Sunday, July 17, 2011

Leaders Clinic - Collagen Infusion Ess Mask

Leaders Clinic – Clinie range is developed by the top clinical experts in Korea. They have one of the hottest selling clinical masks in Korea, while their skincare line are well-liked by many Korean celebrities (",)

This unique packaging catch my eye! Its Leaders Clinic - Collagen Infusion Essential Mask ^_^

Marine Collagen, Marine Elastine, Vitamin.E
Rejuvenate, improve elasticity and firmness effectively
Cf. “ marine collagen”
- Collagen extracted from the ocean, effective for skin
- Improving elasticity, plumped up the skin, looking younger

Let's try out the mask!

Hm...the mask texture is soft and silky - silk cellulose mask ^_^ very good feeling.

Leaders Clinic - Collagen Infusion Essential Mask, take a closer look! It contains all the nutritious & concentrated essence!

The sheer thinness of the mask allows skin to breathe easily

My pic after using the mask:

My review:

After using Leader Clinic Collagen Mask, I feel my skin is ultra-smooth and soft and supple. It penetrates quickly into my skin after a few patting. It works to retains essential skin moisture even for the following few days and protect it from dehydration under dry and air-conditioned place. My face is superbly hydrated and Collagen production is boosted after using the mask for the first time. ^_^

Keen to know more about how it can help you improve your skin texture? Go to the link below:

Leader clinic masks are also available at Guardian stores:

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