Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pantene BB creme for hair review

Have you heard BB crème for hair?? This is my first time hear about Pantene BB crème for hair as I have countless BB cream for face but definitely not for hair. I have received this Pantene BB crème (135 ml)  via post and today I am going to share with you my experience after using it.

Hair is one of the most precious 'thing' to everyone not only women. Men also take good care of their hair too. As we can see there are countless of hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, wash-off treatment, hair serum, leave on treatment) at Watson, guardian and various super markets etc. Hair growth centres , hair salons......
Going to hair salon/ hair centres usually requires you to make time and effort to go down to their shops and spend around 1-2 hours there. So personally I think daily 'home care' which means skin, hair, health care at home is very important to me. ^_^

So what is Pantene BB crème for hair? It is a 10-in-1, all-in-one perfector leave on treatment that gives your hair 10 hair health benefits.

Pantene BB crème for hair helps prevent split ends, strengthen against breakage, smoothes , moisturized feel, shine, manageable, detangling frizz control, heat protection, softness.
Direction : (1) On damp hair, dispense 1-2 pumps onto palm, rub hands together and apply starting at the ends and working towards the middle of your hair. Use more as needed. Do not rinse. Continue with your regular hair care and styling routine.
(2) On dry hair: use an additional pump to polish styled hair
I washes my hair everyday when I am back home from work/ outdoor activities to keep my hair and scalp clean and fresh before I go to bed. Daily hair wash and hair blow can cause hair dryness, split ends and tangles without a proper hair care routine.

This is the amount in just 1 pump of Pantene BB crème. Its sufficient for me as I only apply it till the middle my hair. I rubbed my hands together to evenly spread and warm it before touching my hair.
I combed my hair with fingertips working from ends to middle of my hair. Gently massage Pantene BB crème evenly to my hair and leave it for about 2 mins for better absorption before I start my hair blow.
During my 10-15 mins hair blow with hand comb my hair, I realized my hair is soften and untangles easily than before I started to use Pantene BB crème. ^_^ Now my hair blow is a wonderful experience! I still remembered I used to spent quite some time to untangle and hair feels hard & stiff in the past.
Pantene BB creme for hair is deservedly one of the best and a 'must-have' hair SOS in my hairdressing table. It softens and calms my rebellious hair upon application after wash. What's more, unlike other hair care products, it does not leave sticky feel on both hair and hands ^_^ It make my hair look like its done in hair salon by a pro! My hair is neat and I look presentable and confident =)

Visits to hair salon/ hair centres are time-consuming and expensive for me, I would recommend to try Pantene BB crème if you do have dry, tangled hair like me each time after you wash your hair. It is truly a great helper to untangles and protect your hair against damages caused by hair dryer, leaving it soft and manageable.
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