Friday, July 1, 2011

RedKen INTRA FORCE 30 days Challenge -Week III

Wondering how is the condition of my hair now?

I have been using Redken INTRA force for 3 weeks, day by day, week by week I witness the results how it helps to solve my hair problems effectively and improve my hair condition. I can say the wait and time spent is worthwhile. My long-time hair loss problem has finally come to the end. Now I know what is good and suitable for my thinning hair. I love touching my hair more and more without having to worry it will cause more hair loss and my hair scalp is always fresh with light scented.
I will definitely share my experience with my friends and we can all enjoy this wonderful experience together.

My hair loss before using RedKen Intra Force:

My hair loss after using RedKen Intra Force:

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