Thursday, June 23, 2011

RedKen INTRA FORCE 30 days Challenge -Week II

It has been 2 weeks since I first started using Redken INTRA FORCE, I really enjoy using Redken Intra Force everyday as part of my daily hair care routine. From Cleansing, toning till treatment, it heals my hair condition step by step, from roots till to the ends ^_^. Singapore is a all year summer, especially under the hot sun, my hair and scalp tends to oily and itch. Sometimes the itch is unbearable and more scratches can cause bleeding and more sensitive scalp.

After using Redken INTRA FORCE for 2 weeks, the frequency of having hair itch is lesser as it always keep my scalp fresh ^_^, lesser scratches means causing lesser harm to the scalp...this leads to more chance for the scalp to recover from previous scratches. Without tangles and scalp itch, now I have healthy scalp and hair falls problems gradually improves. As a result, hair become more stronger and tougher. I can even use my comb to brush without any worry of losing more hair.

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