Friday, May 22, 2015

Rose Joghurt Body Butter

ROSE JOGHURT of BULGARIAN ROSE (since 1948) is a cosmetic series with natural rose oil, natural rose water, yoghurt. It is an exquisite complex care to retain skin youth, health and
beauty. Its composition combines two natural elixirs, unique in the world:

• 100% original Bulgarian rose oil, obtained in our own distillery
• Bulgarian yoghurt and certified organic origin ingredients. The Rose Joghurt cosmetic products are safe, useful and effective. They gently and effectively protect and improve the functions of the skin, intensively regenerate the cells, recover their hydro balance, nourish in depth and give the skin a fresh look with a youthful appearance.

The series offers exceptional tolerance in the effect on the skin and is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The Rose Joghurt cosmetic products bring emotional pleasure,
visible results and a long lasting effect.

Active ingredients : natural rose oil, natural rose water, yoghurt, apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, vitamins A and E. Body butter with a rich composition of natural oils and vitamins which
nourishes the skin and protects it from everyday harmful environmental effects. It is absorbed quickly and gives skin smoothness and velvety softness. It is ideal for dry and normal skin. Apply on well cleansed skin and massage until its complete absorption.
One of my favourite flower is the Rose. When I first saw Rose Joghurt Body Butter, I was attracted by it and excited to try it out and smell like a rose! Rose Joghurt Body Butter comes in a big tub of 220 ml with 100 % with natural rose oil.
Usually I will apply body lotion to keep my body moisturised after shower and before going to bed unless my body is super tired that I just want to sleep right away. Here are my tips:
(1) Apply body lotion 5-10 later after shower
(2) Scoop generous amount of body lotion on hands
(3) Rub against your hands
(4) Massage the lotion on body for better absorption and improve blood circulation

This the amount of body lotion I will use to apply for my both hands. Do remember to rub against your hands to warm up the lotion before apply it on your skin for better absorption ^_^
Gently massage the body lotion on skin and pat (if necessary)  =) until its fully absorbed. When applying, do focus on certain dry areas especially the elbows. For best results, exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells before apply lotion =)
My review:
Having silky smooth and soft skin is no longer a dream! Rose Joghurt Body Butter surge my skin with intense moisture, it melts into skin and gets absorbed easily without leaving a greasy feeling.  My dry skin is deeply nourished and moisturised by its finest ingredients of cocoa butter and rose oil. Moreover, I really love the alluring whiff of roses that enhance my beauty sleep!
Pamper and replenish moisture for your skin it deserves with Rose Joghurt Body Butter now!
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