Friday, January 30, 2015

KLARITY - Lasertox CC Miracle white lotion

Recently I discovered KLARITY Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion during my shopping trip at BISHAN BHG private sale and decided to give it a try. It was at 50 % off for 100 ml. Woah!!!! Is a really good deal and I hope it works wonders for my skin ^_^
The silver shining packaging caught my attention and after reading the information on this beauty product then I know:
  • It is paraben free
  • It is made in Korea
  • For body and face
  • It has SPF 30 PA++
  • High performance formula with diamond powder....WOAH!!
  • It is a 11 in 1 Multifunction cc white lotion!!! What is the 11 benefits in this 1 lotion? Let's check it out in the next point =)
  • (1)Whitening, (2)Purify, (3)Repair, (4)Firming, (5)Smooth, (6)Soothe, (7)Hydrate, (8)Tone, (9)Anti-aging, (10)Sun-screen, (11) Water-proof - >Everything I need for my skin is here *_*
  • Skin feels smoother, more moisturiser, instantly illuminized.
The price in the picture is the original price w/o discount. After discount will be $24.50 for such a big tube of 11 in 1 for both body and face white lotion. WOAH.....@_@
I am going to try it out and witness if this product is really so GOOD as it claimed. Haaa =D I believe every woman has her own curiosity when it comes to beauty product especially a multifunction 11 in 1 lotion like this.

Gently patting it around my skin area for better absorption and blend it on to my skin

My review: When you have dull, dehydrated, rednesss, sagging, oily bla.. bla.. other skin imperfections, my advice is to arm yourself with a single, mulit-functional product that can help you resolve all these problems in a go =) After trying out KLARITY white lotion, I am impressed with its cooling sensation feel, it is also easy to blend with and instantly brighten up my skin. Another plus point, this soothing lotion helps to keep my skin stay smooth, matte and radiant even in hot humid weather. KLARITY - Lasertox CC Miracle white lotion is all you need to have the above effects ^_^ I am pleased with results and will surely recommend it to my fellow readers and friends.
KLARITY - Lasertox CC Miracle white lotion can be found in SaSa and BHG department stores! Please Like KLARITY facebook page too (click here) to know their new launches, promotions and even participate in exclusive events!
Congratulations to KLARITY- Lasertox CC Miracle white lotion has won Best CC Cream  Award in CLEO February 2015 issue.

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