Saturday, May 2, 2015

Heynature Hey-Pop Curling Mascara

I always envy Korean ladies with big eyes and beautiful eye makeup such as long curly eye lashes etc. I am not a fantastic makeup expert and my eyes area are quite oily that's why its hard for me to find a suitable and long-lasting eye makeup product.

I came across Heynature Hey-Pop Mascara, it caught my eye with its bright purple colour and creative design:
Hey-Pop Easy Curling Mascara 9g
Information about Heynature Hey-Pop Curling Mascara:
It instantly enhances your eyes with thick and long lashes upon application. Create curling eyelashes with protective shield. The unique upgraded mascara with the waterproof function  has long lasting effect, ensures that the mascara will not smudge against sweat, sebum and water but is removed by lukewarm water easily.
Made in Korea
How to use:
Eyelash curler to make the desired curl. Apply mascara upwards from the root of eyelash to the end.

My technique : I always curl my eyelash 3 times with my eyelash curler before applying any mascara. This step not only will enhance the curl effect and most importantly it give a natural curling look. My 3 times curling process are firstly curl the ends follow by the middle part finally the roots of my eyelash.

After curling my eyelash, face the mirror with my eyes looking downwards. I gently apply Heynature Hey-Pop Mascara brushing upwards with zip zap motion (to separates the eyelash) from the root to the end of my eyelash.

Notice my eyelash is obviously longer and defined:

My review:
I am pretty impressed with this mascara as it create a defined and clump-free eye makeup look with just one coat. During application, I find it actually lifts and holds my eyelashes well unlike my other mascaras which are rather too heavy that bring my eyelash down. Till evening, it does not smudge or flake and even lasted to the late night. It is easy to use for Asian's tiny lashes and suitable to use in Singapore's humidity climate.
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You can purchase Heynature Hey-Pop Mascara at Heynature website or at Heynature shop located at 101 Kitchener Road #02-13 Jalan Besar Plaza Singapore 208511

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