Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Meiji Profec review

Recently I have participated in the Meiji Amino Collagen Profec online and very lucky to be one of the winners to receive the 10-day Trial Pack. 

Thanks Meiji Amino Collagen!

Meiji Amino Collagen  - The Natural Choice for Younger Looking skin.

Meiji Amino Collagen Profec is the new product from Meiji Amino Collagen. By the way, do you know what is Profec?

Profec is the food ingredient developed under Meiji's own technology by fermenting milk whey. As s supplement "Profec"  increases the population of a key Probiotic, bifidus bacteria, which helps the growth of good bacteria and reduces the bad bacteria, leading to a healthy intestine

Daily consumption of Meiji Collagen Profec increases the population of bifidus bacteria for healthier intestine and younger looking skin. 

Here is what I have received:
1) 1 pack of Meiji Amino Collagen Profec (70 g) for 10 days consumption
2) 1 voucher  - Free Pack 70 g (worth $27) when you purchase 200g of Amino Collagen Profec.
3) 1 brochure about the Amino Collagen  Profec
Drinking "Amino Collagen" every day is like saving the source of "youthfulness and beauty" in your body, little by little.

Starting around the age of 20, the amount of collagen in your body starts to decline. You can replenish collagen through diet to some extent, but the effects of diet alone are limited. That's why collagen in drinks is attracting so much attention.
Readily dissolved in liquids, powdered Amino Collagen is designed to be consumed in drinks, making it easy to get all the collagen you need to build the foundations for beauty. The suggested daily dose is 5,000 mg.

Some information about Meiji Amino collagen Profec:
 Take a closer look:

Recommended intake: (Anytime of the day) 1 spoonful, as provided, fully levelled (about 7g)with any cold, hot beverage or food (best mixed with fruit juices) 

Meiji Amino Collagen is my favorite choice of supplement and a natural booster for young and beautiful skin ^_^ It is convenient and simple, just add a spoonful is sufficient for a daily required of collagen. Best of all, it is nearly odor-free collagen, will not cause any unpleasant taste to your beverages. After consuming 10-day trial pack, my skin visibly smoother and more translucent from within. Would definitely continue to support Meiji Amino Collagen and recommend it to all my friends and relatives. Let's stay young for longer!
Meiji Collagen Profec can be found at Guardian stores:

For more information, please visit Meiji website at and LIKE their facebook too, click here

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