Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hara Skincare (for dry skin)

Hara is a unique brand of end-to-end personalised online skincare consulting, Hara has a philosophy that extends beyond the normal retail model to give our customers full support in putting their best face forward.

The complete Hara shopping experience begins with understanding skin type and skincare needs, and includes a recommended selection of suitable products from their range, and, if necessary, tie-ups with their partner consultants. Hara scientific and dermatological expertise and close ties to skincare professionals have given them an intimate understanding of different skin types, especially Asian skin, and how to care for them – knowledge that they will gladly share.

With strong supplier links and a priority on quality, Hara has made it the mission to deliver reliable and safe products catered for specific skincare needs

Today I will be sharing my experience after using this Hara Midori Travel Pack.

Step 1 : Hara Midori Lotion (for dry skin) - 30 ml

My review: After cleansing, this ultra-cooling light-weight lotion sinks into my skin. It also helps to tone and soothe my dry skin. I like the feeling of how my skin is moisturised and matte after applying Hara Midori Lotion =)
Step 2 : Hara Green Tea cream 30 g

My review: Although it said as cream but to me it feels like emulsion texture makes it easy and pleasure to use during daytime. My face feels so moisturised all day and I also realised my makeup lasts longer.
Step 3 : Hara Midori Cream

My review: I apply this cream mostly at night, it take a while to absorb and after that it leaves my skin soft and well-moisturised just like how my skin feel after a mask! I woke up with supple bouncy skin the next morning!
Step 4 : Hara Midori Water 30ml

My review: This running fluid refreshes my skin immediately upon application =)  it is good especially my skin needs a quick pick-me-up! It boosts my skin moisture for a clearer complexion and now has become one of my favourite skincare product.

This is a wonderful experience for me to try out Hara travel skincare (for dry skin), I see and feel the visible improvements happen to my skin everyday. Good bye to my dry parched skin! I feel so great =) =)
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