Saturday, May 28, 2011

CozyCot Bloggers' Spa Buffet - The Spa Lon Spa Buffet (Part II)

Due to overwhelming response on huge group of bloggers who attended this event, there is a live demonstration of The ATP38 for the number '38' selected blogger and a few volunteered bloggers get the opportunity to try out ATP 38 to treat their problems.

Triple Wavelength - TRI-Wavelength : Red-Yellow-Infrared.
ATP@ 38 combines several techniques in a single design.

In practical terms, 10 technologies (see the following) in a single design for treating the body, the face and even hair at the same time!

The first honoured number '38' selected blogger is doing face treatment using The ATP 38.

The second selected blogger is doing leg treatment using The ATP 38.

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