Sunday, March 8, 2015

Heynature O2 Brightening Mask Cleanser review

The first step to healthy skin is Cleansing. Personally, cleansing is a very important step in my skincare regime.  In order to have healthy skin, first of all you need to make sure you have clean skin as we know well-cleansed skin absorb better from subsequent skincare. This is also my secret to good skin. Most days, I will put on sunblock, BB/CC cream and powder. After a tired day, its time to let my skin rest well with proper care =D I always go for 2-step double cleansing (make up remover and foaming cleanser) in order to remove my makeup thoroughly and keep my skin clean.

Now cleansing is only 1 step for me using Heynature Oxygen Brightening Mask Cleanser! Wow....Are you as excited as me to know how it works? I will share my experience with you later =)

Heynature Oxygen Brightening Mask Cleanser (100 ml) helps:

Deep Cleansing          Brightening
Moisturising               Foam Massage
Elasticizing                 Blackhead & Pore care

The following information is to let you know more about how Oxygen Brightening Mask Cleanser:

It helps maintain an ideal pH balance after deep cleansing. When oxygenated particles come in contract with the air, fine bubbles are formed on the surface of skin, effectively removing dirt and makeup residue from pores, leaving skin bright, fresh and clean. Remove makeup easily and conveniently.

Cleansing and gentle massaging keeps skin healthy and refreshed and skin elasticity will be improved while the skin is kept hydrated all day.

Oriental herbal extracts supply nutrition to skin, while moisturizing and protecting skin all at once. *This product is suitable for troubled and sensitive skin.
Direction: Pump 4-5 times on dry hands and apply to dry face. Bubbles mask will be formed on the face after 8-10 seconds. Gently massage face for about 30 seconds before washing off with water.

I am trying out Heynature Oxygen Brightening Mask Cleanser to show you how it works in 1 step. After 1 pump, this is what it looks like: thick, milky gel
I applied Heynature Oxygen Brightening Mask Cleanser on my dry face, the white bubble mask gradually form around my face in around 10 seconds. Followed the direction, I gently massage my face and wash off with water.
This is how my skin looks like after using Heynature Oxygen Brightening Mask Cleanser. Skin feels really clean and I noticed my skin brightens up a little in this 1 step cleansing!
My review: If you are fretting over troublesome steps to remove your makeup thoroughly and want to quickly catch some sleep after a tired day, go for Heynature Oxygen Brightening Mask Cleanser ^_^ In just 1 step, this 2-in-1 non-drying cleanser works like a mask and cleanser effectively extract out all impurities, dirt and makeup from pores. Best of all, it is gentle on sensitive skin too! My skin feeling refreshed, refined and brighten up after use. My skin is all set for subsequent skincare products ^_^
Heynature Oxygen Brightening Mask Cleanser is definitely a worthy cleanser you should get and try it out if you are going after a thoroughly cleaned face in a easy way. I am convinced and proud to recommend it my friends and fellow readers.
You can purchase Heynature O2 Brightening Mask Cleanser at Heynature website (click here) or at Heynature shop located at 101 Kitchener Road #02-13 Jalan Besar Plaza Singapore 208511

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