Saturday, July 13, 2013

My First trove from VanityTrove

Have just received my first own personalized trove from VanityTrove - Discover Beauty! 
Yeah! it has finally arrived! Thanks Victoria ^_^ I am so excited and looking forward to receive it ever since I selected the samples I want!

This is my VanityTrove set ^_^ I like its packaging, simple and elegant.
Inside my personalized VanityTrove is a mixture of skincare, perfume and remover which caters my needs in different areas. Some of these brands are new to me, I have never seen them before which the main purpose why I chose them is because personally I like to try out new brands in the market regardless of perfumes, skincare, bodycare. haircare etc. They usually give me surprises =P

The following are the skincare samples I have chosen: 

Herborist whitening & revitalizing mask 30g
Cellilux Glacial mineral gel 7g
LJH facial cleansing foam 15ml
Dr.Ci:Labo Super Moisture Ex Aqua-Collagen-Gel 10g
Avance Instant Makeup remover resistance and waterproof eye make-up - 100 ml Made in Japan.

"AQUA WAY Super Off Eye Makeup Remover" is a point makeup remover which quickly takes off even stubborn eye makeup. Leaves your face perfectly clean and residue free. Can be used while taking a bath with no need of a cotton pad.

Shake the bottle upwards and downwards to make the two-layered liquid mix well and after this, soak the remover with a cotton. Put it on your eyelids and gently wipe it off after blending it into your skin well. If you hold the eyelashes well to wipe off mascara, wipe off the eyeliner along the line and wipe off the eyebrow make-up along the eyebrow hair, then the eye make-up can be removed very quickly without causing burden to your skin.

Blumarine Bellissima Acqua di Primavera - 30 ml
Italian fashion brand Blumarine has launched Bellissima Acqua di Primavera, a new flanker to 2009′s Bellissima perfume for women. The scent is intended to be a tribute to femininity and the romance of spring.

Blumarine Bellissima Acqua di Primavera is a fruity floral fragrance, and was developed by perfumer Sophie Labbé

Myself and my personalized Trove. Through VanityTrove, I get to know and indulging myself in the world of cosmetics and skincare regimes in a easy and convenient way! Just like a heaven to everyone of us. That's really amazing ^_^ Everyone will get to try out products of our interests and they will be delivered at the door step.
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