Thursday, July 25, 2013

AQUALABEL Reset White Mask review

AQUA LABEL - The No. 1 Skincare Brand in Japan Unravels its top 5 skincare performers.

With dehydration and aging horny layer affecting absorption, whitening ingredients can go no further than the skin surface. How can skin be white and clear? The whitening ingredients of AQUALABEL’s White Line are imported deep into the skin instantly, giving you a dewy porcelain complexion within seconds.

Dewy white complexion + ultimate guard against UV Whitening double up!

Full range of Aqua label whitening:


Cool and deeply penetrating, this soothing mask is targeted at UV damaged skin. Whitening ingredients are quickly imported deep into the skin to inhabit melanin and prevent dark spots and freckles.

  • Lasting Stable Vitamin C Derivative
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Collagen

After applying lotion, put the sheet mask directly on face and stretch until tightly fit. Tear off after 10 minutes without rinsing. For optimal whitening, repair and deep moisturizing results, massage gently to work the whitening essence into the skin.

Tips: Use 1-2 times every week to keep skin white and radiant at all times.

 I was given 1 pc of AQUALABEL Reset White mask to try it out.

My review:
The best part of this mask is it helps to soothe certain parts of my skin that caused by UV rays such as redness, peeling. With pleasant mild scent and cooling sensation make this mask a dream to use- it is absorbed easily after gentle patting of the remaining essence on my skin. The next morning, my skin is brighten up and there are no irritation/discomfort throughout. This mask is a great saver for when you need to appear with radiant and brighter skin for an important appointment at last minute.

AQUALABEL can found at various Watson outlet.

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