Friday, June 3, 2011

Freshel Kanebo Event - Feel your beauty (III)

Woohoo......Freshel Kanebo Event started!! There is a welcome speech and WOW!...there is a short play which leave us a deep impression especially on the actors dancing and acting skills.

The play is about a lady (pink) who went around travel but she din have time to apply sunblock as a result causing her skin to have uneven skin tone, sunburn and other skincare problems like pigmentation.

Here come another lady(wearing green top), a very beautiful and attractive lady. From far we can see she has good skin and she has been taking of her skin well and looks great with her nice makeup too!

They started to share with her how can she take care of her from sun exposure. HAHA she thought SPF means 'Singapore Police Force' =D Nope Nope! Its Sun Protection Factor.
Introducing Kanebo BB creams : White (SPF 32 PA ++) and Moist (SPF 23 PA++). Kanebo BB creams is convenient and easy to do for our daily essential protection.

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