Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bioessence Celebrity Choice

Do you have "flabby arms", bulging tummy, stretch marks? Actually all these are quite common amongst most woman regardless of nationality, race and age....

Why Not Try? Bio-essence - InchLoss Shower Scrub (20g) & Body Cream Extra Strength (20g) Trial Kit:

Its active ingredients:
* Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence
* Capsicum
* Ginger
* Ginseng
* Pinapple Essence
* Caffeine

Now is the chance to try it on my arms, take the measurement first:

Before trying Bio-essence InchLoss(cm) : 25.5

Use the Inchloss Shower Scrub first. It is the red color gel with micro beads.

Add a little water and lather into foam.

Apply scrub foam on my arms and gently massage. Wash off with warm water. Pat till is dry.

Use Inchloss body cream - 2X more firming ingredients New extra Strength (with INCREASED Heat Sensation To Firm Skin & Burn Fats Faster)

Apply Inchloss cream evenly on arm and gently massage for better absorption.

After some time, I feel some heat and its like burning around my arm area. Wow...its really working very hard to burn the fats. I like its light scent with some kind fruit smell =) and its creamy texture not only can reduce and trim "flabby arms" it also act as a body cream too...where it heals dry areas around arms, tummy and thighs and I feel my skin more smoother and hydrated on dry areas after application.

After 7 days, ow , take the measurement first:

(Close up )After trying Bio-essence InchLoss(cm) : 24
WOW lost about 1/2 inch !!! in just 7 days. Results are proven!

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