Monday, June 1, 2015

Rose Hand Cream

Today I am going to try another rose skincare which is the Rose Hand Cream. I believe hand cream is essential to all ladies, personally I do have a few of them which are found in my office, handbag and side table of my bed.

As our hands are exposed daily to different kind of elements (such as frequent washing, air-conditioned etc.) which causes dry and tired skin. They need intensive care to regain youthful and healthy-looking.
Rose Hand Cream 50ml
Rose cosmetic series with natural rose oil, natural rose water. Rose Hand Cream is an enriching hand cream made with natural rose water, rose oil, Omega 3 & Omega 6 (Vitamin F). Intensively nourishing. Softens and rejuvenates. It also protects the skin against loss of moisture and against harsh and air-con conditions.
Regular usage of Rose Hand cream for skin softness and elasticity.
Directions: To apply daily on cleansed skin.

Natural Rose Water and Rose Oil soothes inflammation of skin cuticles. Vitamin F accelerates skin cell regeneration. Silicone Film protects the skin against loss of moisture and external environment.
My review:
What better way to get nourished, soft and feminine rose scented hands than using Rose Hand Cream? This blend of vitamins, rose oils & rose water not only helps to soften my dry hands but also replenish moisture and protecting my hands against dryness. After applying consistently for a few days, my hands are noticeably smoother and bouncier. I adore the lovely rose scented and beautifully bare skin! Thanks to Rose Hand Cream ^_^

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