Saturday, March 21, 2015

Jyunka Extreme Comfort Mask review

Environmental pollutions, UV rays, work deadlines & busy schedules, our emotions are the main factors that causes us to have stressed, dehydated and tired skin. Although all these factors are unavoidable and most of us are facing them everyday in daily life but we still can do our best within our means to help calm our skin, letting it feel peaceful, comfortable and relax. Our skin needs appropriate and intensive care to do it.

For me, I rely on Jyunka Extreme Comfort Mask, it Embrace. Soften. Hydrate. It provides a loving embrace to soothe and revitalize. This mask is power-packed with Collagen, Laminaria Extracts, Vitamin E and Oligogeline ®, to restore, revitalize, protect and reinforce.

Some information about Jyunka:
The name “Jyunka” comes from Japanese, meaning “pure essence”. Jyunka International was founded in 2008 to bring the Multi-Action Miracle Fluid to the world and along with it, to help restore authenticity and integrity back into the beauty industry.

Jyunka Extreme Comfort Mask 50 ml - Made in France
"When your skin become tired and fine lines start to form due to dehydration, sensitivity, dryness or when the skin has aged and become sensitized due to the harsh environment or stress, this is the mask your skin requires." from Jyunka

I will sharing with you my experience about Jyunka Extreme Comfort Mask after using it ^_^
How to use :
Apply a medium to thick layer of mask over the face and neck once to twice a week. Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Apply applicable JYUNKA serum and cream.
This is the amount of Jyunka Extreme Comfort Mask I used for my entire face and neck area. I gently massage the mask in circular motion during application for more effective absorption.
After 15 mins of resting with Jyunka Extreme Comfort Mask, I gently washed it off with warm water.
After a long day, reach for this de-stress quenching hydrator after you cleanse your face to pamper  your exhausted skin. I like its cream but not overwhelming rich texture =D. It glides on smoothly and I feel my skin unwind as this mask envelops my skin for a relaxing and intense hydration boost it desires. This handy mask is ideal for me to use anytime at anywhere as a quick skin moisture replenishment. It improves my overall complexion, my skin is fresh-looking, natural glow and supple after use. ^_^
Soon I will going for a short trip, Jyunka Extreme Comfort Mask is definitely one of the must-have in my skincare pouch to energises and hydrates my skin for upcoming adventures!

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