Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shills - Purifying Black Mask

Do you feel that your skin is still not clean even after you have cleanse it with your daily cleanser, foam, gel or scrub?
Why not try to use a deep cleansing black mask - a peel off mask that really removes the impurities that stay deep inside your skin?

I came across this Black Mask from Beauty Bistro located at selected guardian stores, decide to give it a try,

When you squeeze the mask out from the tube, it is in thick heavy texture.

I apply the black mask on my face and spread evenly till unable to see skin colour. It look glossy at the beginning.
(Hint : Apply on the ch
eek of the face first as it will take longer to dry up. ^_^)

I felt some tightness when the black mask was left for around 10 minutes. It took around 20-25 minutes for the mask to try up (depends on each individual) It looked matte and try to touch it to ensure it is completely dry before proceed to peel off.

I started to peel the edges around the face line and pull upwards till the forehead.

Let's take a look at the mask. There are some white spots found on it which are the impurities!

Apply toner after black mask is peeled off from face to close pores and clean off left over (black mask). This step helps to moisturize skin and relieve tightness =)

Below is my pic before apply the black mask:

Below is my pic after apply the black mask :

With one-time, my face brighten up instantly and pores visibly minimized. My face looks more refresh now! Thanks Shills Black Mask!

My choice is Shills - Purifying black mask!

For more information about Beauty Bistro :
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To try out some Beauty bistro products in selected Guardian and John Little stores.

To know more about the Shills - Purifying Black Mask visit:

For best results, consider using purifying black mask with other related products ^_^

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