Saturday, July 9, 2011

Leaders Clinic - Aqua Ringer Sun Block

Looking for an ideal & powerful sun block to solve all your problems as well as protect your skin from harmful UV rays all day?

Let's try out the Leaders Clinic - Aqua Ringer Sun Block [60 ml]!

Its soft and creamy texture with adequate amount for fully sun protection coverage of my face.

For your information, the ideal time to apply sunblock is around 30 mins before you walked out your house. ^_^ Remember that! hehe

At the last phase of my skincare, I always started off with a few dots to spread evenly on my face.

Gently using clean bare hands to blend in my skin from inner to the outer of my face. Remember to apply to those areas where causing dark spots (eye area around the corner)

My review:

[It is instantly well absorbed by my skin without traces of white patches unlike other sunblock. Moreover, I don't feel any oiliness and stickiness after application. The thing I personally like about this sunblock it take care all my skin care problems which caused by daily pollutions and UV rays such as hydration, sensitive skin and dull skin and most importantly I don't need to reapply it again and again when I having my outdoor activities, no more hassle and disturbance. I can enjoy myself and feel safely secured under the sun. ]

Leaders Clinic is the leading clinical skincare brand in Korea. Leader Clinic Aqua Ringer Sun Block is made in Korea.

Leader Clinic Aqua Ringer Sun Block has 5 main functions which I think is really useful and are needed by everyone!! What more to ask for a sun block like this? ^_^

1) Its hydrating and moisturizing formula to retain moisture (Long keep hydration)
2) High SPF of 50+ PA +++ strong protection shield against UV A & B for indoor and outdoor (Long lasting UV cut)
Additional score : water resistance and no need to be reapplied with long lasting effect.(Water Proof & Sand Proof)
4) Skin brightening effect
5) Suitable for sensitive skin

After applying Leader Clinic Aqua Ringer Sun Block, its very natural and light-weight:

My choice of sun block - Leader Clinic Aqua Ringer Sun Block with all skin problems resolved!!!

Visit Leader Clinic facebook for more information about Leader clinic new products launches and do visit their website: Serenity Allure

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