Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My dream Samantha Vega bag

I went to the birthday party celebration at Samantha Vega Isetan Orchard basement 14 July 5-7pm!
They'll be cake, candy and a chance to win your dream Samantha Vega bag!! Hurray ^_^

I still remember clearly that day I rushed down to the event straight after my work. I thought I would late but fortunately I was lucky that I made it!

I went around Samantha Vega Isetan Orchard basement to search for my ideal dream bag and I found it.
I wrote down my birthday wish - My dream bag for the birthday party celebration of Samantha Vega and spent some time decorating my birthday wishlist.

Yay!! I won...I cant believe it! I actually won my dream Samantha Vega bag.

Just now I went to collect it at the ION Orchard branch.

So excited ...hehe I
carry my dream Samantha Vega bag =)

Thanks for organizing this birthday party celebration event.

Feel free to join Samantha Vega facebook for more events and upcoming promotions

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