Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dr Young Aquaholic Sleeping Mask

Looking for a sleeping mask with : intensive moisturizing + helps in relaxing + nutritious?
Take a look at Dr Young Aquaholic Sleeping Mask :

It has intensive moisturizing effect with Bamboo Sap, Hyaluronic Acid (
intensive moisturizing) , Rose water and Lavender Extract (helps in relaxing) and enhances skin elasticity and brightening effect with Multi-Vitamin (nutritious) ^_^

Try some on my hand first :

Evenly spread in circular motion:

 turns into watery texture as a protective layer to keep skin hydrated:

How to use:
At night, after toning up your skin, put a proper amount of Aquaholic Sleeping Mask on your entire face and sleep. Wash off with lukewarm water in the morning.

Now I am going to use the Dr Young Aquaholic Sleeping Mask on my face.

Wow ...look at its concentrated texture which contains all the Moisturizing & Multi-Vitamin ingredients :

VitaminB3,B5 - boost up the cell regenerating process and enhances skin elasticity
Vitamin B6 - stimulates the cell regenerating process and control sebum
Vitamin C - helps to protect the damaged skin from UV rays and stimulates the collagen inside the skin to give firmness and brightness
Vitamin E - is able to transfer electrons and therefore act as an antioxidant, it is used as a dietary supplement. It makes up your skin bright and alive.

Applying sleeping mask on my face now :

Applied the face on my face:

Take a closer look!

After around 1/2 hour, it drys up and well absorbed by my skin:

My pic before applying the mask:

My pic after using Dr Young Sleeping mask:

My review:
When applying Dr Young Aquaholic Sleeping Mask on my face, I enjoy the flowery scent it bring out after a taking a deep breath it make me extra relaxing =) I can totally relax my mind while it heals and provides all the essential vitamins necessary for youthful looking skin. Skin dryness often leads to many skin problems like skin peeling, dull skin etc.... After using Dr Young Aquaholic Sleeping Mask for 2 weeks, it helps soften skin texture and making skin more supple. My skin is noticeably brighter, satiny-soft , look more supple and fresher looking from tired skin. I am glad I made the right choice! With Dr Young Aquaholic Sleeping Mask, my skin will look well-rested and well-hydrated by the next morning ;)

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