Thursday, June 16, 2011

RedKen INTRA FORCE 30 days Challenge

Recently I have participate in Redken Facebook - RedKen INTRA FORCE 30 days Challenge!!

I posted : I des
erve to try the new INTRA FORCE! because I want to restore my hair back to its fullness, thickness with healthy scalp and enjoy this wonderful feeling when I touch and feel it! (",) And I Won! Thanks Redken for choosing me, I feel so lucky ^_^

Siti Nurul Hudah and me went to The L'Oreal Singapore office to collect our fabulous Intra Force products for our 30 day challenge! After product training, we know more information on how to use and the correct way of using Intra Force to achieve maximum results. Wow excited and can't wait to see how Intra Force can improve my hair condition.

We collected the our 3-step daily regimens: 1.Intra force Shampoo - A restorative cleanser for hair and scalp (290 ml), 2. Nourishing Toner for hair and scalp (245 ml) and 3. Daily stimulating treatment(150 ml) for Natural thinning hair.

Below is the full rang
e of Redken's Intra Force hair care products!! Take a closer look =) Redken Intra Force is Made in U.S.A. Redken introduces the association of Zinc PCA+, Arginine and Vitamin E to promote hair density and combat thinning hair in three ways: Detoxifies, Stimulates, Nourishes

Having long hair is one of the things I am proud of myself. However this is not enough if it is not healthy. I wash my hair everyday in order to keep it clean and fresh because I have oily scalp which made my hair looks flat and greasy in the afternoon...even i just washed my hair in the morning or last night. Daily washing cause my hair loss problem to become worse. As I have thin hair, every time after washing my hair, they will tangle and this lead to severe hair loss when each time I use my comb or fingers to separate them.

When using Intra Force shampoo, its colourless and with small amount it gently cleanses my hair and scalp thoroughly. After my first hair wash using Intra Force, I feel my hair scalp is much more cleaner and I love the refreshing feel with the light scent that comes with it.

After step 1 shampooing, follow by step 2 toning. One special point to highlight is this toner can be applied from roots to ends of the hair. It detangle hair and helps to keep hair smooth & soft all day! Is a very important step in the regimen.

Last but not least is the 3th step - Daily stimulating treatment. Its fast absorbing and after spraying it to my scalp, I gently massage it and it leave a icy cool sensation and keeps me energetic =)

After continuously using Intra Force for 5-7 days, my hair tangle problem is resolved. No more tangles!!! Hair is still fresh and I do not feel any oiliness even till the end of the day^_^ I enjoyed touching my hair more!

For more information about Redken Intra Force, please check it out using the link below:
- Redken Intra Force
- Redken Intra Force Products

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