Sunday, May 10, 2015

V10 plus 5 in 1 White Gel

Are you always in a rush early in the morning to work and the last thing to do after a tired day is to sleep after you wash your face? This happens to most people includes me. Usually there is a series of skincare steps to do before you can eventually step out of the house and also to your bed.

Although we only have little time but we won't want to miss out any nutrients for our skin. V10 plus 5 in 1 White Gel is a All-in-one simple & perfect beauty gel.

Some information about V10 plus 5 in 1 White Gel:

This beauty gel has 5 effects of:


No Paraben, No Chemical Fragrance, No Artificial Color, No Mineral Oil

V10 plus 5 in 1 White Gel 50 ml, Made in Japan
This all-in-one beauty gel contains OSC (Ocean Stress Complex) made by Vitamin-C which contains OWC (Ocean White Complex) . 5-In-1 White Gel enters into the depth of the skin (basal stratum) and attackthe Melanocyte directly.

Freckles tend to show in the dry type skin. To solve this problem, this beauty gel increases the moisturizing power with Seaweed and Pearl extract.
How to use:

Morning and evening. Pump a small amount and apply evenly over the face after the serum. Let it work for a few minutes before applying your sunblock.

Currently I am using V10 plus 5 in 1 White Gel after V10 plus hyaluronic acid serum everyday before my usual sunblock and BB cream. At night, I use this beauty gel as a night moisturiser before go to bed. As my usual way of applying skincare, I massage my skin upwards motion using V10 plus 5 in 1 White Gel till it completely absorbed and light patting. I find this way of application works really well for my skin, you can try it out too ^_^

For a refreshing sensation, you can put V10 plus 5 in 1 White Gel in the fridge before using it. Sometimes I will do that during the daytime. Another beauty tip is I will make sure the amount of skincare I use is adequate to cover my whole face and neck as well. Next tip is to wait for around 10 seconds before going to the next skincare step.

My review:
My skin is easily prone to dehydration and sometimes sensitivity. This all-in-one milky water-based gel works perfectly well on my skin, it is fast absorbing and provides much need hydration as well as improves skin's texture. With V10 plus White Gel, it saves time and handy to carry along with me wherever I go. After using for about one week, I noticed that my complexion is fairer and suppler with a healthy glow.

V10 plus 5 in 1 White Gel is easy and convenient to use I love to bring along wherever I am. 

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