Friday, June 3, 2011

Freshel Kanebo Event - Feel your beauty (IV)

Thanks for organizing this entertaining short play! Freshel Kanebo Moist Lift and White C W cream was passed around for us to try it on our hands. I tried the Moist Lift W cream on my hand.

With small amount of Moist Lift BB cream on my hand. (This is without flash.)

After some gentle circular motion, the BB cream appears natural and non-sticky. =) Just like my skin tone color. It does not make my skin looks like I have apply thick layer of makup.

There is also a presentation given by Kanebo on the products ingredients and product demonstration of XYZ brand and Kanebo skincare.

There are alot of different cleanser type, mostly are: Foam, GEL, soap, Milk and creams.

The first product is the XYZ brand of cleanser VS Kanebo White C Cleansing Oil

After adding Kanebo Cleasing oil and stirring it blend with the water to form light foam which will not cause clogged pores where as for XYZ brand the result below shows it still in oil texture.

Victory is Kanebo White Cleansing Oil!! Hurray!

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