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HABA White Lady available in the following sizes & price : 10ml $29 / 30ml $78 / 53ml $120

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